In a recent email, I suggested that we, ourselves, may merely be Representamen of some higher semiotic intent that we do not comprehend. In a much less metaphysical sense, we already are if one considers the relationship between semiotics and currency, and how it governs our lives.

In certain respects you have painted a picture of semiotics which is akin to our bloodstream running through our body. We aren’t really aware of our blood until the skin is breached in some way, and then we realize our very existence depends upon keeping it circulating. Only a few millimeters of skin exist between life in this world and the next.

The semiotic stream has further parallels in the atmosphere and in the seas. When we look at culture, there is yet another significant parallel, the circulation of capital. Unlike systems designed by nature, the movement of capital circulates according to economic systems that are put in place by man. As one would expect, these models have to incorporate many natural features; cyclical rotations, cause and effect, supply and demand, etc.

As you expressed some time ago, “Semiotics are the currency of the universe.” So, if semiotics can be better understood by viewing them as currency, then it follows currency fluctuations can be better understood by observing them as semiotics.

This weekend I read an article by a financial writer named Addison Wiggin titled “The Era of Fictitious Capitalism”. 30 In it he reflects upon the observations of a Chinese bureaucrat named Wang Jian. To skip over a bit, Wang basically discusses the role China should play as a neutral power, should a war erupt between the United States and a united Europe.

“War is the extension of politics and politics is the extension of economic interests”, advances Wang. “America’s wars abroad have always had a clear goal; however, such goals were never made obvious to the public. We need to see through the surface and reach the essence of the matters. In other words, we need to figure out what the fundamental economic interests of America are. Missing this point, we would be misled by American government’s shows and feints.”

Wang’s argument quickly turns to economic realities. He points out that by the mid-seventies, the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Japan and other major capitalist countries have completed industrialization. Almost immediately, their currencies became disconnected from gold. “Economic growth as measured by GDP was no longer restricted by the growth of material goods production. Toss in a few financial innovations, like derivatives, and the “fictitious” economy assumed the central role in the global monetary system”, explains Mr. Wiggins. Read “fictitious” economy here as “semiotically leveraged” economy.

Then, in this revealing observation, Mr. Wang states: “Money transactions related to material goods production counted 80% of the total [global] transactions until 1970. However, only five years after the collapse of the Bretton Woods [gold standard] the ratio turned upside down — only 20% of money transactions were related to material goods production and circulation. The ratio dropped to .7% in 1997.”

Wiggins adds, “In the fictitious economy, the values for paper assets are only derived from the perceptions of the buyer and seller.” Suddenly we are really talking semiotics.

Wang elaborates: “In the era of fictitious capitalism a fictitious capital transaction can increase the ‘book value’ of monetary capital; therefore monetary capital no longer has to go through material goods production before it returns to more monetary capital. Capitalists no longer need to do the ‘painful’ thing — material goods production. During this process, the demand of money no longer comes from the expansion of material goods production; instead it comes from the inflation of capital price. The process repeats itself.”

“Fictitious capital is no more than a piece of paper, or an electric signal in a computer. Theoretically, such capital cannot feed anyone no matter how much its value increases in the marketplace. So why is it so enthusiastically pursued by the major capitalistic countries?”

Money is now completely non-material, no longer an Object, only a Representamen….a signal firing in the brain of the Interpretant.


The answer to Wang’s question is that the “major capitalist countries have been using their fictitious capital to finance the consumption of other countries’ material goods”, to paraphrase Mr. Wiggins. This is possible because the world balances its accounts in dollars. Reference is then made to the surge of capital into America from around the world during the 1990’s “new economy”, leading to an even greater inflation of fictitious capital, and seeming prosperity, etc.

Here we arrive at the crux of Wang’s argument that a war is brewing. “While ‘fictitious capital’ has been bringing to America economic prosperity and hegemonic power over money, it has its own inborn weakness. In order to sustain such prosperity and hegemonic power, America has to keep unilateral inflow of international capital to the American market…If America loses its hegemonic power over money, its domestic consumption level will plunge 30-40%. Such an outcome would be devastating for the US economy.”

