Shadows. I wanted to let you know I am spending a lot of "ART" time on Shadows, their NS attachment and influence on us. Just take a look in any picture that shows a person's shadow…it can become any of many amazing shapes, from blobs closely tied to the feet of our target person, to stretched out, elongated stick figure blackness that turns a 6 foot being into three or more times its squeezed size. Are we really aware of all that the shadow does for us? It sends out quiet signals into the brains of others...very quickly and very quietly making that brain aware or not aware that you are there. Shadows cloak us and spot us. They are always with us, ready to leap into action and protect us. And Shadows enforce our predatory nature. They send the amygdala of smaller beings into overdrive – hearts racing until the black shape passes by – uneventful – life allowed to continue.

In my first Web work, I discuss the power of shadows as one of the main Semiotics in the brain. I first noted the power of shadows on my central nervous system when I became aware of how I would involuntarily blink, or my shoulders cringe, every time I would drive my car under a highway overpass.

I would approach the overpass on a bright Fall day; as I would pass underneath I was bathed in the shadow of the bridge, for just a moment; I was under the spell of that bridge, under the power of the shadow it cast upon me...and I would feel like some twittering, cowering rabbit in the dark presence of an eagle or hawk…I would tighten up my entire body; my shoulders would creep up my neck, my head would tilt in partial duck…and then the moment would be there; I would be engulfed in the shadow, locked into the tractor beam of the dark light...my eyes would momentarily close in a blink of capitulation, and then miraculously, on the other side of the overpass, in the sun fully once more, the shoulders would lighten up…the eyes adjust to the brightness, the heart and pulse would drop to lower levels, and even a small sigh of relief would work its way to the surface of my breath. The Danger to the Amygdala was gone. Just as the stinging sound of the bee an inch from my face drove me nuts, now also, the dissipated shadow had just moments before driven me temporarily insane.

And then I thought, (as my eyes blinked and my shoulders hunched during the hour long trip down the road with the many overpasses and bridges overhead), what if I could figure out a “Shadow Beam Weapon”? I could drive a pilot or a tank commander nuts, making them think below the level of rational thought...that the shadows would always be there...never able to escape the next shadow attack. Over time, much like windburn on a windy day, the effects of constant shadow would surely take the psychological toll. I could wear out my opponent with mere blinking and hunching…I realized I could make Shadow WEAPONS.

So the next time you are sitting in the front seat of a car and you are approaching an highway overpass, just take a moment to prepare yourself to experience what an amazing thing it is to pass through a shadow...and as the bridge approaches, think about what you will experience....you will be in the shadow and you will feel your entire body tighten up…your eyes will blink…and then you are through it, and wow!

We are responding to shadows; they creep in suddenly and take over our heart and breathing and muscles. How can you stop that? You can't! And that is the very true power of shadows.

Shadows are mysterious little NS that turn on and turn off the spigots of ZPE –behold the power of SHADOW.


Yessiree, those shadows are mean mothers. I remember dreams as a young kid of being very, very small; shrunken below the size of the grass in our back yard, and suddenly feeling the ominous presence of large moving objects through their thunder-cloud like shadows. Later, I became acquainted with a different meaning of shadows; Jung’s notion of the Shadow archetype. That’s when I realized those shadows weren’t dreams at all.

According to Jung, archetypes are autonomous psychic beings that inhabit our collective unconscious. These beings are familiar from mythology as The Wise Old Man, The Devouring Mother or Crone, The Anima/Animus, The Shadow and many others. According to Jung, any archetype can take possession of our consciousness in various ways and at varying strengths. Once we become aware of the presence of an archetype operating within us, we begin to engage it. Jung called this process Individuation, meaning that the integration of the archetype(s) into full consciousness will result in a fully integrated personality.

Jung discovered that when his patients created drawings and doodles during the course of therapy many of these archetypal elements revealed themselves in the imagery. As their condition improved, as they integrated the rogue archetypes, their drawings became more and more mandalic, culminating in very beautiful renditions of the squaring of the circle, symbolizing the individual self getting in harmony with the cosmos. Here, particularly, the artistic product smacks of the NS. The patient creates a Representamen (as art) of his psyche (O) which he then interprets (I) for the benefit of his health and well-being. We haven’t discussed semiotics much in terms of spiritual aspirations, but any examination of Jung, and particularly the Shadow, almost forces the issue.

Jung described the archetypes as intelligent and autonomous beings that could waste us or graduate us depending upon how we grasped their import. To date, to my knowledge, we have not assigned such an anthropomorphic and independent identity to the NS. That is not to say it is not there, perhaps we have not recognized it. These very powerful symbol systems have access to life energy; call it ZPE, they should be identical. When many responses across different cultures, such as your shadow experience, occur day in and day out, even across species, it is reasonable to assume that a field structure grows up around them. They become an aspect of our collective consciousness. In a small way, this illustration is like a radionic rate that becomes more potent to cure a condition the more widely it is used.

These massive resonant fields may in fact be autonomous, lending their energy to each solitary experience like sunlight to vegetation. In one of Jung’s books, there is a picture of a man hard at work polishing his Jaguar. It is an illustration of how car fetishes can become repositories for unresolved anima conflicts. Basically, on one level, Jung was able to demonstrate how predatory these archetypes can be to human energy. On the other had, he gave ample evidence from his practice that a point comes when the archetype, facing expulsion from consciousness, can turn around and become an enormous asset to personality integration and spiritual growth.

