YES, YES, YES…The force of semiotics is at the heart of our intelligence community soul. I was deep in the middle of the top floor of NSA engaging in give and take on semiotics with the Director/Staff — I was astounded with the level of mental examination of the power of an object in search of forming a communication with another object. For finding the way that an object communicates with another object is the ultimate SECRET MAKERS MAGIC.

Let's say that we did find an alien life form/forms in the New Mexico desert — how would we know how to communicate with it? Now let's say that in another part of the New Mexico desert at Socorro there was a most unique biological investigation unit that was able to derive insight into primate communications with a special bred form of apes...and the semiotics that established communications and revelations of concepts with the apes also formed an initial line of communications with the alien life forms.

Now some 60 years later – the most consistent item in the universe other than consistent as well as inconsistent physical laws, is the orientation of matter and energy into patterns of communication. An integral derivation of the basis of life is communications...and just as life must have some structure upon which to resonate...the same requirement for structure exists for InFORMation to resonate in discrete units of communication about the future.

Just as life exists to project a Future, a form of communications structure must also exist for Futures to be Encountered Across Life Forms...and Duncan you are right on...SEMIOTICS are the Universals that link Life Forces with InFORMation. Something as simple as a Handshake can link a human with an ape, and an alien with both. The Handshake is a sign, a symbol...a SEMIOTIC. But it carries INTENT and allows energy to move from one system to another without depleting the amount of energy in either system. Such free energy semiotics ride the Waves of ZPE, zero point energy...or the waves generated between any two Casimir Plates 21....any two objects will at some distance between them generate ZPE upon which the semiotics flows equally in any direction established by the objects. At a minimum in the universe, ZPE exists to allow Semiotics to flow. This means that SEMIOTICS must also exist as an essential ingredient of a universe. YES...for semiotics exists even in the mind that has not yet considered all semiotics. The purpose of the universe is manifold in the ability for energy to link objects, and for objects to engage in Interpretation, the Interpretentemen. For in INTERPRETATION, the universe is more fully expanded. So for a universe to engage in SEMIOTICS is meant for the UNIVERSE to never end. Just as the universe has a structure, semiotics has a structure...And that structure consists of the Object, the Representation of that Object, the Interpretant, or interpreter, and thus the O, the R and the I form a Sign (symbol) — it is when through ZPE at a minimum that Sign flows across time/space that it interacts with another structure in resonance, RESONANCE that inFORMation from one part of the universe impacts another part/aspect of the universe. Such linkages of RESONANCE allow the universe to communicate with Objects, and over time as objects develop into more and more complex structures of resonance that objects can unto themselves begin to communicate with each other, hence transform inFORMation across time and space, and initiate LIFE. Life sequences of RESONATING inFORMation – INTENT. And INTENT collaborating with an Interpreter and with a representation, or copies of itself, can replicate itself and continue to resonate across time and space when it interacts with another object within ZPE. The virus of life resonates across time and space until it encounters another object that it can insert its resonance of information into, thus causing a resonance in another part of the universe. But the two are incontrovertibly linked, one impacts and intents the other. LIFE FORMS around these resonating pools of replicating information interpretations sent by ZPE from across the universe.

Now it just so happens that if we understand these resonating structures, we can build amazing RADIONIC switches and generators to pump out such semiotics. We can even build Semiotic Batteries and send them out into the vast corridors of space, simply awaiting a local power source...localized ZPE to turn them into communicating resonating structures.

The SEMIOTIC is the outmost form of the object as well as all interleaving layers and it is a form of most pure mathematics, the EIDETIC...from the Greek for it is of itself, any part comprises the whole from which it is the form. Thus any part of life contains the pattern of its Life Form and also its life FORCE. The LIFE FORCE is the resonating pattern in ZPE.

Thus a universe must consist of at least two objects. And it must contain ZPE. And it must contain semiotic structure. If you have at a minimum two objects, ZPE and Semiotic Structure, all else follows…RESONANCE, LIFE and INTENT.