There is apparently recognition by critics of a limit to the creation of “fictitious capital”; no one can do it indefinitely. There is also the political problem of the two classes of people this creates; the one tied to material production and the other creating money out of thin air.

“In the era of fictitious capital”, Wang surmises, “America must keep its hegemonic power over money in order to keep feeding the enormous maw in its consumerist belly.”

Now I don’t know how you would interpret Wang’s observations, but what I see is that currency semiotics substantially altered the perception of asset-based wealth in the financial markets in the 70’s. Coupled with the collapse of the gold standard, loosely secured semiotics unleashed a storm of ZPE into the minds of global merchants, resulting in the creation of a largely fictitious metric of wealth based upon market momentum. The explosion of world populations in conjunction with increased communications and diminished barriers to free trade appears to have unleashed an incredible Ponzi scheme onto a trusting public. Picture the new semiotic as one replicating an immensely powerful wave of greed, causing millions to throw down their life’s resources. Instead of fear causing you to throw down your crutches and run, as in the case of your bee sound semiotic episode, a compelling and irresistible semiotic of free money was electronically launched into the markets for those with the savvy to see how the game would now be played.

The template for this scheme was market tested through the arts, where media communications accelerated the distribution of electronically represented artistic products at a geometrically progressing rate across world populations. The bee’s shadow had become better than gold! In today’s semiotic paradigm, we create all the money we need by continually manipulating the notion of “value” in other semiotic systems.

The question is whether this sudden, devastating departure is just a product of man’s greed, or the infusion into the world mind of a calculated semiotic virus.


It is just after 0530 and I am already in the office, with a lot of icy roads outside. I am here all alone in probably the world's largest hangar. Down the street we house the C-5 Jumbo Cargo Plane; three of them in a row under one roof—wild! They look like huge blue-gray air whales. Just standing under them is like looking up into the jaws of Tyrannosaurus Rex or the Vegan Brontosaurus. And then, in our windowless palace of concrete and RF Tempest shielding, I am surrounded by ideas and visions of all kinds of advanced earth and non-earth based aircraft designs. I keep trying to figure out what kind of craft Ezekiel was describing in the Bible...

But your paragraph triggered another example of the power of semiotics in the brain structure of humans. I am constantly rereading and devouring the Richard Cytowic book you sent me, Synthesthesia. I am really getting into his basic premise that our “Perception” is only the tip of the iceberg of what drives us. “Subception”, non-cognitive knowing, the lower decibels of the signal to noise ration of Cryptomnesia, makes up the vast majority of what drives our day to day and second to second lives. In reality, we are driven by 1/10’s of seconds worth of Semiotics that flash into our 5 Hz Theta loops — only to then get acted upon consciously by our 10 Hz Alpha loops. I keep coming across the impact of semiotics on “difficulties” in brain activities.

I recently watched a neurology presentation of a man who could see, but not understand, faces. He knew he was looking at faces, and the fMRI showed that the region for prosopopoeia, or seeing faces in the fusiform gyrus, was apparently acting normally, with blood flow activation and oxygen and energy utilization. However, the man could not place any Emotion, or Emotive Understanding of whose Face it was he saw. When looking at a picture of his face in a mirror, he eventually figured out it was his face, but only after a lengthy process of logical analysis of the other features in the mirror.

So what do we have here? First, a perfectly normal looking man and an apparently normal functioning brain structure. But using our NS, we can immediately tell that this man is lacking the Interpretant leg of the ORI NS. So, given our understanding of the ORI NS, we as neurosurgeons could begin to look for something Missing or Additive to this man's fusiform gyrus or other brain circuit element that is causing the Interpretant for Faces to be gone. Perhaps it is in the genetic makeup; there could be markers and instructions that detail how proteins need to twist and form to maintain the ORI NS across brain function. But CLEARLY, this man shows what happens when ORI breaks down. The complete function of EMOTION, and MEMORY, and SELF breaks down.

Now with this hypothesis in hand, let’s look again at ORI as the currency of the universe. I believe that if we posed the question to Cytowic, he would have to answer in the affirmative, that ORI is the underlying format of brain function...from the tip of perception to the huge iceberg of subception.

