I think I am catching you in between waves, so maybe someone on a jet ski can move along and keep us in sync with a message baton...what I want to jump on is the Representamen, the copy...every time we watch a TV show or a movie or listen to a CD or read the paper we are dealing with the very powerful Representamen...the copy. In fact, in any given day, the bulk or more than 90% of the semiotics that we encounter is the Representamen…and yet the INTENT or the ZPE of the original still conveys itself with tremendous power. Even now, you are getting my INTENT via a ton of InfoTech linkages and layers of systems of nothing but nothing other than REPRESENTAMEN — the radionic Witness! As I read your lament of the process and the emptiness of pure semiotic, just consider how massive is the world due to nothing other than a Fax of Reality. Pretty scary. It just goes to show how powerful STRUCTURE is for communications...once in place if we are not careful...most action is simply a response to COPY. It also goes to show that getting a semiotic in place is 8/10th the battle...for REPRESENTAMEN can last almost forever.


Julie, my daughter, is at doctoral program at UPENN in the molecular biology lab. She is probing Chromatin in DNA as the source of its semiotic communications structure...it seems that for DNA to do what it does, to include dark DNA the Chromatin needs to be present and in the proper structure. That is why DNA twists, so the chromatin can be exposed to the ZPE at the right channel to get the information flow sequences to be completed and then copied and then assembled back again into the Copy or Representamen of the cell.

This sure sounds like the Norseen Semiotic...and even strongly shows that radionics could be operable at the cellular division level. So it can be stated that CELLS conduct communications, and the structure of cellular communication would appear to also have a semiotic structure.

So lets look at the human brain…the only times it is engaged in Semiotics is during the relatively narrow bandwidth of consciousness in the modified Theta state, the alpha state and portions of the Beta state brain frequencies…and in the REM state of Theta during the Dreaming semi-conscious realm of brain frequencies. So Humans have a relatively small set of channels in which our Brain Structure will resonate with ZPE powered information flow of semiotics.

It is easy to test this...use of drugs or change in body chemistry, high pH or temperature, or such and the first thing that snaps off is the Semiotic Channel...it simply stops and there is no memory.

I am fantastically intrigued by a vivid picture of supermodel Heidi Klum. She is kissing herself in a mirror...her eyes are closed, her mouth is open and her tongue and lips are touching in the mirror...and you, the observer, are looking down the camera lens at her/mirror image of her.

And Duncan, this is a very testable image of Semiotics...especially the power of the functional structure provided by the (I) Interpreter...In this case of Heidi Klum, there is this extra power surge in my sexual attraction centers of my brain where my INTERPRETATION of the picture of Heidi Klum is interposed within the Semiotic of HER INTERPRETER of herself, the mirror image, and the power of the Radionic transmitter, the camera lens capture and transmission of a Representamen of the INTERPRETER interface/conjunctions...and the picture just resonates with all kinds of extra energy. And I can feel my pulse rise and get a kick out of having my mind's eye become blended with Heidi kissing herself...

This power of the interpreter captured by Radionics is why the Madonna and Brittney Spears KISS resonated around the world with such power.

Now test the basis of the Semiotic structure....If I place a picture of Heidi Klum kissing herself in a mirror in front of my dog...he doesn't care…it means nothing to him...There is no semiotic resonance. It simply doesn't even cause a ripple in his Semiotic communications channels.

Even if I place a mirror in front of him, there is only a minimal spike in his semiotic response. But if I put a piece of his favorite food, pizza, in front a of mirror and wave it around to spread the aroma around his Nose-Brain-Semiotic structures, HE GOES WILD…just like I did for Heidi...He can relate to the Pizza, because in his mind, he can interpret that it will TASTE GOOD.

So if you are concerned we are dealing in Esoteric, erudite, non-approachable conditions of Semiotics and Radionics and ZPE and Alfven Wave Grids, then BE SOFTENED my good friend. The very fact that SEMIOTICS requires structure means that it can be TESTED, MEASURED, VERIFIED and understood and TECHNICALLY AMPLIFIED. I have given examples of how simply twisting Chromatin within a mitochondrial (ZPE channel) cell structure results in SEMIOTICS expression and cell division/cloning (Representamen)...and this can be shown faithfully and measurably.

We have also seen how different creatures express a different set of semiotic structures in their Brain System...such as dogs and people, the Heidi Klum example...and we can also see that Semiotics requires structure and then can only slice into and sample only a small portion, a limited channel of the ZPE spectrum. We can only communicate at a limited portion of Brain Activity at 5+ Hz, and then again at 8+ to 15+ Hz...different systems can activate themselves and others at vastly different ZPE frequency channels. This also can be tested and measured and MODIFIED.

So just as I was showing so strongly about how the Energy builds upon energy channel such as Gettysburg, or Niagara, or the aesthetic energy attractors and semiotic battery pulses of art and sculpture…we can measure Energy and Semiotics across different landforms, water currents and skyscapes and heavenly realms. If your radionics is not at the right Semiotic structure, ZPE resonate zone...it will not work.

Semiotics and ZPE and Radionics requires the correct superposition in the Alfven Wave GRID in order to work as an Information/Life communications receiver/transmitter.


Most art broadcasts a particular feeling or theme or narrative; even the most abstract forms of art convey impressions of intangible qualities...but are you suggesting that a semiotic beacon should depart from this template; that it should function as something that puts out a signal that reflexively conveys information back to that signal??.... about this passion for touching the matrix.....it seems kind of obvious now....but if a lot of ZPE gets stored at the studio by virtue of that xyz axis of changing atmospheric and terrestrial movement, changes we subjectively register as natural beauty; if that energy of beauty enters the symbolic Representamen of the site via its image, sound, object, etc....as those semiotics travel out into world, then does the ZPE go with it looking to boost the semiotic interface at the receiver end.....nicht war?