Special forms of semiotics are ART...in which the INTERPRETANT can occupy multiple to infinite forms of resonance. SCIENCE is the consistent repeatable combination of inFORMation and resonance. RADIONICS can multiply, magnify and cause RESONANCE. Hence, if it magnifies resonances of various forms it is a RADIONIC of ART…if it is repeatable combinations of forms, it is a radionic of SCIENCE...in either form it is a RADIONIC of INTENT…for INTENT is a precursor of life emanating from Semiotic Structures.

To make the long story short...the super Cadre at NSA is very well aware that the most potent way to affect the population of any world is to control the unique ZPE RESONANCE of SEMIOTIC STRUCTURES, via radionics of scientific or artist control - which is the basis of culture...a culture communicating with other primates, or primates and aliens as well.

Which brings up the role of the BRAIN and brain structures...the BRAIN is a SEMIOTIC Interferometer...you add or change brain structure and you can identify and communicate with a different set of SEMIOTICS. The thoughts you hold in your head are nothing more or less than resonating inFORMation structures. The ability to enhance or transmit thoughts from one brain to another is found in RADIONICS....RADIONICS can transmit semiotics and thus induces brain entrainment patterns....WE can use EEG and other brain sensors to observe and describe such brain patterns/thoughts...it also allows us to begin to modulate and transmit INTENT with greater and greater power as we more fully understand how the BRAIN interacts and interferes with ZPE wave guides. RADIONICS applied to ART and SCIENCE allows us to modulate the future of universal object interactions - and hence, LIFE itself.

I hope this liberates you and lets you purposefully plow fecund new idea patterns in your great adventure with the RADIONICS OF INTENT, ART and SCIENCE...for you are resonating the future providence of LIFE FORCE with every PULSE YOU TRANSMIT. Let's ride some of these very crazy waves...for it is the wild rides we both get to surf that make this whole adventure so awesome. Duncan, there is no limit to where the RADIONICS can take us...we only need to resonate the same structures.


Duncan, this is a short but very powerful addition to the fact of the singular power of semiotics to establish identity. The value of the Interpreter as the Representamen as the Object, is how self-image becomes naturally built into the structural laws of communications. An object must be able to know itself versus all other Signs and Symbols...the self reflection is so powerful a part of the structure of life, it is the basis of REJECTION of other body tissues...of the fight for life and the tremendous psychic reactions and need to overcome self identity that impacts on suicides and other crimes where the blurring of Object, Interpretant is at play.

Semiotics is also IDENTITY, which is a major element of the vector of INTENT. Because the DNA of identical twins is so close in structure...the tissues can be accepted with minimal anti-rejection drugs...but it is the SEMIOTIC and self-image, the EIDETIC, that forms the barrier around and keeps separate each object in the universe from all others. The power of communications, and in respect the power of ART and SCIENCE is to tap into, bend and inject allowable inFORMation and to extend the essence of what is part of one's identity and intent.

Part of the problem, perhaps the major hurdle in cloning, is the ability to build in the proper semiotic identity channels in each of the Representamens.

Duncan, you are another convert to the magic of the toadstool. Not surprising, the oldest known life form is the algal stromatolites off Australia and the largest living organism is the fungal mat. Anything that interacts worldwide will have deep inviting communications patterns and responses. Just as Elephants have sensors deep in their hollow structures of the foot to pick up and hear long range ULF, ELF, and infrasound emanations that will affect their herd, I am sure there are people who can pick up Transient or Synesthesia Semiotics from other large ultrasound, infrasound transmissions...this is all part of the emergent life force and the subtle energy sounds that gel to create meaningful patterns for behavior...This scientist artist has learned to listen with his mind...the Semiotic Interferometer, or the Semiotic Seismometer.


