(Summary of a long conversation with John Norseen) Theta is the level of brain activity at the border of death where all options are taken away; where quantum outcomes occur. We will refer later to this event as 21 Grams (the mass lost from the body at the time of death).

My question, does the semiotic component of the psyche have mass? Norseen's response: 21 grams is the weight of the software needed to run the semiotics. (Reference research at the U. of Virginia Brain Foundation and Human Genome Foundation); 90% of the proteins made by the genes are for the brain. I keep asking whether the 21 grams etc. are being studied by scientists, via measurements etc.; Norseen mentions the Army Foreign Intelligence Community Cray supercomputers as having measured all the nuances of the life-death interface.

Segue to the much discussed anti-submarine warfare event: An interesting convergence of frequencies occur in the 7-10 Hz range. Subs scan for other subs in the 7-8 Hz region. Eight-hertz is the reported frequency measured from the hands of healers (Puharich). In addition, 7.8 Hz is the Earth's resonant frequency or Schumann Resonance, purported to play a biological role in our makeup, directly stimulating the pineal gland and release of neuro-transmitter melatonin. The point being is that men in these subs spend countless hours at equipment monitoring frequencies in this range. At one point, they began to notice what Norseen called "fringe patterns" forming a kind of cloud around their subs. A significant inquiry was made to locate the source of these signals: earthquake triangulation, sonar artifacts, lightening etc; none correlated. The only correlation was to the quantities of people dying in the vicinity of their sub; i.e. a resonant coupling was occurring between the dying souls and the 8 Hz detectors on the subs.


Norseen explained that this coupling effect could be expressed as a “Lyapunov Function”. This function is two curves that are plotted to represent the interactive relationship between two complimentary systems such as pH and oxygen in the blood. In the current instance around the sub, the curves being coupled were from non-life to life back to non-life, describing the subtle discriminations between these states in and around physical death. The communications that take place while in these subtle states are semiotic. By definition, this is an elastic relationship, but one where information is flowing back and forth, shaping the outcome. Lyapunov functions can be further included in a Green function measurement of overall system thought-put, technical jargon that is not further explained.

The communications described are instantaneous, and to describe how that is possible, Norseen introduced two additional factors: Zero Point Energy and Alfven Waves. Zero Point Waves (ZPE) having been introduced earlier in the manuscript. This energy of the vacuum has actually been measured and is called the Casimir Effect. The Casimir Effect is measurable when two metal plates are placed extremely close together (1 nanometer). The vacuum created interferes with the flow of ZPE and has been scientifically measured. The result is that the plates are drawn together, as if by magnetic attraction. Norseen points out by comparison that the identical 1 nanometer distance is the distance between brain cells, thereby implying a stage for ZPE coupling. As these distances open and close between the cells, a signal impressed upon the ZPE can be generated out in the 5-30 Hz. range.

How it becomes an instantaneous signal reaching anywhere in the universe is accomplished by the Alfven Wave (AW). Norseen’s definition of Alfven waves is that of a magnetic string stretched out, and then impinged upon by unique traveling magnetic resonant structures...like plucking a magnetic harp. Theoretically, Alfven waves interconnect all parts of the universe via magnetic fields. Magnetite within the brain cells connect local magnetic swirls to the magnetic river or storms existing locally or outside our magnetosphere. Norseen describes the AW as a universal plasma that extends between local and non-local events, capable of carrying semiotic communications via directed ZPE pulsation. These signals are capable of penetrating the magnetic storm, in the same way radio signals penetrate our congested airways carrying selective information from point to point.

At this point in the discussion Norseen described a brain operation he saw on television recently. The operation was to restore a patient's arm from paralysis. First, the surgeon located a spot near the surface of the brain that affected the paralysis. Next, he went deep into the core of the brain where a similar nexus of nerves controlled the same function, and proceeded to do corrective action. Norseen's point to me was that in the brain itself, a Representamen was created at the surface of the brain of the (Object) nerve source at the center of the brain. It saw it as an example of semiotic structure within the brain's design itself.

