Norseen used the term “crush a person in Krylov space”, in referring to Brushlinsky’s work to describe how suicide bombers are influenced to relinquish their lives. How does one condition a person to commit suicide? The answer, he asserted, is that a particular trigger exists in the brain, the suicide circuit.


“The 150 circuits that form the platform of our human behavior can be expressed in Krylov Space. Krylov space reveals the dark areas of the brain where the personality can become trapped in anonymity, or conversely, indicates where we communicate with others.” (Krylov mathematical methods and analyses are used for solving non-singular linear systems, in numerical as well as symbolic computation. There is no universally agreed upon definition for the term.)

Brushlinsky’s methods were unique; he designed psychotronic technology to push the individual’s consciousness into that part of Krylov space where the suicide circuit could be triggered. As Norseen pointed out, drugs can accomplish this work too, referring to the school massacre in Russia by suicide terrorists. In fact, Norseen asserted that common anti-depressants contained a version of the suicide circuit in them as well, molecularly altered to counter its influence. Consider that Viagra stimulates the sex circuit, weight loss pills suppress the eating circuit; in the same fashion, trigger a suicide circuit and bingo, you have a suicide bomber!

“The basic structure of Krylov Space is a STRING...in fact a String can be transformed into any other structure in the universe....so a STRING PROCESS is the Key to Reflexive Control...in essence, you find a small crack in someone's soul, and then you go about prying it open just enough to lay in a bit of string...and then let the wave action of the brain transport it to thoughts unknown..

“So Back to the Krylov Space results...When children are tested, over 80% of them are in the positive corners...but adults over 25 test in at only 63-66% positive…right along the Golden Ratio....now, in known schizophrenics and others with psychotic tendencies, they still test roughly positive at 49-53%....now this represents about 3+ sigma of the population....and then there are basically WRONGLY WIRED UNITS...and they test out in the 5-15% completely negative corners of the Krylov Space, hovering around the dangerous null/twist reversal points....

“What this tells me is that the evolutionary push for Humans is that at Birth up till age 25, most humans give life a running chance and think basically positive...But at the same time, there is a general side of the population to think, hence act, negatively and can be rapidly drawn to negative polarity thinkers…..Free Will is a Semiotic Tug of War. The more you are around people, the greater the chances that you will see it disappear.”

Norseen mentioned the case of a surviving Palestinian teenager suicide bomber. Apparently his brain was not sufficiently developed to accept the modification. Currently, his case is being studied by a group in Lund, Sweden investigating the role of the Superior Colliculus in suicide attempts. They put him in a hypnotic trance to re-live the episode, and then study those areas of the brain that operate in the fashion described. The trigger to “will I or will I not commit suicide,” sits near the sex and religion and violence centers of the brain, as previously discussed.


Take a depressed person, one exhausted by war or crushing and intolerable social circumstances. How hard is it to find such a recruit these days in the Middle East? In eras past, hashish helped push this role of Fadai, or self-sacrifice along. Likewise, witness Bushido in Japan, the Hari-Kari ceremony, where an ideal reality in death is ritually superimposed over the grim reality on the ground. Norseen mentioned specifically the Kamikaze pilots of WW II placing the semiotic of the rising sun on their instrument panels prior to ramming an enemy ship with their plane. In this way, they do not believe they are dying, but entering the semiotic glory of the Rising Sun.

Theoretically Brushlinsky’s psychotronic inventions bypassed the indoctrination process of ages past. Rather, psychotronic devices work by directly broadcasting the molecular resonant frequencies necessary to open up the suicide circuit in the brain of the subject, thereby gaining control of their mental attitude.

Should these startling assertions prove true, one must carefully re-examine the tactics Israel and America are employing to subjugate hostile populations of the Middle East. As these populations face progressively degrading circumstances, more and more individuals will become prone to manipulation by means like those developed by Dr. Brushlinsky. It would seem, given the development of reflexive control technology, that the burgeoning human suicide bomber population cannot be halted by the use of massive military force alone. Rather, the condition of hopelessness and despair among these populations must be relieved; with faith in discourse, economic and political optimism restored, making such human manipulation unfeasible.


BioFusion is my name for the next generation of biometric security/intelligent inter-netted security systems. Please note that a fundamental basis to BioFusion is that brain structures execute biological functions, and that such functions can be represented and understood as mathematical equations existing in biophysical time/space/frequency/phase/quantum state Space, spoken of here as Gabor function (wavelet/codelet) in Hilbert Space.