Come to think of it, when I go back and recollect what is called "primitive" art, even the present day Art Brut and Outsider Art, or art generally made by those without a formal art education, I often find associated with this art a highly charged studio locale, created by the artist in his eccentric style. Think of the Watts Towers, or of Reverend Finster or Walter Anderson or even the Coral Castle in Florida, especially the Castle which went even further in the supposition it was constructed with some paranormal force. All these examples, and many others like them on the periphery of culture, contain a completely against-the-grain determination to eclipse the everyday world with a magical one of the artist’s own design. The energy and symbols used in this process completely jive with paranormal energy loaded with powerful symbols. Likewise, all the objects and paintings that find their way out of these privileged environments carry with them the odd energy signature of their place of origin.





I experienced this vividly through my friendship with an artist named Chris Haile. Haile is now with the Object, regretfully asphyxiating himself accidentally a few years ago. Chris was a painter and object maker who spent as much energy in creating the spaces in which he made the art as he did the art itself. He had created a number of these spaces around the country; a huge abandoned townhouse on 14th St. in Manhattan in which he squatted for ten years, several buildings on the Rio Grande in Langtry, Texas he purchased, and a camp up on a haunted section of Florida Mountain in western Massachusetts over the Housatonic railroad tunnel, which he also owned. He even created a representation of those spaces in a storage compartment he leased on Long Island and in the camper on his pick-up truck.

Several things the locales had in common was no plumbing and electricity, and the fact that most objects in the space were in some way crafted or painted by him. I mention this particularly in light of the way his paintings appeared when they were taken out of his environment; they seemed to die and become visually diluted in other locales, when before, in his own environment, they appeared like wild dreams or powerful talismans. Yet, when I take one of these paintings over to my studio and stage it properly, in such a way it is lit only by candlelight and surrounded by the energy there, the image regains its semiotic force and begins to offload the numinous presence that was so much a part of its original appearance and setting.

Meaning, the power was there in the image, even when it was in an ordinary environment, but it was vastly diluted. It took the construction of a similar, powerful environment to reanimate the associative forces of the original context, thereby exhuming the Intent of Chris…providing adequate ZPE for interpreting those forces by the viewer. This overlay is what I have been calling subtle energy, as it applies to art. I think you would call it a resonant semiotic force; when a symbol coupled with ZPE is magnified by virtue of appropriate environmental Representamen…all leading to the creation of the original “Object”, full of primordial “Identity”...?

Chris was very interested in my radionic studies and we discussed it often in the cryptic way that visual artists often discuss their craft. He knew what it meant to tune a space. Not only did he tune his spaces, but he was fond of going into abandoned lots in his neighborhood in New York and work for days removing rubbish etc., to then set about creating symmetry and poetic relationships among the remaining objects. I watched him do it in my own backyard in Long Island City, and he did it when staying in my cabin in Jamestown, when it was still primitive out there before the studio was built.


I take this idea of a tuned cavity very seriously; it has profound impact on the psyche. British writer John Michell has pointed out that sacred architecture was usually built on the ruins of earlier sacred sites that were places of particular importance on the landscape for eons before that. The use of sacred proportions in building design, coupled with similar proportions in the music played in those buildings, had the effect of tuning up the people who worshiped in those spaces. They were re-aligned by them in harmony from the dissonance of the work week; over time, this process stabilized society and sustained culture. In a small way, artists like Chris are carrier waves from a gentler past who have migrated through this mechanistic and utilitarian culture like shadows, producing their Representamen and then gracefully bowing out.


You state: “Meaning, the power was there in the image, even when it was in an ordinary environment, but it was vastly diluted. It took the construction of a similar, powerful environment to reanimate the forces latent in the original context, thereby exhuming the Intent of Chris.... and providing a means for interpreting those forces to the viewer. This overlay is what I have been calling subtle energy, as applied to art. I think you would call it a form of resonant semiotic force; symbol coupled with ZPE that is magnified by virtue of environmental Representamen…all leading to the creation of Identity…?”

I repeat here above your triumphal paragraph, meaning the power (ZPE) was in the image (visual semiotic sign/symbol), but vastly diluted by an ordinary environment (the structure for resonance was weak, the Interpretant was weak, hence the ZPE of the Object and any of its Representamen, were also weakened, as if a semiotic battery losing its stored power charge. It took a new STRUCTURE…as in a new Brain Interferometer, to reanimate...to link R with I with O to harness ZPE within an Alfven Grid, to provide a Resonating Chamber (a studio on the wisp of land) - to tune in the right Original Context, the resonating identity of Chris...and when all of these pieces of the Semiotic where in place: Voila, the INTENT OF CHRIS WAS EXHUMED — he was a life-death wraith no longer! And further, by Reanimating the Semiotic and getting the ZPE to flow loud and clear made it possible for the many varied viewers, each with their own Interpretive function to latch onto the Semiotic - hence original intent of Chris. Yes, by reconstructing the structures necessary to resonate the true intent and identity of Chris... “you can say that it was a form of resonant semiotic force, symbol coupled with ZPE that is magnified by virtue of environmental Representamen, all leading to the creation of identity…” and to a greater number of Copies or Representamen to spread the semiotic of Chris into more and more, nth quantum dimensional states by carriers of the semiotic, riding along the energy waves, ZPE to all interlocking Alfven wave GRID LOCKS.

Duncan, once you enter a full fledged semiotic, replete with all the components and full of ZPE and highly defined Alfven localities, you can hopscotch and jitter bug all across the domain of the semiotic...Identity becomes your frequent flyer and free admissions pass...once you identify with a strong Semiotic, it can propel you across the universe and into the quantum worlds of conceptual context and interpretation. Much like a mother ship monitors the adventures and misadventures of a cluster of PROBES...once you enter a semiotic, you can journey and encounter all the intersections and nooks and crannies of the Alfven Grid and still come back to the homepage, carrying the knowledge gained from the frontier. This is what happens when we dream, or enter mod-Alpha, and what happens at death-life interface.

But again, as in life...Semiotics are drawn to the biggest energy bursts...just like Ramana was beckoned to the dirt floor of the temple, and just like the ortgeist and zeitgeist I described of Gettysburg or of Kharkov Angelskoye, Semiotics will populate high energy regions, because that is where the fun is...blinded by the light...deceived by the light...the light of a puff of smoke on the grassy knoll, the center of mass shots and the sabot exploding round head shot covered and disguised by the deception...the puff of light before the atomic event…the direction of matter to antimatter and back again.