Quoting Duncan: “In certain respects you have painted a picture of semiotics which is akin to our bloodstream running through our body. We aren’t really aware of it until the system is breached in some way, and then we realize our very existence depends upon it.”

Here it is — Semiotics, and in particular, the Interpretant runs through our bodies and our thoughts and we aren't really aware of it until the system is breached in some way; the man who lost the understanding of faces is a primary example.

I am also in agreement that the Semiotic Structure is also a viable descriptor of the communications structure and protocol for Symbolic versus Gold/Production based economies. Your assessment of the fragility of an economy to Signals reminds me of the thrust of Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe. His premise is that since the prohibition days, there is a huge Back Side economy made up of dirty, Non-Tax, barter dollars equal to or greater than the “legitimate” economy. The two are so inextricably mixed that one feeds the other, to the point where the US maintains a secret policy to bolster the dollar as the “currency” for both the legitimate and the non-legitimate economies. Furthermore, study after study confirms that the largest factor in the US economy is the Price per Barrel of Oil/Consumption Levels of Oil. The more we devour, the more we propel the economy. People are moving around, and when people move around they consume other items. It is this constant MOTION OF PEOPLE that is the primary force in the world economy, including the Back Side Dollar dominant, illegitimate, and non-Tax paying activities.

There is simply not enough Gold to actually tie gold to total Dollar transactions. So accordingly, gold has been replaced by Semiotics, the blood stream of the economy, just like the bloodstream of perception and subception. Further, study after study confirms that there is sufficient proven OIL in the ground to support the current and even a larger voracious appetite for US consumption of oil...particularly in Iraq and Saudi Arabia for at least an additional 300 years of unsolicited growth.

Given this, is it not obvious why the US staked its economy on establishing a stronghold in Iraq?

Just look at the power of Wal-Mart in America today. It is nothing other than a corporate logo, a semiotic for Chinese products, manipulated under a US dollar semiotic framework.

Now go back to the Sumerians and the Elohim. They were interested in one main earth item, Gold. Why, because it was directly tied to their Technology. They needed gold and convinced humans via the semiotics of religion to go get it for them. Then gold took on its own vectors in human nature and conflict until the world’s economies grew so large that they outsourced gold as the basic unit of reality/price, leaving only the Semiotics, or Religion of Economies — the Bonfire of the Vanities — to remain.


The Japanese Pokemon cartoon explosion: You talk about synchronicity, but the article below appeared in my mailbox just minutes before your “chemicals” email. Nothing you don’t already know, except that it seems to be written to entice investors into similar products. (As if they needed enticement; if I announced tomorrow that a show was going to produce epileptic seizures, every kid in America would be watching!) Nevertheless, I don’t think the writer got the trigger quite right; didn’t you say that it was an “explosion within an explosion”?

From James Boric: “It was Dec. 17, 1997 - 6:30 p.m. Anxious school kids all over Japan were huddled around their TV sets to watch the 38th-ever Pokemon episode - "Computer Warrior Polygon." It seemed harmless enough...

“The main character, Pikachu, had a mission. He had to go inside a computer and stop a deadly "virus bomb" from being dropped by the evil Polygon.

“The anticipated confrontation between good and evil came to a head twenty-one minutes into the show. Pikachu and Polygon met face to face to battle. Not wasting any time, Pikachu used his electric powers to destroy Polygon and stop the bomb from being detonated. It was an intense fight. And to heighten that intensity, the directors rapidly flashed a series of blue and red lights on the screen.

“Within minutes of the battle airing on TV, hospitals were flooded with calls. Pokemon viewers were suddenly suffering from acute nausea, blackouts and epileptic fits. There were even kids who entered into trance-like states, similar to hypnosis. One little girl described her sudden illness like this: "As I was watching the blue and red lights flashing on the screen, I felt my body becoming tense. I do not remember what happened after that."

“It turns out the combination of the colors, the flashing effect on the screen, and the duration of the fight scene created an optical stimulus that triggered instant attacks in thousands of Japanese viewers - leaving many temporarily helpless.

“Within hours the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare was investigating the Pokemon episode. TV Tokyo issued an apology and took the cartoon off the air. Even Japan's Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto weighed in with comments on the unfortunate situation.