Synthetic Prions at Nano Level

Norseen went on to say Theta waves (5-8 Hz) are the navigational key to establishing resonance between the inner and outer structures of the brain. In order for the brain to establish a proper Lyapunov function with the universe, these inner and outer brain structures must obtain resonance; they must lock in phase with each other. The inner and outer structures must mirror each other, not in frequency or amplitude but in phase, creating "wavelets" that are the expression of this coherence. Once this phase relationship is established, then and only then can the brain function successfully using the ZPE and Alfven wave conversion (becoming responsible for producing the super sensory effects of PSI and cosmic, visionary immersion.) This is why we sleep, to enter a semiotic state of 3-7 Hz Delta or 1 Hz Theta, where gene expression and proteins lay down learned memory and behavior patterns — as neural circuits triggered by external or internal semiotics.

The Globus Pallidus (GP) is a part of the brain that messages without language. These messages can be stored for seconds or up to an hour (or even much longer)…even if one consciously forgets the information. For instance, you can't find your keys; still, something in you knows where they are, but can't language it. Nevertheless, it guides you around your house by intuition, operating at Theta. The GP can control everything in the body except speech. It has not evolved neuron linkages into Broca, Wernicke, or the Temporal Cortex 22, nor Broadmann’s area 43/44, other than to impulse grunts, groans, screams, and squeals. The body language that cannot form speech.


The GP communicates with the Hunt, and can be directed anywhere, to any target, even a conceptual one. Norseen calls it a "conceptual semiotic sensor", a Representamen of the brain that will go anywhere to investigate anything. Examples are the Vagus Nerve signaling us via gut reactions, or pictures in the brain — eidetic images, archetypes, visions…all coded to inform us about future probabilities. It cannot access speech, therefore the GP is for the most part ineffable communication.

The GP operates the phase characteristics of the semiotic communications in the brain. At the end of the day, we reach a point where we have to make a trade off; do we allow ourselves to give up control in order to roam different alternative realities in deep sleep? The fact is that the more time we spend in Theta (deep sleep), the more capable we become later of change and adaptation. The bottom line is the Hunt for potential alternative scenarios to the proscribed outcome of our day to day circumstances is worth giving up the control of the body for a significant period each night.

In this regard, the semiotic is the repository of a specifically charged piece of information. Laboratory rats will hit a button to trigger the sexual reaction in the brain long after their physical pleasure is spent, even to the point of death. The semiotic is discharging information into the mind/body of the individual, and need not be triggered by the stimuli for which it is designed.

In the case of revolutionary art, for instance, a resonance imbedded in the art, suggests Norseen, could trigger certain semiotic combinations, producing associations that profoundly effect the viewer. As to the effects of deliberate rhythm entrainment frequencies being used in this manner commercially today, he mentioned the popular music group NO DOUBT as being "off the chart" in his measurement of their application of these tools.

Going back to visiting the Russian semiotics team in the 1990s, Norseen relates an amusing story. It involves two visits to the Double Eagle Saloon in Las Cruces, New Mexico. [It was during a national security sponsored evaluation of Russian Semiotics.] Well beyond his first drink, Norseen went into a semiotic trance and experienced something akin to a walk-in experience with the astral denizens of the saloon. As he explains it, "we shared bandwidth with each other". They gave him access to their perceptions via shared vision, while he provided warmth, taste, touch, smell (and booze). Apparently the result was very wild. Norseen demonstrated an ability to remotely see events not available to the rational minds with him in the bar.

The next time he found himself at the Double Eagle, it was with a group of Russian semioticians with whom he was collaborating. This eclectic group was formed in the early 1960's by a Soviet General that set up a secret program of covert reflexive control operations with the KGB and GRU now under the direction of a certain Dr. Pospelov, of extreme interest to Lt. General Ken Minihan, the Director of NSA (DIRNSA). Norseen was tired when they arrived. Then, as he walked in, the lights of the saloon went crazy. The one person capable of working the entire bar, physical and non-physical, had arrived. As Norseen worked his way into trance once again, the entities allowed him to enter the minds of his Russian colleagues, probing their thoughts and memories. To their horrified surprise he began casually rattling off the contents of their mind. At the conclusion of the story, Norseen was careful to point out that every one of these Russians (save the general with the gold tooth) is now dead or incapacitated.