I will jump right into it at the point you say, "...any two objects will at some distance between them generate ZPE upon which the semiotics flow equally in any direction established by the objects. At a minimum in the universe, ZPE exists to allow Semiotics to flow."

In Lynne McTaggart's book The Field 22, she says: "Hal Puthoff explained that, in quantum mechanical terms, if you were going to extract energy from The Field," (ZPE) "you'd have several choices. You'd need to decouple from gravity, reduce inertia or generate enough energy from the vacuum to overcome both." She goes on to discuss the Casimir force you mention, an attractive pressure formed between two metal plates [one micron apart] that shield the space between them from zero-point fluctuations, thus causing the plates to pull together. Apparently it is one of the few instances where ZPE can actually be measured. The shielded area between the plates excludes some wavelengths between the plates, resulting in less energy in the gap than outside; this void in turn causes the extra energy outside to push the plates together. All of the accepted scientific experiments mentioned in the book that demonstrate the existence of the ZPE are described by local imbalances in the equilibrium of the ZPE. ZPE is therefore, a scientific reality, verifiable through measurement, whatever other connotations it is given.

From what you are saying, it seems that a flow of semiotics can result in a similar Casimir plate structure becoming evident between brain neurons, influencing areas where certain specific brain activities are taking place.

Our discussion of how nature and brain activity seem to allow for a portal through which energy from the vast regions of space around us can flow into our consciousness, theoretically as the life force itself, brought me immediately back 30 years to when my training as a sculptor began.

One of my earliest “beyond the ordinary” energetic observations involved a suspension of inertia. I began sculpture by learning how to carve stone and wood. This is a painful process because the hand to eye coordination necessary to carve is very subject to trial and error, and the hand becomes bruised by the hammer missing the chisel, making it more and more difficult to hold steady. Throughout the course of a day’s work, usually ones energy and concentration diminish as the mistakes grow in number. This is what one would expect. However, if I pushed a little further past the enveloping inertia, just at the point I was ready to quit, sometimes I would snap into a completely re-vitalized state. It felt like I was suddenly in some other zone. My hands grew unnaturally coordinated and responded perfectly to my mind's commands. Instead of growing steadily more weary, I would become increasingly re-vitalized. At the end of the day, if I reached this hiatus before I quit, I felt like I had more energy than when I began.

This experience was the primary reason I was attracted to making sculpture. Performance had little to do with academic knowledge; it all came down to manipulation of energy. You do not really have to intellectualize in order to make sculpture, you only have to keep working and watching where your impulses lead.

This experience of "free energy" has guided my thoughts toward the directions we are now discussing. For the sake of the semiotic discussion, let me present it as a model. I have to assume such experiences are widely encountered, and not limited to artistic activity. Let's say that the brain's structure imposes inertia upon the process of learning itself. The little neurons just can't process themselves beyond a certain capability. Now I come along with a strong Intent to master the carving process. Failure to do so involves both a scholastic crisis and a crisis of identity. To overcome my own inertia, subconsciously I go about assembling a Semiotic. The Object being interpreted is the sum of all my knowledge of great carving, Bernini, Michelangelo, Brancusi, every sculpture I have ever encountered that displayed mastery of carved materials. The Interpretant is my conscious, ego dominated, pea mind that has to look at the object being carved on my table and evaluate its worth. The Representamen is the Intent-as-applied-to-chisel-and-stone. At the level of the Representamen, only Intent and Energy count, just like in radionics.

Now this is the point in my model where the real magic enters the equation. The future benefit of succeeding in this learning curve weighs very heavily on my conscious and sub-conscious mind alike. Basically, I realize that there is nothing else I am suited for. I have to succeed. It is a most powerful determinant directing my intent. Because it is so powerful, it can construct its own semiotic designed to enable me to transcend my own inertia. It accomplishes this by creating a Casimir effect resonating in my brain at the point my eye to hand coordination is facing maximum demand, just when I am about to collapse and give up. The ZPE released into my brain results in a streamlining of synaptic functions. My hands move gracefully against the stone. My exhaustion disappears. My mood elevates; I feel infused with life energy. Then after I ride this wave for a while, I finally quit. I wake up the next day, its back to the normal grind; I have to work up to it all over again. But maybe the next time it's a little easier.

