From time to time, Norseen and I would discuss the controversial HAARP Project. On one such occasion he made the following remark: “If you take a strong look at HAARP, High Altitude Aural Research Program, it ties all three Manhattan Projects together with a real time active multidimensional map of the world from Pole to Pole. Nothing can go anywhere on Earth without registering in HAARP, including TE exploring the Time vector of Space Time grids.”


Then, in another context, he mentions HAARP’s potential impact on human consciousness via a forwarded email:

“Hi Richard and Tom — wanted to share a eureka moment I am having regarding the lingering obstacle to far field sensor use for brain analysis...there is promise in some hyper spectral avenues and light-hemoglobin models, but the one area that I am digging into now seems to be the best way to view the brain from some distance and in a natural observation mode –observing without modifying the target.

“I am into Continuous Wave Energy (CWE) using the Zeeman Effect (ZE), and refined by the Russkies under Zavoisky in ‘45, and picked up by the Japanese in the mid 80’s at Hitachi. It is even being used in conjunction with some deep space and HAARP projects and hyper spectral satellite transmissions groups to find gravity lenses, and ionosphere scintillation factors that corrupt GPS, etc. Anyway, in the human brain the combination of electric fields, biochemical plasma and magnetic dipoles set up conditions ripe for monitoring by CWE and the hyper spectral definitions come about by looking at the Zeeman Effect - the directions that the electrons take in the presence of the regular and applied magnetic field…you can peer right into the actual communications structures, the semiotics if you will, of the target.

“This is beautiful…up till now we can generally guess that this region or sub-region is involved with some kind of known activity, kind of like the refrigerator light is on, therefore the door is open, therefore something is going on near the milk -- and you had to have all kinds of electrodes connected to all kinds of computations. But now, with CWE and Zeeman's rules for which quantum state the target is in, you can actually look into the very thought that is going on, actually get inside the Semiotic and perhaps even play around with the rules for Interpretant S=O, R, I with the I now I.*

“If I can begin to understand how to manipulate the I from an external CWE, ZE — then I can take PSYOP to whole new levels of strategic implementation.”

The mention of HAARP by Norseen in several contexts was significant. I had never brought HAARP up directly. However, on our trip to my home in Maine which sits across the bay from twenty-six enormous transmission towers on the Cutler Naval Base, it came up. HAARP is widely touted as an upper atmosphere communications technology, but is thought by many to actually be a global weather and behavior modification tool. Huge antenna arrays, like those of the Cutler Base, higher than the highest buildings in the world, are said to be linked around the globe, encasing us in an artificial electro-magnetic grid. This grid structure enables its operators to vector transmissions down upon the earth, into the atmosphere, and according to its most paranoid detractors, into the human brain with potentially dangerous effects.

As our conversations waned, I sensed more and more that Norseen was trying to draw my attention to what the mental effects could entail. One trigger to this discussion was a story of a policeman who claimed to be attacked by a flying witch, that I picked up on www.Rense.com.


Now as for the policeman seeing the woman witch attack him; now we are getting somewhere: Witness the article you sent about the cop in New Mexico, throwing his patrol car in reverse because he swears that there was a witch demon pouncing on his hood….Now, essentially how different is his reaction than my response to the huge shadow of a killer wasp that sent me reeling? As far as the Amygdala fear circuit is concerned, there is no difference. My resonating NS was a wasp shadow and the Mexican cop’s was a witch demon.

I am convinced that the techniques to project or open up the I in the mind exist and are being exploited in films and such, and this poor policeman had a real case of the whammer-jammers on his “Interpretant” of the NS. She ripped into his perceptual apparatus from inside his thought structures. That is why she was so real and seemed to be after him. As for the others that agreed with him about what he witnessed, they were assuaging their need to help a fellow being and officer in need. What is really the story is whether this type of New FORM Hallucination is now available in the PSYOP Inventory...eh eh.