Norseen next mentioned telling this same story at the bar at the Naval War College, in the company of people familiar with the sensitive databases lost in the World Trade Center attack. Apparently Cantor-Fitzgerald housed a database for all military transactions worldwide and the back-ups were at Morgan Stanley. If certain transactions involving arms purchases were occurring somewhere in the world, this database would inform the Pentagon and appropriate counter-measures could be enabled. For many weeks thereafter, various arms shipments around the world could no longer be tracked.

Norseen also speculated there may have been beacons installed in the towers that would have guided the planes to the appropriate floors, even if the terrorists had failed to guide the planes correctly.

In additional speculation, Cantor-Fitzgerald would have maintained the database that contained the death energy statistics from the submarines. Apparently a Lyapunov function had been established between the death energies and the arms ratios that were providing some insight into the suicide bombing world. I was curious to know more about the relationship of death to semiotics and what this had to do with weaponry. I also wanted to know where in our government or academic world these kinds of ideas were being researched. Concerning the latter, he mentioned by name, The Electro-Magnetic Spectrum Laboratory in Denver as being involved in the death energy research.

In response to the former, Norseen pointed out that Attorney General Ashcroft had legally excused the Government and everyone else from any liability or responsibility for experimentation occurring between 1 and 100 Hz. He also pointed out that the National Telecom Information Agency (NTIA), with the largest charter of any governmental agency, was now the most powerful governmental agency in the U.S.

In looking at the origins and activities of the NTIA, he went back to the early 60's Mind Domination program in semiotics. He further mentioned that the CIA chief in Beirut at the time of the suicide bombing of the barracks was also in the stadium where Sadat was assassinated and also had been seen around Oswald in Mexico, monitoring each developing event. He also mentioned that the Russian Semiotic Core that he was involved in training acted like they had discovered these ideas, while in fact they picked them up in Georgetown in the 1980's. When asked by me whether these new forms of warfare were accepted today, he replied the military does understand this warfare; particularly Donald Rumsfeld, Andy Marshall and the Reform the Pentagon Group.

Although not directly related to the issues around semiotic history, Norseen did mention two other interesting corollaries. One involved the recent controversy around Dr. Raymond Damadian, previously mentioned, who was excluded by the Nobel Prize Committee for their Prize in Medicine for his part in the discovery of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. Dr. Damadian was in fact the first medical researcher who, upon looking at a test tube sample to which magnetic resonance was being applied, wondered whether the magnetic signature could differentiate between diseased and healthy tissue.

Norseen viewed Damadian's exclusion from the Prize as a way of taking public attention off the topic of what could be described as a future "energy medicine". Such developments could result in a re-examination of Homeopathy and Radionics and as well as invigorating the alternative physics described by researchers like Dr. William A. Tiller. It also would eventually lead in the direction of the PSYOP weapons research described here.

Norseen also mentioned in this context the need for certain factions of organized religion to direct scientific discovery. It came up in the context of discussing Alfven's work for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize.

Centuries before, St. Thomas Aquinas had formulated the religious dogma of the universe arising from out of nothing for the Catholic Church. In modern times, Abbe Gregoris LeMaitre, at the Vatican, had been the first to propose the Big Bang theory for the formation of the universe. Not satisfied, Alfven countered, if the Big Bang were true, why did complete structures exist at the outer edges of the universe? Alfven's theory proposed the existence of magnetic waves that interconnected all parts of the universe. Structurally this opposed the Big Bang theory of local magnetic swirls gradually condensing down into matter, thrust out from an event eons ago.

From the Norseen view point, an Intent causes a local Alfven wave (carrying semiotics) to pulse outward looking for associated semiotics, which, when found, connect via Zero Point Energy. According to Norseen, at the Life-Death Interface, a variety of semiotics cross from one state to another, revealing a new form of communication. As he was mentioning this, I wondered if specially constructed large masses of rock like the pyramids or even standing stones functioned as some type of semiotic attractor for disembodied souls. These structures had served throughout pre-history as sites of worship and entombment. Could they also magnify the earth's resonant frequency and surrounding brain wave frequencies, resulting in “shared bandwidth”?

