Did you notice that semiotics was buried throughout the von Buengner article, “Remote Effect and Remote Healing”? 26 He was using terms such as “physic symbols” and such? And then there was this little GEM...the twin photon phenomenon. It seems that at particular frequencies, two of the same photon are created and carry the same information. If you capture one photon, you then have the capacity to capture the other one because you know of its unique semiotics.

If you can control the flow of the twin photons, you can make things seem to disappear and reappear at will; a perfect decryption device at free energy because the decryption doesn't actually exist, nor does the encryption; it is the manner of producing a Semiotic structure which allows what was apparently encrypted to become decrypted. If you don't share the semiotic you don't get the twin photon information....


This is a classic biological form of steganography, or hiding information in information, only in this case it is the semiotic structure that opens up the otherwise available but hidden information. This is encryption with no energy use or loss, other than the semiotic. This accounts for the ZPE flow. It is always there; it is not always recognized; the semiotic instantaneously opens up the information.

I was watching a cat play in front of a mirror. Now I know the cat has an O, I, R system, but it was jumping and afraid of its own reflection; so the power of the new Interpreter sequence in the mirror was shunting ZPE to the cat's brain and making it jump and twist and swerve. It was just like the incident where the buzz of the bee pumped so much potential ZPE into my electro-magnetic system that I went jumping and hopping and swatting and guttural swearing away back to the house.

Maybe this is why emotions are directed away from direct contact with the speech centers? We might override them and blow them out...the vectoring of emotions into the vagus nerve is to slow the forces out...a dampening rod, a lightning rod so to speak, to keep us free from ZPE BURNS...


I began a few days ago looking for something that connected ZPE to emotion in my reading. I wanted to ponder the role of emotion in semiotic transactions with some fresh insights. It still felt like semiotics is more of a language, more geometrical and informational than something with motive force behind it. I know we have discussed how semiotics can hold energy, but do they have energy to begin with (over and above the energy necessary to maintain their own structure)? You have described the case of two semiotics that cause a flood of ZPE to occur when they become aware of each other. That sounded more like love or sex, or at least a powerful psychic force of attraction similar to what we value in relationships.

With that thought in mind I opened Dr. William A Tiller’s book, Science and Human Transformation 27. It is a scientific analysis of subtle energy by a prominent Stanford professor in the Department of Materials Science, one of the world’s leading authorities on the structure of matter.

In the Preface, Ernest F. Pecci, M.D. states:
“All energy in its various manifestations on different dimensions is essentially an ongoing information transfer process. Furthermore, there is an instantaneous space-time interconnection among points, each with an influence upon every other depending upon position, angle and number. There is an antenna system within our brain and yes, our hearts, that is constantly feeding us the information of Truth. To find Truth we must look, not only outside of ourselves, but within. In his book, Dr. Tiller offers a convincing unified theory of matter-energy and consciousness with vast implications regarding the way individuals and groups create their environment through their preconceived belief system and thought patterns.

“Adding tremendous support for Dr. Tiller’s beliefs regarding healing and intentionality, a Menninger Clinic team has found that significant bursts of electromagnetic energy correlated with the directed ‘intentional’ efforts of certain healers.

“What does this mean personally? It is imperative that humans begin consciously to resonate to the vibrations of love and appreciation and resist the self-addicting emotions of fear, anger and hate. The sense of helplessness, depression, and fear which now pervades the surface of planet earth can only be dispelled by an awakening of our true superhuman potential and the power of the mind, or more exactly, the belief systems held within our minds, to influence massively our environment.”

Nice point of departure, huh? Anyway, there you have it; the ZPE doesn’t care if you’re naughty or nice; it will send energy to the semiotics of addiction as fast as to the semiotics of love. So, we must be looking for another form of energy when we talk of emotion or need being at the root of all semiotic transactions. It goes back to intention; what is intention composed of?


If we are to consider emotions, then we need to concentrate on the location of the Anterior Cingulate, Amygdala, Superior Colliculus, and the surrounding “housing complex” of the hippocampus.

These structures resonate most strongly inside the skull, as the skull resonates in the sound center of the rock cave – the soul church. They are in the middle of the head, the equivalent of the womb, and the reproductive center of the mind.

Most interestingly, these important emotional structures are only very weakly hooked up with neurons to the speech center of the brain. At best, we can elicit grunts, groans, and moans. There are no exact word locations directed over emotions. They go along the INEFFABLE pathways to the Vagus nerve complex and the pain reference system. This is why we feel so nervous or sick, or feel pain related to pure emotion, but very few words.

Also, when I struck out at the buzzing bee, I used my right hand reflexively. There was no time to cross-brain reference. It was a direct stimulus to my amygdala and then a reflex directly from learned memory in the top of the spinal cord to the cerebellum to my right hand swiping at my right eye.

Therefore, emotions strike directly at prior learned behavior, the older the better, without thought reference, and without words to fully express them, which only dampen the semiotic signal.

Yes, emotion provides the charge for our treatment of semiotics with an important semiotic loop in our brain – the AC, A, SC (Anterior Cingulate, Amygdala, and Superior Colliculus).

Emotions are a part of the release of powerful neurochemicals — hence, the memory of emotional events will vary greatly depending on what part of the non-linear curves, the Lyapunov Function, your brain structures/biochent levels are set to and are functioning at when triggering memory. So, I have been consumed with your conclusions regarding Emotion as the key to energizing semiotics.

I am indicating that emotions and memory of emotion is tied very closely to a group of brain structures and memory access that goes to the heart and soul of our core. We resonate, without words to describe it, from the deep center of our brain, and the harmonies of the resonating chamber are those of ritual ceremony, of art.

So we can say that Art, as the semiotic driven by emotion, is distinct from the area of the brain otherwise engaged in Scientific understanding, foremost by the paucity of nerve/word endings, and the effects of hormonal memory. Art is linked to our deepest childhood perspectives, reflected in the brain reflexively in right to right, and left to left. Some art, Picasso, Cubist, etc., even play with this feature of our brain, causing us to cross-reference right to left, left to right, only to force us to abandon our memories and swiftly dwell back again to the inner-most fears and intrigue, engendered by such artistic techniques and methodology.

Behold the power of Semiotics to Predict. I didn't know the Army-Navy football game was about to start. I turned on the TV and they said "we are about to flip a coin" — a cold, gold coin. I saw "heads" in my mind's eye (Panum's Fusion Space) and knew — absolutely knew — the upcoming toss would end up heads.

Semiotics is a prediction process!!


And then there is the Sheldrake test for intention with baby chicks and the robot random navigation. Put a robot on a square grid and let it go and over a time period it traces out a path that touches into each grid. Then in a second test, introduce the robot with fur on it to a cluster of newborn hatchlings and then let the robot free to roam, and it spends all its time in the grid closest to the chicks and their intentional need for the robot to be close.

People spend most of their lives responding to…jumping through hoops for REPRESENTAMEN...the TV show, the magazine, the photo motto blitz…Imagine that, a COPY gets people from the cradle to the grave. We should at least live and die for the O, don't you think, even a lesser O in the garden beyond midnight?

Duncan, I am surmising that Tiller is stating the same premise – brain structure interferes with EM waves and the grid interface produces "shapes" that we then interpret as symbols. These 12 semiotics of the hydrogen electron can be perceived by the brain and make up a lot of what we see. Notice the circle in circle pattern — very Aborigine — cast quoi? Such Biophysical and energy distribution is at the heart of how the brain works, based on such Tiller matrices, we make sense of the world.