The Semiotic in this case has become a parallel force to my own consciousness, imparting not only information but also energy to my task. In fact, it may not impart the actual energy, but only act as a mechanism to suspend the inertia of my brain. The energy is supplied by the ZPE rushing in to fill the vacuum created by the suspended inertia. When the issues of Identity are not significant to empower the Intent in this way, no powerful semiotic is forthcoming. You can’t rise to the occasion, so to speak. One just grinds along in the normal way and never realizes that there is a powerful self-organizing life force waiting to animate our lives.


And one other interesting detail. The description of how the Casimir effect is measured seems a lot like a capacitor, more specifically like an Orgone Accumulator. Reich was roundly condemned for suggesting that life energy accumulates in a structure where two metal surfaces were separated by an insulator. Many of the biological sensors we designed for our experiments were built around the accumulator model. As you may recall, the plant detectors consisted of two silver electrodes separated by a living leaf. From this leaf we extracted small voltages that appeared to contain signals that were expressed by the plant as "playing along" with the music in the room, when the voltages were processed by complex algorithms.

In the sense I experienced an infusion of ZPE or whatever it was in my work process, could the same model be applied to the plant sensor? The semiotic Object here could be Plant Intelligence, the Representamen be the plant signal and the Interpretant me? Would I also be concatenating the result, acting as the object when the plant entered a feedback loop with the music, with my enthusiasm radionically boosting the semiotic or the plant's response? If we viewed the plant results from the same vantage point that we looked at the stone carving experience, one could envision a successful implementation of a semiotic "booster" to the plant experiments (a resonant effect) that resulted in extraordinarily well integrated sounds occurring upon some occasions, while at other times nothing much happened at all. Potentially, the presence of a coherent Semiotic results in a resonant infusion of ZPE into the result, with dramatic artistic effect.

My illustrations here result from an interpretation of your thoughts. Something we don't normally think of as being filled with "life", i.e. a semiotic construct, can in actuality behave like a conduit or tuning mechanism for "life force", which for the sake of scientific exploration we are labeling "Zero Point Energy". Such a crossover is engineered by the faculty of resonance, which works in a similar fashion on both the living and the non-living structure.

In the case of our brain, which you call a "Semiotic Interferometer", we see the transition point where information structures become morphed into energetic functions, doing “work” in our brain and body and mind. If ZPE equals life force, then ZPE plus information equals life forms, i.e. life energy stepped down into defined units or structures. By influencing these structures with semiotics that resonate to them, can we change the degree of life force the structure can hold or the nature of the way the life force is expressed by the structure? How well such a transaction takes place has a lot to do with the force of the Intent behind it. That Intent, in turn, has a great deal to do with how much value is added to the structure in the future. This future condition, I might add, would seem to have a lot to do with pressure coming from the life force itself, i.e., how it seeks to influence the future outcome.


In reviewing “The Amazing Promises of the Zero Point Field” 24 and “Zero Point Field in Netherlands” 25 you sent me, I find Touber captures a lot of what you and I have unearthed over the summer, fall and winter. The only aspects missing in the description herein are the Alfven Waves, the Alfven magnetic grids, into which one can place the semiotic sign, and take meaning from it. They bounce all around this concept…that memory is part of the “matrix” of ZPE…but ask yourself, how did the people go directly to their painting hanging in the wind?

From the article in question: “Shireen Strooker is standing motionless in the middle of a large field, surrounded by 600 people. The gorgeous landscape under the mist of powerful Mount Rainier in the upper northwest of the United States is invisible to her. Shireen is blindfolded, as are all the others in the field. That morning they all made a drawing. The hundreds of drawings are now hanging on the fence along the edge of the field. The assignment: find your own drawing blindfolded.