In returning to my question about how the death semiotics functioned as a weapon, Norseen returned to the story of the submarines. The technicians monitoring the EM fields around their subs saw around them corona-like signals that looked like noise. They were neither animal, nor plankton nor earthquake nor anything else; in fact the only correlation that could be made was with great loss of life in the vicinity of the sub. Similarly, remote viewers trying to communicate with the subs (which operated long wave antennas), were listening for the communications pathways which correlated with the life-death interface. The signals coming from the subs acted like a beacon, attracting the semiotics of the recently dead still active in translation, in a resonate fashion. But the coupling went both ways; the crews on board the subs were also impacted by the semiotics of the dead. The result for the crew was a heightened psi bandwidth capability, just as Norseen experienced in the Double Eagle Saloon. (This has a fascinating design potential.)

	CLASS I     Noise cancels Noise - Signal Emerges
	CLASS II    Noise cancels Signal - Attention Scattering
	New Singal           - Focus of Attention
	CLASS III   Noise mimics other Noise - Encryption
	CLASS IV    Noise becomes / is Signal
	Signal must include Noise

It was soon discovered that every receiver was also a transmitter (as in radionics!). Also, as every signal, i.e. soul, has their own identity; each has to know its own self or Representamen. These strong, unique and discreet signals of the life-death interface were powerful Alfven waves that connected related signal/semiotics to themselves. As a result, these energies could be built into a wave-guide that effectively captured life energy at the moment around death. Once harnessed, the souls could potentially be channeled into a literal “death ray”, with the ability to rip apart matter. Norseen said, "Imagine a transmitter of jumbled intent being popped upon space-time, vectored into a space and exploded like a bomb. Or a pulsed weapon with every fifth soul brighter than the others — a tracer!"

The crew members of the subs whose brains had been so sensitized by the dead were usually, he stated, conscripted into PSYOP to track souls for advanced weapons design. Areas such as the war zones of Africa which suddenly saw the death rate rising 3% or more over the birth rate would be suspect, suggested Norseen, for they may be indicative of harvesting.

Norseen noted that experiments along these lines but of a more modest scale were conducted by the Soviet psychotronic researchers in the 1970’s. He mentioned Dimitri Ustinov, Secretary of Defense in Russia; perhaps the most powerful man in Russia at the time. (Ustinov was the figure behind both the Sputnick and the Psychotronic Initiative.)

When I asked, “What does Norseen derive from our conversation?”, he answered, “It allows me to project intent along a PSYOP vector”. In other words, design a weapon. A weapon is anything that prevents or constrains intent, i.e. prevents some desired goal from occurring. By the same token in radionics, a “cure” occurs when you remove the “intent” of the disease.

In concluding our long conversation, Norseen stated that “‘Semiotics is the currency of the universe”. His statement arose from our attempts to capsulize the Norseen Semiotic. “Identity is the foremost component of semiotics; remove identity and you have a problem. Good semiotic structure equals instantaneous communication.”

Professional Use of NOISE


I want to come back to the point about what happens at death, in semiotic terms. You must have got me going because I had another flood of images last night. I woke up feeling that I better go back to the incident I told you about, the death of Jane Morgan on Pan Am 103. Jane had a lot of reservations on various planes that day, and by the worst of luck chose Pan Am 103 to fly. Even before her death was confirmed, I began feeling her presence very forcefully, especially her agitation, anger and desperation. I contacted a few sensitives who were able to give me some impressions beyond my own about what Jane was experiencing.

One, an English psychic, was able to track her post mortem movements and progress with some degree of clarity, and was entirely selfless in conveying the whole experience. Here in the U.S., I also contacted another friend who is an absolute genius in this sort of thing. I want to mention a few things about that experience, as my contact with Jane continued far beyond the night of her death.

At first, I began to notice that when Jane wanted my attention, sometimes she interfered with my electronics. In one instance, part of a copy of a poem I was writing about the incident in my fax machine became very distended and wavy like it was on stretched elastic. Other times, lights would blink off, etc. At one point, my clairvoyant friend was visiting my studio in New York. I was showing her the music machine. We were straying from the original intent of the meeting (communicating with Jane) when suddenly all the volume levers on the mixer were suppressed. This continued for some time. Both of us were astounded that no amount of manipulation at our end would bring the sound up until we asked Jane to let go of the controls. It was immediate as soon as Jane got our attention.