And yes, as you implicate…ZPE when channeled by the howitzer muzzle of spiraled semiotics can be flung forward to explode upon unsupported structures - intellectual combat and intense PSYOP...ZPE can be used to override and burn out the mental circuits of brain structures not necessarily beefed up nor reinforced. Semiotics and ZPE can be used as a mind catapult, deranging and slinging sanity into the shredder box of derision. Semiotics and ZPE can become the controlled smart weapons of conceptual warfare – hence the basis of my presentation to the Knowledge Warfare groups in our National Security apparatus.

This tag match we are in amazes me...I feel compelled to write you an answer, and after I send it, then I get an email from you asking the questions that I just answered, forcing me to recalibrate to see if the first edition was OK, and then this prompts me to extend it even further...wow, I am learning as much from this as I am trying to impart to you...basically, this is fun and it is exercising my mind in ways that I have not encountered before...so thanks for the keen workout sessions.

P.S. I still need to confer with you on this powerful thought train. Let's say you or anyone is walking down the streets in New York City and on one side of the street there are two guys engaged in a putting demonstration...the golf putter, the golf balls and the little flags marking the hole on the artificial putting green. And on the other side of the street, there are two guys tearing into each other in a streetwise brawl.

Now how many people watching the putting tournament will stay glued to the drama and keep to their side of the street...and how many people will migrate over to the other side of the street to watch the fisticuffs flow down the street. Quite likely, the lure of the pure energy involved/associated with the fight will overcome even the most passionate golfer/semiotician.

Point being, energy, or a new ZPE channel, will like a light bulb to a moth, draw the attention of all structures in the vicinity of the energy bulge.

And for my Dog's sex life, critical for the survival of the species, there is absolutely no INTERPRETER structure to introduce and maintain Heidi Klum as a semiotic...not a radionic system in the world can get my dog to produce a Semiotic Interpreter of Heidi Klum...unless and until, somewhere in his brain there develop neurons which can convert Heidi Klum as part of an Interpretation for survival.

Now it comes to Interpretations as a critical part of semiotic structure to close the circuit and allow for ZPE and Alfven Wave grid to become effective as a form of Information Flow, Life, Communications...for instance, no matter how passionate and how vociferously a foreign language tries to fully engage me with clear understanding of their semiotics...unless I can truly interpret the language, then I am always operating at less than optimal, maximal, and probably only minimal semiotic capability with respect to the full power spectrum (ZPE) of that foreign language. Not until I can build in the Interpretive function of the foreign language can I unlock the ZPE of the other language.

But Duncan, ART operates somewhere underneath a foreign language. Even though I may not understand ancient Sumerian or Aztec…I can interact and even be inspired by their ART. Therefore ART occupies a natural level of Semiotic understanding and underlying structure in the Human Brain. Again, I can show different forms of ART to my dog and there is no Interpretation…but I can show ART to many peoples and can get some degree of response from them as to the aesthetics involved...from little to nil to a great variety of responses...so this in itself is showing that ART itself is still probably an evolving structure in our Brains, somewhere older than the concept of language. So what this tells me is that when we begin to see the origins of art on cave walls and cave paintings at a time when proto-language is also still in its infancy, that somehow the structures in the brain that correspond to ZPE and Alfven Wave Grids, that responds to the ultra and infra sounds of Nature and cause certain feelings of dread, fear and god-like euphoria are structures very close to the INTERPRETIVE structures in Semiotics…and are precursors of communications and information flow of life leading to greater and greater degrees of complexity and greater access to more and more channels of ZPE, of which Radionics may help speed up the access of humans to greater LIFE COMMUNICATIONS channels.

Now I hope you can see why NSA, entrusted with Communications Security for our National Security affairs, is so interested in Semiotics...a better understanding of Semiotics and Radionics allows for NSA to assume the role of greater and greater degrees of INTERPRETATION...to become the Rosetta stone for expanded milieu of Understanding Additional Life Forms.


Now that you have begun to outline a model for the Norseen Semiotic, I keep asking myself, “How can this material become tangible in day to day terms; how can it be used or seen or grasped as a functional reality, as a survival skill or as an awareness that can improve some aspect of life.” Naturally, I see the problem mostly in art terms, but there are simpler, more direct applications to be considered.

Take cooking. We all know that a good cook puts more into the food than the ingredients. Appling intention into the Representamen (the food) definitely conveys love or taste satisfaction to the interpretant, along with the nutrients. One would think that this transaction could be measured in some way, seeing as it is so obvious aesthetically. Making that process measurable would make the Norseen Semiotic digestible to a whole lot more people.


I am also thinking about Dr. Raymond Damadian 15 again, the disgruntled non-recipient of the Nobel Prize in Medicine who revolutionized medical imaging technology. I've been collecting his full page ads from the N.Y. Times, with the picture of the Medal printed upside down. You pointed out some weeks back that it was his discovery in 1971 that cancer tissue emitted stronger signals than the surrounding healthy tissue that led to the discovery and use of MRI scanning technology. You conjectured that his exclusion from the prize was a political attempt to bypass what his discovery may have held for understanding energy medicine and technology. Meaning, if one could identify disease by frequency and wavelength then one could treat it in the same manner, by canceling those frequencies.

It made sense, and you can clearly see a similarity to the radionic approach. What came into my thoughts today was the relationship to that paper I sent you last year about the re-examination of the de la Warr radionic photographs taken in the 1950's. Today’s scientists had applied sophisticated computerized analytic techniques to the original glass plates and discovered in the process that those images were actually holographic, structurally similar to a MRI! Meaning, the mind of the radionic photographer alone created a linkage between diseased organs in a patient and a photographic emulsion of same.

The thought for now is, if the image produced is actually a hologram and not just a photograph, then what is it actually composed of? My limited understanding of the hologram is that it is an interference pattern produced by coherent light interacting with some coded information. So what is a semiotic composed of? Is it a magnetic hologram animated by ZPE instead of light? Could a radionic photograph utilize the types of forces we have been discussing? Of course most would say it is not possible, but if you broaden the perspective to include all types of mysterious photographs, or pictures of mysterious things that should not exist rationally, then there is an extensive database supporting the existence of such phenomena. If such photography exists, then it can be scientifically studied. I'm a sculptor, and I like to see ideas get made.