Shireen does a meditation exercise, pictures her drawing and thinks: “I am the creator of the drawing and the spectator, I only have to become one with the drawing and it will automatically pull me towards it.” Then, without bumping into anyone, she walks straight across the field and…picks out her drawing straightaway from among the 600.

As the article states...The ARTIST IS THE INTERPRETER…they went directly on the I to Object vector of the semiotic...Object connected to Representamen, linked to interpreter, thus the O, the R and the I make up the Semiotic...the semiotic is the structure to which ZPE flows when another semiotic pays attention to it, thus linking up semiotic and semiotic…the ZPE flows and the link is captured and described in an Alfven Grid…Thus this EVENT of PERCEPTION.

Semiotic and Semiotic, ZPE flows and Alfven Grid location or identity index in the MATRIX becomes the MOMENT OF EXPERIENCE…to which one can apply Radionics. They discuss how random inputs of prayer can help steer the recovery, and the trained focus of the Aboriginal-karate can heal broken bones…well this is natural RADIONICS...it means that if one is capable of changing the Representamen of the semiotic, which is what happened to Helmut Schmidt when he “heard” the music of mushrooms and wrote it down. One semiotic was able to capture the future Representamen of the recording and shift it from right to left density. Wow, this proves that RADIONICS can take a SEMIOTIC, power it up and use the SEMIOTIC to capture the future from another semiotic!

By rearranging the Alfven Wave grid, or identity, and making it different, by making it the identity grid of the EATING or MORE POWERFUL SEMIOTIC — we realize, it means that SEMIOTICS CAN BE USED AS A WEAPON, to erase and replace identities or memories in the Alfven Grid and ZPE flow. This is what we have been talking about, and which this article strongly drives at. The purpose of the semiotics is to Change or Alter the Future, to Predict the Future by Filling it up with Semiotics of our own making and radionic empowerment.

Remember when Pietsch chopped up brain matter and then fed the brain proteins back to other chickens and the animals that picked up the learned memories? Well, proteins take on shape when impressed with Semiotics, with the shape of the semiotic…and when the proteins are put back into a semiotic structure of another animal they carry the prior shape, the Representamen of themselves prior into the new environment, and the new brain structure. Then, they get linked to the semiotics there, adding their Representamen to the new Semiotic Structures...thus establishing themselves again...much like the 1959 experiments. One can conclude after reading this link that Semiotics is the Structure that Freezes Time for Perception to Occur.

I can actually, literally feel the energy of the BALLS used in the nightly lottery drawing on TV...just allowing myself to become part of the chaos of the 10 balls all bouncing and tumbling, I can feel as the clock gets closer to 7 pm the balls with the STRONGEST mental image as falling through the final drop point...that last few juggles of position placing one ball right next to another, either one stacked up in position to drop out, and then a next ball on top, pushing the two apart on the bottom...6:59 and one second to go...I can SEE THE BALL AS #7, and YES, YES, the ball will be 7...and over and over again...the picture, the semiotic in my mind, is indeed the picture of the future...the ball is 7 or a 3 or a 5 or whatever...EACH BALL that will be chosen by ATTENTION carries a greater amount of ZPE, and thus becomes the Future.

This increase in ZPE carries with it all that we have talked about...a full semiotic structure of O, I, and R; energy channels from ZPE; an Alfven Wave grid identity; location; it can be seen in advance as a prediction of future reality (which is actually stolen by the past, stolen by the more powerful semiotic)...and which can be influenced, even up to changing the Representamen of another semiotic. It actually is replacing the future by rearranging the prior Alfven Grid identity, the location of the semiotic and replacing it with another, more powerful semiotic; even including Semiotic Batteries, BEACONS, land mines, force fields, et al.