What became clear, which my friend confirmed many other times, was that her clairvoyant ability to act as a liaison between the living and the dead was powered by our emotional need to communicate with each other, the Intent.

Jane's death had precipitated a landslide of issues for me. I employed every means I could find to get a handle on them. At one point, I contacted Michael Bradford, the inventor of the music machine I had been using. He was living in New Jersey with his family and associates, developing some technology with a computer company. At Michael's invitation, I was encouraged to try his equipment in a slightly different way than usual. Michael was always telling people that he could "time travel” -- by which he meant traveling to parallel worlds using his music technology, not necessarily through time. I thought, of course, that this meant astral travel, travel in the mind. Actually, he meant physical travel.


To my skeptical mind, it was a put on, but a very funny one the way he told it. He even got his wife, who was a very straight housewife, to insist it was true. She was great. She complained that time traveling together became too much for her with her mundane responsibilities. Also, there were the embarrassments, like the times Michael would get back and be only partially visible for hours.

Anyhow, I liked all of them a lot and wasn't prepared to throw any cold water on the fun. So, it was somewhat of a surprise when Michael offered to help me contact Jane. I was hoping I was going to go spiraling off into some other world, but that didn’t happen. All I saw was an odd light bleeding off the edges of something "else" on either side of me as I lay on the bed.

More importantly, what did occur was that at one point in the session I began to "hear" Jane, as though her essence had been reduced to a poignant melody. As I concentrated on the melody, I moved deeper and deeper into a state of feeling her essence. The experience was very trance like and required full concentration. At the most intense moments, a miniature visual of her would pop into view, just a few inches high in the air before me. It would pop out again if I tried to grasp at the experience too forcefully. This communication went on for a while, and was very emotionally vivid. I don't remember any actual communication in words or ideas, everything was impressions, mainly audible and felt. I experienced Jane's essence as a very pure form of music that erased all ego barriers.

I am aware that all this sounds very sentimental and un-semiotic in nature, but there are a few points to be made. The semiotic view, as you explain it, while allowing for consciousness and acknowledging the power of intent, appears to function through what we have been calling resonance. That description doesn't elaborate on the role of emotion in the equation. Of course, emotion is basically considered something exclusive to higher life forms, not withstanding my work with plants.

My experience is that emotion is probably the most potent stimulus for the semiotic or ZPE transactions you describe. Apparently no one is discussing it that way.

When the emotion is taken out of the semiotic equation, we are left with the structure, and you have emphasized how powerful structure is in your previous emails. You also suggest that 90% of the semiotics we encounter are Representamen. The remaining 10% could include the people and animals we love or share experience with, interaction with nature, and deep dreamless sleep. All these are experiences known not just by their structure but much more so by their emotional connotations. Even in deep, dreamless sleep where our identity becomes erased in symbolic terms, there is still emotional recollection when we awake, that the experience felt wonderful!

For me, the force required to see and hear are initially emotional before they become symbolic. Touch is the first language, and the language of the skin is emotional. If symbolic experiences are amplified via ZPE, then ZPE must have a primary relationship to emotion.

When you hear stories of people lost for long periods of time or subject to extreme danger, all they focus on is getting back to their loved ones. Emotional extremes reduce the Representamen to nothing; only contact with "O" remains to give comfort. Even memories are Representamen with emotional meaning keeping them alive. Would you agree that the most potent semiotic "force" we recognize is emotion? Going back to Jane; when I experienced her as melody, was that her, a Representamen of her life, or was it a Representamen of my memory of her? Perhaps it was the actual object of Jane's soul, perceived as music to my consciousness? I tend to think so. If emotional energy or charge is at the core of Identity, of Life itself, then comprehending the relationship of semiotics to radionics to ZPE to what most people understand as art becomes much clearer and more profound.


There is this great picture taken on the scene at sea on the WaterTown in 1924. Two sailors on the ship died and had just been buried at sea, when the crew said, "There they are, looking back at us from the swell". The visions lasted long enough for the captain to fetch his camera, aim it, focus and click. Sure to nimrod, there are the faces of the two men, beckoning back to their shipmates, and via Representamen, the world at large for beyond time.