The diseased tissue that a competent radionics practitioner detects with his device has an energetic signature, but nobody believes that it can be detected by his mind alone, using the box. Then, in 1971, a Dr. Damadian comes along and in a manner not un-similar to radionics devises a way to interpret energetic differences in tissue using accepted theory and technology. He detects an electro-magnetic signature of the diseased tissue, rather than a dowsed rate or semiotic of the disease. Of course, the discovery instantly goes sideways into becoming an imaging invention alone, and the notion of refining these images to reveal more about the actual pathologies gets sidelined, at least until now.


Quoting Duncan: "The thought for now is, if the image produced is actually a hologram and not just a photograph, then what is it actually composed of?"





The Semiotic Structure: remember, when a semiotic interacts with another semiotic, or portions thereof…such as just the Interpreter…ZPE channels open up. The hologram…or the mathematical function of the semiotic within an operating space...much like the display on this screen as the result of information, signal processing, and the software mathematical function within the operating system Windows, etc. presents the information such that you, yet again another semiotic structure, can access it.

Quoting Duncan: "How can this material become tangible in day to day terms; how can it be used or seen or grasped as a functional reality, as a survival skill or as an awareness that can improve some aspect of life."

OK, this is a very rough answer, but here is a simple and perhaps eloquent response. You are on a diet and on medication and you are interested in the amount of vitamins and fat content and sodium in a can of Semiotic Soup...so you turn it over and read the ingredients label and get an idea of how healthy the soup is for you…combining quantitative and qualitative assessments to determine a measure in your mind of how healthy some Soup is.


At the very least by now, we can look at any piece of ART, qualitative as it may be, and very quickly determine the ratio of Object, O, to Interpretant, I, to Representamen, R, and active ZPE or battery powered, and evidence of Alfven Wave or magnetic properties…tied into Time values and locations, zeitgeist and ortgeist, and singular Semiotics or complex, adaptive semiotics, and currently understood semiotics...you can decipher it...or steganographic, or hidden semiotics...you just don't have the Rosetta stone to decode it. So you can then enter the ART into a Semiotic measurements database and it will occupy some niche due to the properties above that you have designated to the ART…for example…it scores a 90% on the object…it is a very accurate drawing or painting in color of a Bird.

It is quite obviously a BIRD and not just a general bird, but a Baltimore oriole, and the date of the painting and the location of the painting indicate Baltimore, 1890, an oriole. There is not much interpretation required so that scale is low, maybe 10 points...it also has high value on a one dimensional or two dimensional scale of the Representamen...maybe 30 points, but it doesn't show the bird in flight, or eating or giving birth...this would be better in the ART form of a movie of the Oriole in a life portrayal sequence. So if I said I have ART that is 90% O, 10% I and 30% R, you get a pretty good feel that I am listing a book of Birds that one can scan through for general recognition and pleasure — perhaps acquaintance with the Oriole as a learning guide.

But let's say that I give you a Semiotic score card of O 5%, I 90%, and R 70%, with active ZPE and Alfven…but only in battery mode. Now this would more than likely be something of an Andy Warhol, or something that moves about and makes noise when touched, changes lighting parameters, from full light to shadows, which reveals different tones and aspects of the painting...it is what the viewer the I sees in it, but with some guidance from the artist via the radionics

Or maybe something is a strong Representation of a meadow and very like a Monet, with a Semiotic score slightly different from a Van Gogh — but then the truly great ART works have a very strong double or triple bond of O to I to R such that it itself becomes its own icon...its own O...this could be listed as Very Special ART where O becomes O due to strong I over R...or due to strong R over I.

There is also the opportunity to take a famous painting and in the different sectors of the painting we place the database cursor over the table of food in a Renoir or the veins in the hands in a Rembrandt...and we type in O+ or I++ and thus ACCLAIM the painting and describe it in its geometry of Semiotic Form…the full left 50% of the painting is pure O, the full right 50% of the painting is pure Interpretation…this could be how best to describe a Picasso.

So Duncan, there may be various ways to Semiotically Measure ART, but the point is, it can be done...and it can establish a new form of Artistic Measurement…or could help in the understanding and assessment of how the ARTIST went about the creation of the ART piece…it also allows for ART to be introduced into Machine Language for Machine Translation and Machine Understanding of the ART process. In such a way, Semiotics and Semiotics Databases could be a very acceptable way of sorting and storing and assigning Addresses or Markers to ART.

Quoting Duncan: "You conjectured that Dr. Damadian's exclusion from the prize was an attempt to take the focus off the implication of his discovery may have held for energy medicine and technology." Meaning, if it could identify disease by frequency and wavelength, then it could treat it in the same manner."

You betcha I did — the full application of the electromagnetic spectrum to bolster medicine should already be common place by now. But the highly specialized, nick and niche approach to Western medicine, as opposed to whole spectrum vitality, is delaying the onset of very healthy understanding of what frequencies and resonances a healthy body should be in.

I recently did an analysis of how we fall asleep and then sleep for 8-9 hours per night...I came up with about 30 interrelated processes and functions and circuits that all have to be in some frequency or resonance with each other in order to have a Healthy Night's Sleep. Now, if I went into a Sleep Disorder Clinic I am sure the baseline study of my problem would never include this depth of wholistic interdependence. I would probably be measured on a few factors, depending on the insurance allowances, the specialty of the practitioner, the limited scope or lack of combinations of the testing equipments...instead of one machine to test over a range of activities, I would probably be tested on one parameter at a time...and then some simple form of recommendation and doctor's analysis would prescribe some wide ranging medication to take for some general time period…to come back in two weeks and hopefully the Body Will Have Restored Itself...or if not, then more piece by piece testing that chases the tail of the problem.

