The Secret Art

Acknowledgments: Getting THE SECRET ART to print has been a long, tedious and intensive process. There have been numerous re-writes of the manuscript and extensive work getting it into shape. Most of that early grunt work was engineered by Liisu Carlson to whom I owe a deep debt of gratitude. The later effort of getting everything ready for print is the fine work of Todd Thille. Also, without the perpetual encouragement and advocacy of Steve Nalepa, none of the efforts made would ever have been finished. Last but not least, I owe a great debt of gratitude to my old friend Daffi, who for many years and through endless late night raps in the Loft, kept pointedly saying; 'write that shit down.'


THE SECRET ART - Duncan's work on the subtle energy principles that inform much of his work. The book was published by Anomalist Books in Fall of 2009.


The Radionic Object - Originally written for an online publication, Psychic Swamp, at the request of an artist friend, Alyce Santoros. The issue Alyce was designing revolved around her book Philosoprops: A Unified Field Guide (2013). At the last moment, the issue got derailed and so the paper wound up on Dragonline. It adds a bit of background to the cupule discussion on the website as well as contribute to the artistic view of Radionics.

The Radiant Landscape - In a series of recent New York Science Times articles, radical new ideas about the nature of our universe have been presented that could affect the way we view megalithic culture and stone monument design. When new, accurate measurements proved the universe is accelerating, when in fact gravity should be slowing it down, an idea once discarded by Einstein called the “cosmological constant” was resuscitated. The theory demonstrated how subatomic particles at the quantum mechanical level going in and out of otherwise empty space could exert an anti- gravity force upon ordinary matter, thus explaining the acceleration. This invisible “dark matter” or “quintessence,” as it is often called, is said to comprise 90-99% of the “missing” mass of the universe. As such, the door was now opened to the scientific possibility of parallel universes, subtle energy transactions and a host of other possibilities normally reserved for science fiction and mystical studies.

Rock Music - Abstract: Millivolt level signals produced by certain rocks lend themselves to scientific, artistic and mythical interpretation. Empirical probing of these signals by an artist and an electrical engineer observed both linear and non-linear displays. Whether interpreted through the lens of science or panpsychism, the signals themselves provide an excellent template for sonic experimentation. Accumulated years of unstructured qualitative data indicate these tiny voltages originating in the core of the rock react to outside stimulus in a variety of perplexing ways. Creative application has therefore tended to produce unexpected and unexplained results.

Byrd / Laurie Conversation 11/1/99 - Eldon Byrd is a renowned inventor and bio-engineer with many published papers and patents to his credit, especially in the audio-engineering field. He was blackballed by the Office of Naval Research where he worked in the 1970's for talking about Top Secret ELF research on human biological activity.