“Clearly, this marked the end of Pokemon, right? I mean, come on. This cartoon sent a wave of panic over all of Japan. Twelve thousand kids experienced some form of temporary illness. And 618 children were hospitalized - suffering from bouts of memory loss, stiffening limbs and epileptic-type fits.

“Pokemon had its 15 minutes of fame; now it was over.


“By April 1998, four months after the infamous fight scene, Japanese kids and parents demanded Pokemon re-air. They missed the lovable monsters.

“Sure enough, Pokemon was brought back. And by year's end, it was the third-most watched show in Japan!

“The obvious question that comes to mind is - how could parents actually allow (let alone demand) Pokemon to re-air? The answer is simple.

“Pokemon was an engaging show. It had children sitting at the edge of their seats wondering what would happen next. Plus, with its long list of characters, animation style and timely topics, Pokemon proved to be a tremendous learning tool for young kids. Seven-year-olds could rattle off more facts about Pokemon than they could about any other subject - period.

“Pokemon had appeal. And in 1999, it tipped from a Japanese sensation to a worldwide phenomenon - it was introduced to the United States on Nov. 22. The rest is history.” 31


Yes, yes...it seems like some nerves were stimulated...no Poke-pUn intended!! Actually, the debate on the Pokemon incident on Japanese TV goes and continues to go much deeper...it was at a time when HDTV was in severe competition between the Japanese standards warring with the US, Canadian and British standards...without going into much detail right now...the US and the Brits decided to put a particular frequency filter on the data streams and it so far has kept most of these MIND POPS from blasting us but the person/persons behind this segment of the Pokemon show aired on December 17th is an unsolved mystery...who was the person that set up the “attack” -- no one seems to know -- they can't find the artist responsible for creating the animation, nor the scriptors/editors that entered the sequence into the final viewing...nor the station manager that set up the communications protocols, that let the thing air without filtering or shutting off. That is the plot...was it Japanese, foreign, no one is publicly stating. But you can believe it set up and still is causing quite a stir in the intelligence community...and in probably the most powerful agency in the world today...NTIA. NTIA looks at the Pokemon incident and the Doom Websites as if it were Terrorism or WMD. And the statistics are even larger than the article mentions...there were almost as many over 65 year olds affected with serious heart and nervous conditions. Children and old people tend to process visual information the same way…with most people between 10-65 in an inverted U shaped graph…inside the U, 10-65 year olds basically have a natural filter to the “strobe induced flicker vertigo” that was the main, but not the only, mind effects culprit in play.

OK, OK...quick back look here...What is pain as far as the brain is concerned? Receptor sites around the body attached to the central nervous system, with a flow of information going out from the brain...efferent and information flowing to the brain, afferent...and the transmitters for the various information signals are protein receptor sites with biochemical (potassium sodium) or electromagnetic, electric flow combinations...and as proteins, such as from swelling or from discharge commingle in the receptor sites with the signals...the local receptor sites attempt to characterize the type of pain, intensity of pain, and location of pain and sends this wrapped information to other pain sites and to the brain areas that regionally deal with this type of pain. So depending on the volume and size of the protein particles and the surge of the chemical or electrical flow rates, the Central Nervous system sets up a Pain Loop from the Brain to the Injured area, blood flow is increased, antibodies and clotting agents start and the body goes into a protective/mend mode with natural pain killers...the beta quinolines, the endorphins and encephalin released to fill in the disquieted protein receptor sites and to make them quit discharging information...to QUIET DOWN.

Four Stages of Culture
  • Protect Authority
  • Placate $ Makers
  • Subdue Trouble Makers
  • Engage Intruders