The Shadow is particularly significant in this respect because it contains all the negative and destructive potential of the psyche. It is called the Shadow because, for the most part, it is invisible to us. We get tastes here and there as it bleeds through our routine activity and invades our normal life. It is the part of ourselves who’s existence we deny.

Jung found that dreams were particularly helpful in ascertaining the true nature of the forces inherent in our wider consciousness. Oddly enough, the more one reads Jung, the more vivid these dreams become. Their lucidity becomes a complete metaphorical overlay where every potent aspect of our life is assigned a character in our dream. Naturally, the archetypes are there too, weighing in on the situation. It all becomes terribly mythological and symbolic and artistic and complicated and psychological. One would hardly think that plain symbols could pose such a sophisticated challenge to identity.

Yet, according to Jung at least, there is method to the madness. As fully conscious, awake personalities, we seem to be able to bend the semiotic fields in our vicinity in such a way as to make them aid us in our work. At rest, or in any imagination charged environment, the tables turn. We become like a recording medium upon which the semiotic dance is played. We interact so far as we can, but often enough we are like children being guided by the hand. This sense of purpose or guidance is what distinguishes the Jungian approach, if indeed it is fair to call it semiotic, from the Peircean model in which semiotics are viewed as still very mechanical in nature.

The Norseen Semiotic has a much broader and much more ambiguous identity than what I have understood from Peirce, and even Sharov. It is more like the world of Jung: anthropomorphic, energetically complex, and psychologically profound. I see this in the way you approach the shadow/Shadow…as a weapon! If there ever was a way that the Shadow wanted the shadow to be used, it’s as a weapon! But turn the equation around in the Jungian sense and see what you get. The Shadow wants Norseen to engage it on the mythical level and expel it from his consciousness. And there you are, in the most perfect environment ever designed by Man to explore shadows, a shadow organization within a shadow government with an even more shadowy agenda!


Back to the NS…I am getting the sense that NS is like Hydrogen and Helium...it is everywhere in the universe...any place where conditions would allow two independent Objects to attempt to communicate with each other...or, down to ONE OBJECT considering itself. And, it can span the non-living to living gap that is just sitting out there waiting to be explained.

Eventually in space-time, a living object will attempt to communicate with a non-living object, and the result will be some movement toward life in the inanimate object,, and some reconsideration of what life is in the living object, with the implication that at some point a third (Shadow) semiotic or God Object will manifest itself and provide a steering mechanism among the triad. Now this situation sets up all kinds of relationships…dust, to man, via God, to dust…replete with positive steering vector semiotics in the forms of positive angelic beings and negative dark soul energies.

Getting back to the basic questions at NSA: how to search for such semiotics, and how to know when you found them? My gosh, since we have been corresponding, the NS is everywhere. I would say it is even the missing energy of the universe — anywhere you have an NS you get Objects linked together into a structure. This level of intent is complexity…it represents a force every bit as important as a Vanderwals force that keeps the atom contained into a workable domain of uncertainty. It keeps the atom in a box that can be used to form other structures and levels of complexity...so too does the NS.

NS can also account for Intent and Will and Consciousness acting upon the universe to keep it from dissipating into entropy. If indeed the NS occupies mass, then there is every reason to calculate that NS can account for the dark matter that keeps the universe from total disappearance.

So I am going to be bold. NS is the universal Communication Structure. It is what ties the living and the non-living together and allows for the transfer of ZPE across the universe. And in the very special conditions (Quantum Phase) of human thought and God conceptualization, it can operate beyond the physical laws of the universe, and thus even provides Extra-Ordinary gifts to human consciousness to probe and to use such NS communication channels to span the universe and to know of God.

So, if a life form were to attempt to communicate with humanity it would have to be in such a manner that the human brain would get the signal, and would be able to discern that the signal was different than any other human NS...it would be slightly, to magnificently, different than hearing, seeing, feeling, speaking to oneself, dreaming, imagination, deja vu...and all the other myriad categories of human appreciation…even ART. It would have to be something familiar but definitely unique...approaching the SYNESTHESIA.

When I was in Toledo, Spain I visited the ART of Goya and I focused in on his Last Supper. The disciples painted were from the local insane asylum because Goya surmised that the insane were closer to God than more normal human beings. Goya was choosing the vector I described above…the dust-human-(insane)-angelic/darkness antinomy-God loop of the NS.

Duncan…do you see what is happening to US as we explore the universal conditions for the NS and our appreciation for ART...from Goya, to McKenna, to Jung et al? We are looking at their work with a new, vibrant appreciation of the underlying power that propels them again and again into the minds of the future…how their ART controls future Interpretation and leverages ZPE to keep them alive, as NS objects. Talk about a free energy engine…ART in the form of NS is able to journey across Space-Time, held at a minimum as a thought MEME, needing only to land somewhere in between the non-living and the living to seek out the I to renew life and ZPE.

So, as we contemplate what is required for future “Artificial Life” and further future SENTIENT LIFE --- it most certainly must contain a self-awareness structure, none other than the NS, in order to be launched across the cosmos. Now, we know that machines can create the R of themselves, and machines can outline their boundaries and define themselves as O, but only when we can faithfully introduce I inside a machine, to truly create an NS=O, R, I — then we can launch machines to seek out new life and new civilizations out there...and also deep inside our own brains. This is the goal of my NanoBioFusion Research Project that was funded by LM corporate with GE corporate R&D center and Princeton, to develop the modeling and simulation techniques to produce nanoscale (one neuron length) bioparticles that can fuse to represent knowledge as O, R, I particles. Deep Shadow Technology.