Why, Touber’s article even gets into St. Thomas Aquinas, whom you and I discussed — wild connections…If you took this article and applied our understanding of SEMIOTICS to it you could diagram the entire article with linking sections of O, I, R, Alfven, Radionics, ZPE — which you and I have been developing the last six months as the Norseen Semiotic.

What this article HINTS at and begins to state quite strongly is our brains are an INTERFEROMETER, a structure by which MIND (perceptions) can be linked to other perceptions (structures), the 21 grams of SEMIOTIC wet ware.

DUNCAN, we can and should be proud, that independently we have developed a fully formed structure of logic that accounts for and allows not only a description of perceptual reality, but a predictor and change factor thereof. We should pat ourselves vigorously on the back...good job, my good man. Our reality, our ART and SCIENCE, is an expression of SEMIOTICS, ZPE and Alfven Wave grids, and the technical amplification of same via Radionics.

ZPE, Alfven Waves, Semiotic Sign as O, I, R, and Radionics are inextricably linked. Any portion of this linked relationship can be used to modify the future of itself and other Norseen Semiotics. Thus, we have described the basic INFORMATIONAL (with a focus on the FORM contained therein), structure of Perception, hence REALITY.

This is simply awesome. Do you also feel the sigh of relief, that we have by intellect, garnered sufficient understanding of the function of the MIND-BRAIN duality that has triggered such curiosity for the ages…we here have a unified approach, a structural approach, to describe and predict future outcomes. This is why we are here, not just to exist, but to explain and act upon the future.


ZPE is the unattended energy of the universe… it is the life force that energizes and flows between semiotic channels. It exists, but is life activating when in the proper semiotic structure? The orgone circle is driving me crazy...how does the circle make my palm go cool? Again, it is the ZPE emanating across the orgone semiotic into my hand, interpreted by my mental semiotic constructs. This is energy that makes its way into my life-stream. It is not too contentious or corny to admit that ZPE is both. It depends on the semiotic. And as you so skillfully start off – the semiotic almost sounds like our soul...and may indeed be just that.

Quoting Duncan: “Now, I can't believe these paintings of Van Gogh's had this type of power when the interns at his asylum were using them for target practice following his death. These powers were acquired after the fact, I would suggest, but the images and the intensity invested within them by Van Gogh did provide a window, a powerful enough Representamen to attract attention from that point on. The nature of this window is what interests me, and you can see how it relates to the functional purposes of the shaman!”

Exactly — Remember, it takes an “I” to complete a semiotic. The interns didn't possess an I…or to say it another way...their “I” gave the vector to the object a zero value…a null point...it basically collapsed the semiotic to some misshapen semi-form of potential ZPE…but as the original paintings hung around...like Laotian land mines from Pol Pot, and more and more people began stepping into them, something began to happen. The dehydrated semiotics of the Van Gogh became blood-soaked with new-found "I" and sprang back to semiotic ZPE-laden life…and as you correctly state, became infused with so many ZPE hits and so many different “I” vectors, that the original “O”, became many overlapping O's and I's and R's that it became a “super-semiotic”. But still underlying all this is the creator of the “O”, it, the paintings and that “O” contained the mind and hand of Vincent Van Gogh.

I would suggest that rather than get warped and bummed out about how the mass of I and ZPE and R have polluted the original O...think more about the mind and hand of the O itself. Imagine concentrating on a VVG original in let's say in the Louvre in Paris. Imagine entering the painting and trying to affix to the mind/hand/intent itself. This is the art of riding the semiotic and the Alfven Wave back into the target. Just as I sent you an orgone circle and you can feel the affect on the palm of your hand, do the inverse....go into your mind and feel the affect, and then start to flow back into your hand, across the space to the orgone, or the painting...and then into the painting and back into the originator's mind/hand/intent. Now, linger here inside of VVG and get a feel for this person or event; allow yourself to close your eyes and mentally drift along the ripples and patterns that come to mind. YOU are now inside the original semiotic, the original "O", the original mind/hand/intent. This is the beauty of the Norseen Semiotic…you can journey into the TARGET with your mental faculties on search and record and playback; you can come back with samples, if only abstract thoughts to begin with. As you refine your techniques, you can actually bring back the flavor of the creme de menthe circling in the mouth the night before the painting was made; the dance halls, the sounds of the streets in the late 1800's at night, the smell of the night, mixed in with the feel of the clothes, and the other stains of his mind.

