SPELLBIND at Atelier Newport

Duncan Iris Radionics - 4x4x4 Cube - carved oxidized shungite
Image: Theodore Trocki-Ryba

A new group show opening May 26, 2021 includes Duncan's sculpture work.

This group of artists contemplate the meaning of spell, ritual, incantation and what it means to be transfixed. What moves us, what gravitational pull harnesses us, or better prepares us for the utter unknown on a spinning planet, meteors and all. What whets, enthralls, bedazzles or captivates the attention of the spellbound.

SPELLBIND runs through July 4, 2021 at Atelier Newport.

Duncan's sculpture included in Scratch group show

Image: Atelier Newport

Duncan's sculpture work is included the Scratch group show at Atelier Newport in Newport, RI. The show runs through May 12, 2019.

Duncan Interviewed on Conscious Living with Wendy Garrett

In a follow-up to an interview from August, Duncan spoke with Wendy Garret for her Conscious Living show on Empower Radio. Show notes at her Wendy's Coffeehouse site.

Duncan Interviewed on Wendy's Coffeehouse

Duncan was interviewed by Wendy Garrett of Wendy's Coffeehouse on a range of topics including radionics, singing plants and The Secret Art.

Originally broadcast on KCMO Talk Radio, a podcast version is available at Duncan Laurie, August 26, 2018 - The Secret Art. Radionics will trigger a worldwide shift in Consciousness when it hits mainstream..

Electric Plants

PEDOT "wires" inside plant xylem. | Eleni Stavrinidou, Roger Gabrielsson, Eliot Gomez, Xavier Crispin, Ove Nilsson, Daniel T. Simon and Magnus Berggren

A paper published this month in Science Advances, engineers in Sweden have detailed a process to introduce waterborne PEDOT polymer into plants. The conductive polymer hardens inside the xylem, or vascular system, producing "wires" that can transport the small amounts of voltage naturally found in plants. The treated plants become analogous to electric circuits.

The engineers imagine powering small electronics from such "wired" plants. There is also speculation about using the resulting living circuit to interact with the biological functions of the plant, say to control the timing and duration of flowering.

Source ( New York Times )