And what is the problem? As we keep finding out, the Body, the Mind, the Spirit all have a FORM within InFORMation, that expresses the vitality of the Object...even down into the DNA. It is this Semiotic Form that allows the genes to know what it is they are copying, or for the broken bone to know what it is to look like and when to stop repairing, or even for a cellular function to REPLACE the loss of the cell type next door. And every one of these Health Maintenance and Repair Functions operates on a specific Frequency and Resonance. It is shown that if a broken arm is put in a field of active Alfven Waves, and ZPE and energy and positive semiotic form is impressed into the area of bone recovery, the Bone heals faster and with a closer match to the original. This SEMIOTIC repair is going on Constantly...every repair function in the body opens up a ZPE channel, and the ZPE flows in according to the Semiotic FORM, the amount of O to I to R that needs repair.

Even when we go to sleep, we need to enter into specified Slow Wave Sleep, Deep Delta Frequencies for the Brain to switch into parallel memory consolidation and gene/protein expression. If you pulse the brain with different frequencies, you disrupt memory flow patterns.

So Yes, you betcha...if the medical industry allowed full body scans and full body semiotic matching frequency and resonance Bathing, and Radionic Form Enhancements...then the entire Medical Infrastructure of independent specialists and Disorders Pharmacology practices would all be in serious jeopardy.

Quoting Duncan: “Concerning Dr. Edward Mitchell, and his re-examination of the de la Warr radionic photographs taken in the 1950's: the group had applied some sophisticated computerized analytic techniques to the glass plates, and discovered that the images were actually holographic, and structurally similar to a MRI! Meaning the mind of the radionic photographer was capable; it seemed, of creating a linkage between a diseased organ in a patient, the mind of the photographer focused through the radionic camera, and a photographic emulsion.”

Yes, Yes...The active spectra and resonance of the object, its FORM, can be represented in information, such as the hologram…such that selection of any self-reinforcing ergodic of the hologram can be used to reflexively recreate not only the hologram but the active spectra and resonance of the original FORM. The Object can be copied very exactly, in fact, reproduced, such that O and R are nearly identical...so if you see an R as 99% of O then you are dealing with holographic representation of Object, in itself, the Medical Healing ART...also in this case, you can use a full representational Representamen, R, as a medical guide for a diseased or dismembered Object. Let's say you took a cancer-ridden liver and began to resonate it against a normal healthy Representamen of a Liver, and you could make the resonance of the R stronger than the frequency and resonance of the diseased liver, O...eventually, if there is enough healthy liver remaining in the diseased liver, O, then those parts will resonate and heal based on the Representamen model. There are more and more studies which show that placing a diseased organ into an otherwise healthy environment, the normal "necessary" intermingling of resonances and frequencies will overpower and subdue the disease frequencies and set up healing frequencies in the sick organs.

On a larger test model, sick people were asked at what age they felt the best…then they are put into a room that contains that year's stuff…like 1968...and after one week to ten days, the baseline measurements of the previously sick people are all statistically significantly improved simply by psychologically reminding and placing them in a Representamen of healthier times.

If you could Radionically treat, and ZPE plus, and Alfven Wave surge and de la Warr surround a person in healthy Semiotic Holograms, the only response the body could take is to Entrain itself in the Healthy Patterns. This is also the medical efficacy of Meditation, and other holistic treatments. They work! because the Body, Mind, Spirit, are all Semiotic Structures anyway. SEMIOTICS IS HOW WE COMMUNICATE — AT THE INTELLECTUAL LEVEL AND AT THE BASELINE HOMEOSTATIC LEVELS AS WELL... WHAT IS CANCER OR DISEASE ANYWAY? IT IS DISRUPTED SEMIOTICS. RESTORE THE SEMIOTICS, RESTORE THE COMMUNICATION, RESTORE THE PATTERNS, AND THE CANCER OR DISEASE IS EXPUNGED. THIS IS HOW THE BODY DOES “HEAL THYSELF”!


Hey – you are on to something! Last night I caught something on the bottom of the CNN news, literally at the bottom of the screen as they scroll other news...what I picked up is that a group of cancer specialists have isolated the Frequency and the make up of the suicide message that cancer cells transmit to healthy cells to upset their programming and cause them to also become cancer cells...the group is now investigating the role of 'Radio-Therapy' to jam the suicide signal and to program and send healthy Radio messages to the afflicted area…

NOW this is something to watch...and it is being kept low, low key — I wonder why everyday you get wild medical claims about “potential” cures, the heart attack gene, the weight loss switch, the AIDS pill…and here is this simple and apparently powerful approach to cancer and it shows up in the small print at the bottom of the news screen late at night…

Go figure...

To give you an idea how messed up the medical hypothesis is — I truly think they are purposefully obfuscating Radio Frequency with Radio Therapy as the use of radiation for cancer treatment...they can't even use the proper RF terms...or maybe that is how they are burying the real RF work...I can't find the article but will keep trying. As for medical care over the centuries...what exactly is a doctor...someone that, 1) Cuts you with a knife; 2) Poisons you; 3) Burns you; or 4) Fools you into thinking you will be OK...and all the time it is the HUMAN Body semiotic that is putting itself back together again, even with the delaying tactics of medicine. It is about time we faced up to the true semiotics of health care…allow and foster the body to maintain a complete O, with positive I, and a genetic and immune system that can produce exact R, with each OIR semiotic at a specific frequency and resonance structure in the electromagnetic spectrum.


I started today with a computer lesson. I think, “The computer computes as long as it has adequate memory. Too little memory, the computer crashes. So what is memory?”

Answer: Something I don’t understand. What I do understand, more memory isn’t the only answer; being selective about the input is the real issue.

I’ve been working more and more with the computer lately. Is it not depressing how much of our lives are dictated by representations? There are so many; computers, movies, television, radio, iPods, video games, etc., etc. Not so much singing, dancing, nature walks, outdoor physical exertion anymore. I’ve begun to notice, and experience myself, that people who become absorbed into all these representations seem to lose part of their ability to function in the real world, or maybe they lose interest in functioning in that world. It’s like the images are filling up their memory too fast. By contrast, friends that are primarily oriented towards physical tasks remain highly functional and remain suspicious of replications of reality and their surrogate technologies.

So I ask you, are we becoming like computers whose memory is being used up by the entire spurious semiotics, ready to crash at any moment?