Now as I have indicated there are at least five different receptor site structures for Pain...alpha, mu, epsilon, kappa, delta...and depending on what mix, how many, where located, if afferent or efferent pathway, distance from brain, type of brain region that is involved, etc., etc. You get the bodies’ descriptions of 100+ different types of pain...from dull headaches to a sharp stabbing acid reflux. So pain is like Snow to an Arctic Inuit...what kind of snow/Pain???? Oh, that kind; put on this type of snowshoe. And then there is the Semiotic of the Pain Circuit. Once the pain circuit is established, there is a Pain Semiotic that also gets established, the memory of the pain sets up its own channel of Receptor Sites, so you can have Pain without a real injury merely by the memory of the pain opening up the Brain Semiotics of the Pain memory. That is why more and more Opiates are required to treat pain...why opioid tolerance sets in...it is similar to any other Addiction process. You drink coffee; the coffee nitrogen molecule (caffeine) links into and stimulates the nitrogen resonance of the central nervous system. It fills in the blank receptor sites, and the body says I need to make more receptor sites to link to more caffeine. And then you build more sites. It takes more coffee the second week to maintain a coffee high. And then you stop drinking coffee and the receptor sites begin to call out for stimulation to maintain the nitrogen-induced coffee high Semiotics...and there is no physical, or not enough, physical caffeine or nitrogen molecules to fill the empty receptor sites. And then the nervous system interprets this as a deficiency and sends REBOUND or shut down signals. SELL STOP signals to the body to batten down the hatches...and the body goes into withdrawals...psychological at first, and then physiological as more and more of the metabolism is involved.

So what you have is: receptor sites and basic semiotics. Then you get super selected Receptor Sites and Super Semiotics. Then you get Semiotics and dysfunctioning receptor sites; then you get sick receptor sites and sick semiotics until it finally dissipates or the Receptor sites somehow get filled back up again – usually via psychological or physiological Substitution.

So, going back to our NS model...Our Alpha 10 Hz Brain maintains a complete NS=O, I, R as an holographic, self supported image of ourselves that floats around in our mind's eye of the Panum's Fusion Space — or the Horopter Space, and accessible to us as mental imagining via signals from the anterior cingulate and fusiform gyrus primarily. Now we also have a complete Theta State 5 Hz Brain NS=O, I, R, but more like a sensory/perception ration Homunculus, self image of ourselves that we maintain mostly without conscious attention to detail, maintained with an associated mapping of our surroundings and goal oriented, time monitored, model of ourselves in the world, maintained in the Globus Pallidus, with many incursions into the hippocampus and amygdala.


And each of these self-models is intertwined with different ratios of the five pain receptors that set up individual, unique Pain Patterns and circuits of neurons associated with behavior. Thus you can have many, many different types of Pain...Thought induced pain, memory induced pain, damage induced pain, semiotic induced pain. But remember — All Pain is Semiotic, just different kinds of Semiotics!!!

Yes, once a powerful Semiotic is set up...one that BioFuses (BioFusion) the 10 Hz with the 5 Hz, with memory Semiotics, with addictive Semiotics (nitrogen and crystalline H2O resonance) — you have one BIG MOTHER OF ALL SEMIOTICS…and in this case ZPE is flowing freely at all levels of brain-behavior-memory-new channels…you are the not only the signal, but you are the ZPE. I believe the ZEN meditators and others describe this state — Nirvana, etc…. sublime serenity, Valhalla, the perfect mind, etc. Literally because you and the universe become fused!!!

And at smaller scales and levels, we get a glimpse of the sublime when we experience ZPE as semiotic when receptor sites fill up, lock and key extreme.


Duncan, read the last few paragraphs of the James Bowman article, “Studies find pain is a matter of the mind. Brain reacts as much to another's hurt as to one's own.” 32 ...research about how the brain represents feelings...sounds like the Norseen Semiotic for sure!

“When it comes to feeling pain, some of it really is all in your head.

“Key regions of the brain appear to react as much to expectations and empathy as they do to actual painful stimulation, new studies demonstrate.

“The findings not only give fresh insight into how the human brain and nervous system work, but could open new opportunities for treating pain -- particularly pain for which there is no physical cause. Some, but not all, of the same pain-sensitive regions of the brain were as active when women watched male partners receiving a shock to the hand as when the women themselves got the jolt, British researchers report today in the Journal of Science.

“Likewise, activity in certain pain-sensing parts of the brain slacked off in subjects after an application of a cream they were told would lessen the pain of a mild electric jolt or heat to the skin, American scientists report in the same publication.