Your mental communications with Jane are very true and very common for people that can tune in and zone in on the "emotional" feelings of loved ones. For me it is kind of like being on the phone and hearing or feeling a beeper of another incoming call and suddenly I am able to appraise the feelings as they are ongoing in a loved one, even across the globe. The way I like to account for this in the brain, is that we can multiplex in up frequencies and down frequencies. You are talking on the phone in Beta waves but are able to continue cognitive processes of the other phone call, not in Timeshare or bandwidth share, but in a down sync into the Alpha or Theta state brain wave. You can do this right now...listen to the radio or TV or other people talking...look at them or the source, then Simply close your eyes. You can still focus on the radio, TV or people's conversations but now you can also intersperse your feeling on let's say...What is Norseen or Steve N doing, or how would my wife feel about the latest atrocity in Lebanon...Now, while you are feeling pretty comfortable dealing in the present hearing the TV, and also feeling what Steve or Norseen would be saying, or your wife, you suddenly feel a small portion of your body, like your elbow, being tugged by Jane and she just imparts a smile on your soul...These are all semiotics, but it takes a Reflexive Process to handle all three or four or twenty levels of overlapping mental communications.

There is testing that shows this process...when hunting animals, tigers let's say, are wired up with EEG and they are in the cage and then a picture of a PREY animal is shown, and the cage door is let up such that the creature knows it can soon be free and out of doors chasing the prey...the Brain State drops down into Theta instantaneously...Just as I can show when you close your eyes, by looking at Predator EEG, you can tell when they are engaging in the HUNT...or even suggests that animals do dream, because the EEG is still there in the sleep state. So what is going on in Theta: It is the last brain state where the cognitive functions can still be controllable, and also it is the longest wavelength and greatest distance interpretations that the Brain as EM interferometer works in the Earth Waveguide, just below the Schumann Frequency. The Tiger relies on its greatest search pattern to HUNT.


So this is very much what happens when you die...YOU go on the HUNT...and this shift can be seen and it becomes clear when you look at the Semiotic Screen. This is like the HUNT but distinctly different class. Like the two sailors on the WaterTown, they can even modify the EM of the physics for the camera and make their visage appear, just as Jane can suppress the volume and tonal keys on the stereo.

Uncanny that you talk about Semiotics and pets...I daily am amazed how my pet dogs get me to do all kinds of complicated things without human speech…only pet semiotics...the gradual look of the eye, the turn of the nose, the slight harrummphh of a bark, the plodding paws tapping out a frenetic rhythm, and it becomes very clear in my mind that they want to play, get some food, start the daily routine, and shortly to put on the leash, go out, smell around, and do their business…but mostly to put on a show for the other dogs that are milling about the neighborhood.

But YES, YES, YES...emotion is critical to the multimodal Semiotics, the semiotics of the HUNT – which primarily uses the hypothalamic structures such as the amygdala ( the bee sting pattern), and also the Semiotics of Death which reaches out the broadest search pattern, interlaced with the very precise mental patterns of a closely loved person.

Now can you imagine on the long submarine rides in radio silence during the cold war...the Sound and EM technicians listening so very quietly to the 4-8 Hz sounds of the beckoning deep...soon there are blips on the passive sonobouys that just don't belong to whales, or shrimps or krill, or even earth sounds, pressure waves and earthquakes — something that gets picked up not only across the spectrum but in very specific narrow bands as well that seem to affect the entire crew at times. And the blips begin to form correlations to dreams and to life-death-family cycles on the ship...sailors knowing when their wives give birth, or a daughter suddenly dies in a school bus accident, or a loved parent silently slips under two days before port call.

And then there is the evidence when the sailor or officer gets home…the half written letter dated the day of the weird dream, the radio set on a frequency channel for help until the battery died out, or the strange faces in the photograph on the last emulsion of the camera…the extra picture, number 25 on a full set of image-laden 24 frames.

Yes, DUNCAN…listen, feel and scan your emotions, and apply EMOTION to all of your Semiotics...The UNIVERSE becomes open when you do.


I am beginning to see what you mean about the transceiver function of the semiotics. Depending upon what frequency range they are broadcast from, they hit that frequency input range in the brain and nervous system. If our "consciousness" happens to be awake or tuned into that spectrum, the image is apprehended. If the signal is only subliminally felt, it may be stored somewhere, and maybe accessed in a dream or daydream. In cases of great intent, the signal may be stepped up from feeling into an eidetic image. With less intent, the semiotic could remain instinct, gut feeling, premonition, etc.