My family and I are driving across the Newport Bridge to dinner. We are near the top. State police are walking toward us on the catwalk. Their cars are parked here and there, lights flashing. In the distance a Coast Guard boat speeds toward the bridge. Last night there was another, luckier, jumper: a girl with one foot already up on the rail who was grabbed by a passing motorist, who held on.

Later that night at home, we sat watching a film called Lost In Translation, starring an aging Bill Murray who falls in love with a much younger Scarlet Johansson, while both are on assignment in Tokyo. They are both married, but lonely. In fact, the whole movie exudes an existential loneliness. The backdrop was the incredibly bizarre fusion of Japanese pop culture and inscrutable Asian semiotics. The people and the culture were used in such a way as to reinforce a state of emotional contactlessness. Naturally, the friendship between Murray and Scarlet evolve in contrast to that void, but remain unresolved romantically, which added further to the sense of human alienation in their techno environment.

What struck me again was the overlay of Representations, with human identity buried somewhere far under the pile. It contrasts with the picture of man alone in a rain forest, buried under all the semiotics of nature. In both cases the defining human characteristics of love and compassion have difficulty locating their own Representamen to render these worlds enjoyable and meaningful.

But when man was forced to survive among overwhelming natural forces, the experience led to enormous self-reliance and confidence and ultimately to visionary and sacred experience. By contrast, being overwhelmed by man’s semiotic universe appears to lead to alienation, exhaustion and psychic fragmentation. The more we commit ourselves to these glowing screens and their symbol systems, the more it seems our energy becomes absorbed into them. Is our media technology actually a type of semiotic vampirism, sucking our human identity from our cells?

Do you remember describing what a weapon was to me? “A weapon is anything that thwarts or constrains intent, preventing some desired goal from occurring.” The NS contains enough information to adequately describe a theoretical weapon that can be used to influence behavior or even control perception. By inference, it could also be used to absorb or thwart life force, and with it motivation and intelligence. In my best scenario, the NS is used to free us from these possibilities, not the reverse.

This sounds nuts, but do you ever think we are being impacted by some predatory force? Are we doing it to ourselves or is it something from somewhere else? Our elected leaders seem as a rule very disconnected from normal people, driven instead by the perceptions of themselves in the media, by abstract ideological concerns and by immediate constituent and lobbying pressures. The Interpretant of our culture seems almost perfectly split in two, a Jekyll/Hyde personality; one half ready to send the other half off to kill or die for less than profound reasons….

Information injection must be seen as a



Yes, memory can be used up. You can fill it in with quality O-I relationships, like your comments about early man in the midst of the 3, 4, 5 right triangle jungle canopy of survival — not much time for R back then...maybe in the damp cool quiet of the dark cave, a few symbolic beasts on the wall, but for most, it was as you state…physical man dealing with O, and I spawned O's that may or may not exist, but which must be prepared for and dealt with.

So in my studies, there is not only a channel capacity in the human brain: we can only deal with so much at one time, even with multi-tasking personalities, split identities and all the rest. The brain can only take in so much sensory data. The Central Nervous System has evolved to the point where all Afferent Nerves that lead to the brain are in themselves biological filters on a 1/f state. In other words, the afferent pathways to the brain through the limbs, the hands in particular, convert the signal from the tips of our fingers to, just before entering the brain, 1/f signals which allow for more rapid processing by the brain.

Brain processing itself is easily swamped. There are some calculations that can be performed that account for resetting and recycling times, dampening out conditions and such. It comes up with a total memory capacity of full bodies NS, at a low of 1.7 million O, to some order of magnitude one to several times greater based on initial conditions. At its lowest capacity each brain can deal with only a couple million complete Thought Constructs tops.

We Are Protein “Scrunch Up” Creatures

We twist, we turn,
We writhe in pain, we jump for joy;
we even roll over in the grave.
  • We deal with signals embedded in noise.
  • Noise cues us and switches us.
  • Life: rearrange invariant signals - no straight lines.
  • 100% Signal is our Dreams. Key to:
    • Pure virtual reality
    • Technologies to: Deceive us
    • Inject us with inverse transforms



It is only in the communications switching capacity of the brain — (no two neurons normally physically touch each other, therefore, this gap represents a switching capacity), and it is this switching capacity of several million objects that allows for our great mental scan and scope capabilities, not the Memory Storage in physical memory of proteins.

This structure is almost limitless in the ability to generate Holonomic - holographic like resonance patterns. In physical protein memory, there are parts of the brain that deal in one memory to one laid down protein. For instance, in the Fusiform Gyrus, the one to one memories of loved one's faces are stored in isomorphic recall conditions, whereas the rest of the brain is involved with undulating and regular modifications of the alternating calpain, induced plasticity of neurons and protein lay down, that occurs each time we introduce a new memory for codification. These functions normally take place during the delta frequency of deep sleep patterns, only after repeated Rapid Eye Movement (REM) cycles trigger new memory consolidation.

So again, if you disrupt sleep patterns…some very important memory conditions can be delayed or destroyed. Point being, the brain is basically limitless in rearranging and communications switching of NS, but the underlying amount of memory itself, one for one memories of O, R and the role of the I can be easily swamped...which is what you are getting at. If you spend all your Brain Processing Representamen, then your brain will be very, very fragile and it will change the person you are...making you worlds different from a person that is constantly engaged in only O – I relationships in nature.

In a way, O, R, and I are like Protein, Fat and Carbs...you are what you eat...you are what you THINK. Yes, you may actually be describing a process by which we are evolving like fattened livestock into R memory filled automatons, ready to be programmed to jump in our teenage years off the most local bridge span.

Yes, the NS can be used as a weapon, a psychological weapon of the first strategic and then regional and finally local tactical option. You need only use EM wavelengths to enhance pre-existing biochemical states in the brain to achieve disassociate effects at a minimum.

By pulsing someone at appropriate 7-9 Hz beat frequencies, the Pineal gland proteins are caused to clamp up and squeeze out melatonin. Along with similar frequencies for Adenosine, these actions will cause our reticular sleep formation to fire and we will most likely fall asleep, or drift into some interim brain/phase state.

So, why shouldn't other frequency oscillations enable the delivery of other bio-chemicals into the blood brain barrier? Bypassing the normal Zot and Zanulin protein protection, such as with nano-particles, etc. may cause any of many selected brain circuit-behavior modes to be induced, such as the modification of Larium at the Superior Colliculus, which can trigger suicide ideation?