I think we have covered the brain structure well enough to see that it can produce quite elaborate stories, even stories with outcomes that are not currently possible, but may at some time be common. It is this fluid, open-ended outcome potential of the Brain as NS resonator that accounts for the most extreme encounters that mankind is witness too.


I am thinking very hard about “altered states” — how even regular down to earth people will agree that they can imagine things that are not real, and these same people can even admit to having dreams that could actually happen. You may even get them to agree that they can imagine things that could not happen today, but perhaps someday actually would...

Now it is this third aspect that is the KEY to what you and I are talking about — we all agree that there are things that could happen in the future, that we believe or even know, can not happen today. But that is all you need, for it is the crack in the NS...the place where the lever of Thought Space can play out and prepare all kinds of things that you describe.

There is a part of the brain that is free to generate all kinds of realities. In the ancient Myths, think of what Hercules had to deal with on any typical journey with the Argonauts. The ancient world population ate it up…almost to the degree that we discuss horror movies and tabloid news...because there is a part of the brain, part of its wiring that says, I could end up in a world with entirely different food stuffs, different chemical structures could course through my blood brain barrier at any moment, and send me into a new set of Nitrogen, or Phosphate, or Beryllium Oxide resonance states.

The mathematics of my brain could change; I could phase in and out between conscious Gabor Wavelet/Codelet functions in Hilbert Space at Alpha Frequencies to super Time Warp tinged hyperactive Walsh Function square waves in Chu Space, where there is no black and white, there is red-shifted Color only and time is on an oscillating scale.

Every other thought is twice as long and seems to last forever, but you can't know when it will happen or end. It is always present at Gamma Frequencies, as the NS resonates at the Crick cognition frequency of 40 Hz. Then like an encrypted, but more a steganographic turmoil of thoughts, you re-enter the so called world of normalcy; down to earth shades of gray, a regular time sequence at Theta-Alpha, and regular nitrogen/nicotine and nitrous oxide regulated thoughts.

[ed. note: Sound familiar you dope addicts!]

Duncan, my research indicates that our brains are capable of the NS in alternative mathematical perception domains…my findings have shown that when the brain enters into a new resonating pattern, one of three things happen...1) It is awesome and is un-worldly and can be either classified as pleasant or unpleasant with the ratio of pleasant to unpleasant 66% to 33% along the range of the Golden Mean. 2) The person says, “I went black...zero consciousness…it was empty, and then I was back.” 3) “Everything was kind of fuzzy; the colors blurred; things melted on the edges, all in all a surreal experience (also along the 66% positive to 33% negative feeling).

Now this experience is very much like tuning in a new TV channel, or moving from TV to super HDTV, or hooking up to a dead power zone. Think about all the aluminum that we must be putting into our brains...maybe the aluminum particles are clogging our neurons and causing Alzheimer’s?

What if plants, as they evolve, begin to put out new plant oxides into our bloodstreams? And as you Hint: what if Info-Technologists have figured out how to Resonate a Person, call it a super degree of hypnotism that gets into the Third KEY part of our free will, the part oriented in structures between the Pineal Gland and structures of the anterior and posterior Cingulate. And then our Brains will only do what they are capable of: they go into that world and try to survive, just like the policeman and the witch demon that jumped onto his car. Who knows what chemical flavoid was tickling his anterior cingulate receptors that night?

And remember, the Brain is biophysically made up of interacting quanta; electrons, photons, phonons, magnetic grids, and BioChemicals, all in bio-tensor resonance, normally around a nitrogen key...and this set up produces a whole gamut of exciting thought constructs. Now imagine if there was indeed an external EM source, a particular frequency set and mathematical domain that could be entrained into the hypnotic mind, the tired mind, the educated mind, the scared mind -- you could end up with some very particular situations exactly like the Pokemon, or Columbine, or the Witch Demon in Mexico, and in the suicide for pocket change youths in Palestine and Iraq and Chechnya, etc.