The notion of a semiotic as a force beyond information is still very vague however. When we start talking about semiotics "tugging" us or some other invasive behavior, we are talking about them doing "work" in the material world, as though they are a force of nature themselves. This week a movie is coming out about death, how it impacts a group of people, called 21 GRAMS. That number refers to the amount of weight loss occurring at death. So, assuming that is correct, and aside from some mass-free ZPE and a store of electrical activity, something with significant mass is discharged at death. Do semiotics create mass in the body?

Following your metaphor, when we send our attention out on the Hunt, even at the time of death, this attention is a unit of some kind. Maybe we send more out sometimes, maybe less, but something of ourselves with the capacity to probe and interpret, gets extended into the ZPE field to do work. This something at death apparently weighs 21 grams. This 21g hunter has emotion too, if my experiences with Jane are any example.

Say we live in an ocean of free-floating semiotics that inhabits a rarified atmosphere just behind our own. Some semiotics appear to have mass as well as energy because they impact our world in various ways, moving chains, slamming doors, etc. If they can do that much, intelligent semiotic beings may find their way into our lives in other mysterious ways we can't fully comprehend. Perhaps they are like Magellan’s ships anchored off shore that the Native islanders couldn't physically see, because the natives didn't have the ability to comprehend their existence, until the shaman made it possible.

The picture I am beginning to get of the semiotic animal is far more than your humble symbol or sign. The Norseen picture of semiotics is really a picture of alien intelligence. What is the difference between little gray men and autonomous semiotics manifesting intent from another dimension? Oh sure, the Grey men are there in the bed room gesturing, aren't they? Ghosts and aliens, not only pets, have semiotic powers that cause us to behave in ways they want us to. They make us run, scream, laugh, whimper and deny.

A lot comes down to what 21 grams actually consists of, doesn't it? Without that weight measurement, semiotics is only a clever intellectual device for the management and control of information systems. Add in the 21g and semiotics is a door into the X Files. Doesn't that about sum it up?


Yes, you are doing a great job of taking my missives and turning up a cohesive and comprehensive application understanding of Semiotics... much like the book the Semiotics group put together in New Mexico concerning the role of complex adaptive systems and chaos. As physical beings, the Bandwidth occupied by Semiotic structures and the translations around the nexus of ZPE must necessarily occupy Mass...and 21 grams seems a decent figure...if a fly does one push up it is one erg...and if a person’s total mass is consumed in a nanosecond, there is enough energy to raise the Empire State Building one foot off the ground...so by playing around with these quanta...there is probably a pretty good guess that 21 grams is what we expend in a buildup of a lifetime of semiotic interactions. Some interesting percentage of the Gray Matter…of the 3 and 1/2 pound universe...how many grams is 3 1/2 pounds...and 21 grams of that is the percentage of bandwidth necessary for our Semiotic communications...if we need more Semiotics, then the bandwidth, the energy, the size of the brain and the species can then be ascertained. We could predict the amount of semiotics we would need to augment ourselves as we entered other alien communications realms. Another throughput study or Green function indicated that our brain could store and process approximately 1.7 million semiotics. The English language for instance is roughly 500,000 semiotics on an alphabet of 26. Accordingly, we could develop a culture about 3 times larger than the English system before requiring a more complex adaptive brain.

And your work is causing me to be more precise in my meandering of neural science. I watched a neurosurgeon in a real-time Brain Mapping operation on an elderly man with Parkinson’s disease. He used an electrode on the outer portion of the cerebrum to get the right hand to steady...but then he opened up the man's brain and went deep down into the hypothalamus, under the anterior cingulate and he went to the left side of the hippocampus horseshoe and mapped out another location of the brain that only affected the right hand. He then put a permanent electrode and pacemaker into that deep brain location. He then went back to the top of the brain, the top left portion and sure enough, the EEG readings of that top part of the brain became tuned with the deep electrode and the readings were exactly the same…and Voila, the right hand of the prior severely hand palsy shaking man became as steady and controllable as the finest pianist. The man could do anything, draw spirals, snap his fingers...anything. This man's internal semiotic I, O, and R — top and bottom were made intact.