Previously I described at length the Mathematical Enterprise that our brain can experience as re-call 'able' dreams, visions, or realities! There may be whole environments that we are experiencing or are about to experience that will fantastically reshape and alter our current mind-view of reality.

There is evidence in the geologic record of periodic Magnetic Field reversals about every 400,000 years in some weird cosmic spiral in the Milenkovitch Mechanism, and during these magnetic shifts 3/5's to 4/5's of the species get fried. Well, why shouldn’t brand new Alfven Waves and phase shifted entanglements with ZPE and the Zeeman effects of continuous wave energy in the Schuman Waveguide cause ripples of new thought forms to emanate into the consciousness of living Objects O?

Yes, Duncan, we may be polluting our very survival mechanisms with Junk R. We may actually be in the dawn or the mist of a new phase of NS oscillation resonance patterns, and we may very well be subject to ongoing Weapons Testing programs of the NS.

Your probing missives have allowed me to delve into the brain-mind as NS resonator. Accordingly, a brain wants to tell a story, to make a story, and to finish a story because that is how it is built. That is exactly what the NS is looking for…something to resonate with and fill in the gaps.


We have been discussing linkage between two or more semiotic systems, and have arrived at the examination of Interpretation. As you point out, we can have the most sophisticated communication system in the world, but without being able to interpret it, we cannot participate in its information. This brings me back again to Art.

The dictum of avant garde art for some time has been: Art as encryption for its own sake. Meaning will only be revealed in a future context that has evolved to that level of interpretation. In this way contemporary art has provided a means of self-justification for virtually any form of expression. In your terms, one might venture a criticism that creating a semiotic with a thwarted interpretant leads to a significant shortfall of ZPE being brought into the equation. In art terms this equation nets out as a very cerebral form of art; something interpreted only conceptually in the mind of the beholder. Nothing comes crashing through into the outer world where the Interpreter really lives, the one that has to dodge bullets, cars and insults.

But it does bring up another interesting point. If you go back to the very earliest art ever made or found (at least that I am aware of), you have to go to Northwestern Australia, to the Jinmium site. There you will find carved rocks that were already 20 or 30 thousand years old when the caves in Europe were being painted. These carvings were not effigies of animals, shaman, food gathering and procreation. The rocks in question, often the size of Volkswagens, are covered with a dot matrix of cup holes about the size of a fist. Covering a 60 acre site, they extend so far into the soil that researchers were able to date them from debris littered around where the holes begin, with tools found far below that. The archeologists present at the site estimated that the resources and time applied to these monuments represented a staggering societal commitment on the part of the original artists.




So here at the dawn of man we see a commitment to pure abstraction, a semiotic created without a readymade interpretation, like much art today! One could imagine that the function of such objects, like the standing stones of pre-history, were in fact a type of beacon. Beacon for what? Perhaps when human effort is applied to rock in some fashion it begins to resonate like the subs did in attracting the souls. Incidentally, the dot matrix theme is also a favorite of several of the more artistically-inclined radionics inventors; the ones' who didn't use electricity. It is also quite modern in the electronic design sense.

To fulfill the necessity of Interpretation, these rocks would have to be invested with some semiotic content, and this semiotic content would then have to be able to be discharged somewhere else, possibly as imagery. I saw something like this happen once. It was in a film made by a friend about Credo Mutwa, a South African artist/shaman. He brought a group of his apprentices and a group of sick people up to a standing stone site way in the northern part of that country. Elaborate rituals were performed among the rocks, and, when completed, the sick stepped foreword and placed their hands upon the stone, drawing the healing energy from it and into them.

In this way perhaps, the notion of healing and the notion of art became fused in the early brain in a pre-lingual fashion, as you describe. Tie this in with the semiotic power of the ancestors to burst in on the resonant power of the Earth frequency wave-guides, as Solstice and Equinox light rays penetrate their stone chambers, and you now have religion. What exactly occurs in the mind of the Interpretant, the benefactor of the experience?

Today we have isolated these experiences into respective disciplines, intellectualized them, and in the process obscured that part of the brain that took everything in whole-hog. Perhaps one could conjecture that with the evolution of the cerebral cortex, the surface Representamen at the periphery of the brain you spoke of replaced a deeper object oriented part of the brain where the cosmic semiotics took hold.

I’d like to see art that cancels out the layer upon layer of Representamen that make up my conscious and unconscious mind. I want it to shut off those programs so that I can go back and experience the wildness and irrationality and power of the unencumbered spirit/soul “Object”. This power is still felt in ancient stone art. There are artists today who are trying very hard to simulate those effects by making their own kind of megaliths; James Turrell and Charles Ross come to mind.





In your email you correctly advance the more ancient semiotic artifacts of the Aborigines...I did not mean to scrimp on them in my earlier comments concerning the cave paintings. I agree with you that the Direct power of the Object – Interpreter can be captured and powered and that is probably what is going on with the aborigine elaborations...they represent the universal harmonics that touch the very old, old soul in each of us...as you indicate, the part of us that current culture tries to bury and circumvent.

This raw connection of splintered self to universal themes is the hunting ground of pure universal semiotics...if I recall properly, there is a consistent, repetitive symbol in the aborigine works…it is a circle inside a circle inside a circle...and it is not exact…more like crude loops inside loops. But if you, as you continue...engage in elaborate ritual...or even just fasting for several days, and choose ingestion of certain alkaloids, from ayushca to peyote, or whatever such ingestible the Aborigines use...you will free up the amygdala and anterior cingulate and basically open up the bottom brain and free it from culturally imposed rules from the top brain, the cerebrum.

In this deep brain, the deepest connections to DNA memories and earth forces take place…it is the Theta state of lucid dreaming, of modified consciousness where the participant can play in the linkland of creativity, imagination, past memory, current earth forces...the distinctions between mental components disappears and the individual is able to rapidly shift between mental components, mostly imagery-laden, but also to include the synesthesia that we have discussed before…seeing elders as colors, hearing the gods as rumbling grays or perceiving animated objects as clouds or flames. And if you look at most cultures, there is indeed this attempt to impose ritual to reinforce the Allowable Discontinuity of Reality. To this end, we discussed the Infrasound which, as you yourself have experienced, the dirges of which transport you to extremes of lucid, theta-induced, hypnopompic reveries.