As I’ve said, the suicide circuits in the brain are indeed well known. They include a dominating structure over the right and left prefrontal lobe blood flow, and that is the Superior Colliculus. When the SC is 30% - 60% higher in activity than ever before, it arrives at the exact moment of decision of whether the death force will prevail. The suicide will commence; it is only accident or a reduction in the SC resonance levels if the suicide is not successful or is prevented. This statement is based upon FMRI and other post act studies looking at the brain as a person recounts their failed attempt. And right there, clear as can be, is a super frequency Superior Colliculus…… adios muchachos.

Consider, what is the result of Larium and other “anti-malarial” medicines? The result introduces biochemical agents that alter the normal resonant patterns of the brain, resulting in 10% or more comorbid brain effects, from hallucinations to suicide ideations.

In a matter of years there will be brain analysis machines that our future friends, like the Witch Demon Cop in Mexico, will be able to go to for help...kind of like a Brain Rape Kit. It will provide the kinds of analysis of Electron State-Zeeman Effect and Quantum Layer - Alfven Wave Magnetic Grid, Oxide RESONANCE values, and Brain Mathematical/Temporal registration, and Encryption/Steganographic parameters which the Brain was in at the time of the Thought Assault.

The results of the Brain Rape Kit will reveal something in our neuro-chemical mix from that new DNA altered plant mix that we ate, or the buildup from aluminum in all the Tecate beer we drank...or perhaps it was the orbiting satellite that mistakenly beamed your Mexican village with a powerful entraining downlink…No, it was that Larium medical prescription that we took along with too much DMT in our Robitussin; it altered our perceptual states.

Or, it was none of these.

That can only mean that there is yet another new Brain Dimension, perhaps the dawn of a new Evolution into altered brain states that goes beyond the genetically mapped version in NS. What we are possibly witnessing is the birth or return to OTHER THOUGHT STRUCTURE MEMES. Perhaps they have been released by the destruction of the planet's protective Schumann Waveguides; HAARP frequencies turning normal dream structures into cosmic interference nightmares. The way you would dream on distant planets is what is now entering Earth’s human psyche. Part of the price to want to exist on other worlds is that our brains will have to encounter, adapt or be defeated by alien dream forms!

Acknowledgement: Brain is an Information Birthing Device

Just like stray cosmic rays cause a shooting, streaking moment of weird perception, as the tightly bound energy packet destroys nerve synapses as it passes through the star ship exterior/interior, so there are free floating, disembodied thought patterns that are seeking out to bind with NS and functioning brain patterns.

Just like in evolution the mitochondria and their ATP energy producing cell structures were probably at one time symbiotic parasites, that eventually became ingrained as part of a more complex cell function. There are Dreamscapes and Thought Resonances and free floating NS that are taking up residence in our brain structures, slowly altering the brain function into new regimes of thought potential.

Shakespeare used only about 30,000 words to create his legacy of the human condition…and our dreams actually seem comfortable because we are used to them. The only reason the New Forms are disturbing is that they create a Delta, a changed condition that the entire species has not yet adapted too. Therefore there will be packets of humanity that experience the Fantastic changes first, and dramatically. Maybe the Heaven's Gate personnel were specifically modified to conduct suicide en masse, and the Jonestown followers of Jim Jones, and the legions of defenders at Masada, and the suicide bombers of Beirut.

Yes Duncan, I am convinced that the Human Brain, as powerful as it is, is also extremely FRAGILE, and there is this wonderful/damning part of our brains, our dream world, our imagination of what could be...that will either be the downfall of many or the LADDER to survival in BRAND NEW WORLDS OF HUXLEYESQUE PERCEPTION…Jim Morrison included.

“We have things in the Nevada desert that you and the best minds in the world won't even be able to conceive that we have for 30 or 40 years, and won't be made public for another 50.”
— Ben Rich, former head engineer to Kelly Johnson, Lockheed Martin’s “Skunk Works”