“The main point all this brings home is that the brain has mechanisms to directly control what we feel; it actively controls the flow of sensory information that results in our perceptions,” said Dr. Kenneth Casey, a professor of neurology at the University of Michigan and a neurology consultant to the VA Health Care System in Ann Arbor.

“At the University College of London, Dr. Tania Singer and colleagues monitored brain activation in 16 women when a painful shock was given to each woman's right hand or that of a male partner. These researchers found that only regions associated with subjective pain processing -- those that evaluate how unpleasant pain is and anticipate pain -- were active when the partner was subjected to the shock. Those and other brain regions were active when the women themselves were administered shocks.

“This suggests we use emotional representations reflecting our own subjective feeling states to understand the feelings of others,” Singer said. “Presumably, our ability to empathize has evolved from a system for representing our own internal bodily states.”

“All the studies reported today are part of a larger field of research that explores how the mind creates a representation of what another individual is experiencing.

“Our human capacity to 'tune in' to others when exposed to their feelings may explain why we do not always behave selfishly in human interactions, but instead engage in altruistic, helping behavior.” Singer said.

“She is doing more research to see if similar brain reactions occur between people who don't have an emotional bond.”


As I mentioned, the Pokemon incident was a test...a shot fired over the HDTV bow – putting Japan on notice not to mess with the US-British standards and also a test case to see what the effects would be on a small scale event for modeling basis. The perps, as in other strategic test cases, like certain web attacks and other infrastructure red alerts, get a “get out of jail card” in case they get snuggled up.

You used to get these kinds of national communications tests about once every year during the 50's-60's, and then every couple years in the late 70's-80's, and since the late 90's they have been heating up again. There is great interest in the power of information, and if it is legitimate to conceive of it as a WMD.

What you are describing is the power of Semiotics to implant and subvert a prior set of behavioral values (which you describe — savings, thrift, work ethic) into a new set of complex behaviors that are sought by a basically unseen, powerful control agent — the kind of rapacious devouring culture that is becoming the US — we are the most brutal, warrior-based culture on the planet — we have completely replaced the concepts of Genghis Khan, the Huns, the Tartars, Alexander, even Hitler, with our ability to unleash total devastating firepower...and for the most part, our military has reduced the potential enemy set from human to objects…semiotics to be obliterated.

As we approach 500 million people in 2025 and the nasties start flying, we are going to lash out at the world and “waste ½ of it” — if you look very carefully at the Semiotics that are being impressed on our culture you can see “Total War” as the dominant theme. F the UN, “just waste em” will be the mindset.

And yes, there are technologies already set up in advance, pre-positioned for the future border semiotic wars — rapid fire Stego Bullets, brain specific prions, multi-channel semiotic PSYOP — I can believe when people say they have signed documents concerning non-disclosure for 70+ years...I inked such forms myself.


Just as the underground, drug and contraband culture can co-exist and intertwine with the work-a-day tax and spend world, you can have a complete literal “underground” government of Dan Burisch's, by the 100,000's of thousands...and they never let you see them. Just look into Project Greek Island on any search engine...look at: Greenbrier, West Virginia, Mt. Pony, Raven Rock, Pa…the tip of the MOON-sized Ganesh Crystal.


I was watching Democracy Now, an alternative news broadcast on LINK the other night and they were talking about the vote fix in Ohio, a news story the mainstream finds generally unappealing. Of particular angst was the fact that Kerry, with plenty of ammunition for a recount and plenty of money, wouldn't do anything. He threw in the towel even before all the monkey-business was even fully documented. With two thrown elections; massive computer ballot fraud a likely possibility (the electronic ballot counting companies are private, i.e. proprietary software...); a war where private contractors are increasingly replacing the military (recruiting from Central America death squads); a populace increasingly resigned to another Vietnam; diminishing personal freedoms; the country going broke; there is only one reason for it that I can see, and that is because it is the plan – the plan to enslave the American people, with their permission.


Duncan, you are correct. It is the plan...slow manipulation of the population into channels of control, like animals. Montana theory my good man, or better yet, the Aruba theory...either big sky or warm sky…got to go where the libertarian spirit and FREE WILL can conquer the Krylov Space aliens. Remember, there are huge, I mean huge camps already built in Alaska…care and feeding of millions of “detainees”…….