So look at what we have…we can apply infrasound, radionic amplification, alkaloids or mimics thereof, to include electromagnetic stimulation of the right temporal lobes, and ritual, and fasting, and deep meditation...and to help guide the “emancipation” of the old brain…their Semiotics to guide the journey... So I do believe that what the aborigines had in their semiotics that occupied so much of their ordinary day to day culture...is that they often, daily - went into those places and allowed themselves an 'Allowable Discontinuity of Reality' and spoke freely with ancestors, and gods, and the various parts of themselves, and the spirits in nature...and they derived knowledge...Again, why do Semiotics exist...they help predict the future...what is it those communications assist...the ability to predict the future…to SURVIVE.

Just as the alkaloids in the Amazon helped ritual seekers, and the shaman of the jungle teach the good plants from the bad plants, and to reveal the nature of the panthers and the other animals that move about at night and in the shadows...it was a way to increase the knowledge of the Earth Forces...of which early man felt more inclusive in, than separate from.

So I encourage you in your quest to rapidly and with ease explore and dialogue with your Earth-Soul...when I visited with you up in Maine, I used the effects of the onset of the tequila to open up the channels, even if for only a short while, to allow the spirit of the good doctor (Dr. Charles Best, co-inventor of insulin) to kibitz with me. While not an optimal on/off switch, the liquor served its purpose; I felt connected with him in his (now your) house in Maine. That experience opened up a considerable range of thought constructs, such that if I were to go back in time...I would feel very comfortable in certain settings...but the route of tequila only opens up a little semiotic channel before the effects collapsed the very links that I am seeking...but it is enough to allow me to Interactively Pry Back Open later on in meditative settings.

What I think you are seeking is what I experienced at the Double Eagle saloon...in fact, I only need to think about the experience, and the memory of the events opens up the channels, and the lines are open for me to roam around, to explore and interact with the spirits there again...I can now feel the deep electric effects going up and down my spine; I could share them with you…or cause a dielectric device or EM monitor to spike right now.

I would love it if you and I could spend a day in Las Cruces and just hang out in the Double Eagle...I am sure you would pick it up too.

Now if I may reinforce something...think about what is required to complete a Sign/Symbol...you must have the Object, either as real or conceptual...the object demands identity, and all objects have identity...in fact, one of the first things that biologic objects do is to identify themselves…in more complex adaptive creatures. Take a dog, let’s say. They immediately mark their territory so they can know themselves from another…and if you look at cells and tissues and organs...if you introduce a foreign cell or tissue or organ, they go nuts trying to flush them away, to swell up, to call out white cells to remove them, etc.

But think about this...a biologic object will willingly let the conceptual object of another easily reside within themselves...to include hate, and love and god and the thought of loved ones, without rejecting them....so maybe, perhaps, there exist conceptual objects that can enter the brain of an individual and not be rejected as would a physical transfusion…Conceptual Semiotic Objects are the coinage of the universe...they can be easily exchanged across a spectrum of brain structures. Wow, the heart transplant will be rejected, but the spirit of the giving heart will thrive...

But this opens up a whole new nest of Semiotics...the playbook and rules for conceptual semiotics...which may be what the Aborigines were really dealing with in their daily ceremonies.

And you must have a Representamen...again, what is it that most biological things do…they make copies of themselves...and in conceptual semiotics there are many-fold aspects to a single thought…simply turn the thought inside out or upside down…negative mathematics for example...solving a problem in the inverse is equal to the natural method. Again, the two faces of the Actor...this represents the Greek Antinomy...both opposites are part of each other, irreconcilable but necessary for each to exist.

In fact, we have been discovering the Representamen is very, very powerful...fully 99% of what we deal with, respond to, and accept as reality, is indeed a Copy...just like we spend the day inside the house, air conditioning turned on, TV, full of food...we spend most of our lives dealing, not with the object of our soul, but copies of unknown spirits. How ODD.

And as we are now addressing, we need an Interpretation...if we can not interpret, we can, as you so aptly point out, lose the bulk of the transmission, or totally get bypassed by Intelligences and Semiotics of others. Obviously, the Aborigines derived mental qualities from their art, but the very difficulty you express indicates that we have lost or failed to properly understand the operative Aborigine INTERPRETANT.

So if you possess an Object, and there are useful Representamen, or copies, such as DNA, and you also hold the encryption keys, or Interpretant, then you can deal and interact with a Sign/Symbol...and then you can begin to apply amplification, such as Radionics…or you can begin to use Radionics to cause certain semiotics that naturally broadcast to become a very loud signal against the noise...and if we pay attention and apply our thought processes and natural code breaking qualities, or just apply our deepest soul processes, then we can begin to discover the hidden semiotics that surely are out there.

Imagine that...RADIONICS as SEMIOTIC code breakers…why not. That is exactly what it is that you, Duncan, have been doing for your life sport.


Pribram dropped this on me. He and his author wife said, "You realize that we are each of the Three…the I, the Me and the Agent. The Agent is what other people see in us...the Me is what feels pain and emotion and deals with sickness and health, and the I transcends all of this and drives us to do good or evil on any given set of semiotics."


Here is something else to mystify you. I have been searching for a global example of the “interface” between the 10 Hz outer brain semiotic sample rate and the 5 Hz hippocampal inner brain (emotional) semiotic sample rate, and voila, I have found it! Now try this on for size. The next time you see a truck or mailbox for FedEx or a package or a TV or banner ad, take a look where the E meets the X and you have a huge white arrow.

Now that I see the Arrow, I see it everywhere, even on TV last night during the news. Every commercial and even the news broadcast itself had FedEx in it. It is everywhere; the trucks and the White ARROW surround us. At the subconscious level, the 5 Hz circuit, we all try to subconsciously follow the white arrow. I have even seen the White Arrow going into people's heads during the political debates! Think I am going nuts? Now that I have told you, just count up how many times a day you see it now...