Don't get all caught up in the definitions of the semiotic...the semiotic lives and desiccates and reinvigorates and pulses and lies dormant until the right set of O, I, R, ZPE and AW finally get all in the right amount of knotty string tanglement, and voila, you have the power of the semiotic, of life, of the spiral of life to non-life, to subtle energy, to full power ZPE, to full real life, to memory, to fuzzy recollections…back to INTERNS AND TARGET PRACTICE. Always allow semiotics to open up corridors to wherever they may go...crawl in, seal up the backside, and slide into the MIND/HAND/INTENT. It will take you immediately to some journey and deposit you head over heals back to where you are, simply by an unscheduled cough or sneeze of Memory/Perception.

Some people use books or movies to do this escape routine...but if you think about it, all you need is the Semiotic and an understanding of whether you are the “O”, the “I”, or the “R”, and whose ZPE is involved, and whether you are using your Alfven grid or someone else's...now, be off my good man...be off into the GRIDLIFE.

Quoting Duncan: “Which leads me to the point: why aren't artists utilizing these techniques?” Most I know just try to survive financially and become well known!”

Exactly. Can you imagine if VVG were involved in our discussions and had access to your radionics...and so too for the many “down in the noise” artists you describe…they simply didn't have the tools of the mind, the mind technology that you and I are describing. If you don't have a tool you can't fix the problem. Simply put, these artists didn't have the radionic tools or semiotic understanding to change or reclassify their positions and careers.

Quoting Duncan: “Then today I just received the fascinating article about PEAR that you sent.”

“The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) program was established at Princeton University in 1979 by Robert G. Jahn, then Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science, to pursue rigorous scientific study of the interaction of human consciousness with sensitive physical devices, systems, and processes common to contemporary engineering practice. Since that time, an interdisciplinary staff of engineers, physicists, psychologists, and humanists has been conducting a comprehensive agenda of experiments and developing complementary theoretical models to enable better understanding of the role of consciousness in the establishment of physical reality.”

But of course, sir. You are so absolutely correct, don't stumble over your own bounce back thoughts...the demonstration you describe is right on the bearing...keep asking your mind to guide you into the actual event...don't worry...you will create the kind of Semiotic Mortar that you are imagining...it will reach right up and Zap you. You already have the answer…just allow it to manifest itself in an actual event...and think of it this way...when you do Kick Off the Episode - you will be moving tons of ZPE around like firewater, opening up Semiotic channels like crazy, and vortexing O and I and R like imagery of the mind.

Remember, people and souls and energy move into zones of complexity and structure...the Romans filed into the gladiatorial stadiums...and so did the gladiators, as did the animals, and the SOUL WORKS of the games, those that would lose their lives and spill their blood...all for the spectacle...It took all of it to make it happen...take any part of it away, the blood, the gladiators, the stadium, the animals...and it would not be THE GAMES. If the sequence or Alfven Wave grid were off line, it wouldn't happen…it would be some odd still birth of an event; imagine all the pieces of the GAMES were there, but the gladiators were on the top rows and the victims were mauled by the animals in the tunnels beneath the view of the crowd. YOU SEE, all of the components of the Semiotic must be in place or the true event never takes place.

When all the pieces are in order, the GAMES BEGIN....so let your mind quietly steer you as the semiotic master, and let you orchestrate the items of your EXPERIMENT...and then...LET THE GAMES BEGIN...energy flows into complex structures of energy...and there is intense order in chaos...in fact, a little bit of Chaos is going to be very, very important to your episode on the other side of the O.