Science Will Spawn New Technologies
  • Biologic Process Control
  • Semiotics
  • Noise
  • Invariant Mapping
  • Synthetic Species
  • Dream Injection

Why, this was none other than matching up the frequencies of the internal semiotics we possess as humans...We are the mirror frequency of ourselves...we carry a Sign/Symbol of ourselves in the outer portion of our brains. And we also carry an exact map of the Sign Symbol deep in our brain nearest our emotional understanding of the world...Our internal Semiotics is that we mirror reflect a Sign Symbol against the mirror image, but surrounded by emotional measurements... and vectors (aesthetics, etc). If we do an exact match of the top semiotics with the bottom semiotics we have perfect control of our being, we are centered.

So we carry within ourselves a dual-matching Semiotics — however, consider this, there are so many distractions and delusions of the top to the bottom of our brain that our Representamen which becomes our Interpretant of others is really a classic chasing an imperfect tail of another with the imperfect mirror of ourselves...Our top R is actually the bottom and the bottom R is actually the top of our brains...and OUR perfect I is the aligned top and bottom O's which is interpreting another person's imperfect top and bottom Semiotic chase. No wonder we can become inextricably perplexed-- unable to untie the knots of thought.

Perhaps this describes why it is so hard to really know another person, least of all truly understand ourselves...but it is possible...just like the surgeon was able to accomplish. If we get the semiotics all registering the same resonant frequency, then we get bandwidth lock in. And when we feel as if we are in the bandwidth of another, and they in us...then we are a more powerful Semiotic Interpreter Band of Brothers...but it also means that many things can unsettle the semiotic balance.

I find it absolutely great that the inventor of NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) (Magnetic Resonating Imaging), Dr. Raymond Damadian, used the radio frequency of cancer cells to show how they were at a different RF from normal cells and thus produced a unique Cancer Diagram or Semiotic. The strong suggestion of course being, if you can get cancer cells in the right frequency resonance, then you restore health...so what is health but perhaps...Semiotic Balance — where our cells, the R, are exact matches to the O as ruled by the DNA, RNA and genes…the I.

I just found out that my clearances have been updated. I go in for a new Top Secret indoctrination tomorrow. Also, at work, my computer and my phone and my office were taken down. I enter over the next few weeks, a new office, a new program, and new computer phone identities. Very odd.

In doing EEG's of Dolphins...they have a unique F grid interval Semiotic pattern distinct from humans...but the nature of being in water and the bounce patterns of the sea bottom need to be learned by the dolphin...if weird signals get into the dolphin semiotic balance act, the dolphin loses the sense of up and down, which in a spiral kill predatory team animal is the kiss of death. I bet you that if vets took the EEG of the marine mammals that wash up on the beach or swim up river or can't find their way, that they have a desynchrony in their normal EEG Swim Semiotics....just like the old man with palsy, they need to map the brain signals from the environment with the swim signals deeply embedded in their ZPE 'emotional' centers. I wonder how many grams the dolphin loses when it dies. And I bet you that we have already measured the loss and Puthoff, Beardon and others are doing the Death Calculations. If one could store such Death Energy in Semiotic Domes...imagine the REAL DEATH RAY that could be set on STUN.

The Four INTs
SIGINT — Signals Intelligence
IMINT — Imagery Intelligence
HUMINT — Human Intelligence
MASINT — Measurement and Signature Intelligence
MASINT is the newest, most encompassing, and technically complex of the four intelligence disciplines

Of Peircian Scientific Semiotics and its role in United States national security, I can honestly say that I was part of the inception in the early 1990’s and have watched over the last decade the growth from the first national security working group on scientific semiotics to where it is now a recognized science effort around the world...but with not nearly enough Book elucidation, and still lacking a dedicated National Scientific Philosophy linkage into National Security. Almost all of the pacing Soviet scholars that I have met are now dead or corrupted…and most of the working semiotics is now under a classified rubric. At least I can edify about the frolicsome years from 1995-2002 where no holds barred and semiotics as the New Occult held sway...try to search on Lycos with the terms NSA PSYOP...there is a link that you need to see…I will get it to you later. The link describes how semiotics and brain communications can be done covertly. Imagine that. 29