What Exactly is BioFusion?
  • BioFusion is described as what happens when you think (a precise mathematical operation), to include:
  • When multiple sensors can detect and measure what you think, (Hyperspectral Analysis) and
  • Map where thoughts are in your brain, and then via "Information Injection"
  • Monitor, Enhance, Modify, Replace, or Prevent Neural Circuit Function — In Essence,
  • Enhance, Replace, or Prevent THOUGHTS!

Extremely Inter/Multi-Disciplinary *NSF NBIC Model*

Accordingly, such mathematical representations lend themselves to machine/computational interpretation and cross machine/computational communications, hence the capability for Human-Machine interaction, and prediction of calculated results. Therefore, if known neurological circuits, reading this page, or silently saying a sequence of numbers, or closing one's eyes and imagining a picture…let's say the image of the Mona Lisa…then with the proper sensing techniques, a display based on the underlying mathematical-biophysical space can be generated which represents the very same neurological functioning. There is vast biomedical evidence of this in PET, MEG, EEG, FMRI, etc. which capture various neurological events faithfully and repeatedly. BioFusion extends the singular look of these various medical diagnostic techniques and merges them into a much more robust hyper spectral analysis across the electromagnetic spectrum, within which brain function occurs, to correlate and pinpoint with more accurate detail the specific, self-similar regions of the brain engaged in mental processing of the target activity.

By compiling a rather extensive database of discrete brain functions involved with Vision, Word/Number Generation, Speaking, Mental Rehearsal of Specific Scenarios, Day Dreaming and comparing this to various data concerning analysis of mental pathologies, a more definitive analysis can be made. That analysis can discriminate new data into discrete subgroups that reflect the various categories of the neurological circuits as belonging to normal, versus pathological, versus trained thought structures. The collection of sensor data can be made which can be defined as belonging to normal, pathological or specifically trained behavioral circuits.

Now, I want to address some points that remain at loose ends in our conversation:

1) Visualization of numeric information takes place in a region roughly surrounding certain occipital or rear brain locations. Concomitant mental verbal processing of similar numeric information takes place in a region roughly surrounding left temporal brain locations. By looking at sensor data during the visualization and verbal processing, different numbers tend to be correlated with consistent grid locations, such that by correlating the grid location with the level of sensor data, a composite prediction of the likely number being mentally processed can be posited. With further identification and analysis (I & A), such a processed grid of number locations can be made that can be tied to a specific individual. This indicates that without knowledge of the person, a legitimate estimation of the number can be made, and further that with, or without, knowledge of the person, a map of their specific number processing can also be made.

2) Sufficient analysis of underlying brain activity using hundreds of contact and imbedded electrodes has resulted in the ability to only require four or less sensors in contact with the head to be able to result in the same level of analysis. Ongoing research using only a single surface contact sensor, or a series of sensors in close proximity to the skull, and also new concepts that involve internal or cross illumination and more remote sensor analysis using interferometer techniques, all indicate that information about underlying neural activity can be collected, mandated against stored, active database evidence, and displays generated of ongoing and anticipated future mental behavioral patterns, normal, pathologic, or trained. Therefore, a sensor in near propinquity to an individual can be considered sufficient to collect information, which can satisfy the desired neurological analysis of likely behavioral patterns. An example could be a sensor apparatus in the dome of an ATM kiosk that could be able to discern the silently evoked number sequence of a person entering their four digit pin code to extract cash. This activity represents a potential information/business security risk to the individual and the banking interest involved and countermeasures need to be addressed at some point. Evidence that underlying brain activity can be measured from sensor packages remote to the person can be seen in the ability for infrared sensors that can determine the level of blood flow in a person's prefrontal lobes, by analysis of the heat from oxygenation processes emanating from the forehead and eyes. Assessment of patterns of concentration and purposeful behavioral patterns can be discerned by analysis of prefrontal lobe activity and eye movements.

WARNING: John D. Norseen, Spring 1998

The introduction of "Biologic" Intelligent Agents into our Information Technology Networks is Imminent


3) The level of understanding of a person’s underlying thoughts leads back to the basic premise of BioFusion...Neural circuits that reflect normal, pathological or trained brain patterns can be discerned. Therefore, if a complex system of Internetted, hyperspectral brain analysis sensors, exchanging database information packages of representative mathematical equations and biophysical state spaces, would be able to survey a particular area and determine the brain activities of the constituent elements of the surveillance area. A person with normal brain patterns would have characteristic brain prints that would be different than another person suffering from some pathological or trained pattern of behavior. Evidence for this is found in post mortems and in other research where biomedical devices can show the pathology of disease in particular cases. Development of data profiles of a person previously trained in a violent or terrorist behavioral pattern would, much as a pathologic pattern shows up, also would show up as different and would act as a cue to conduct further investigation of that person.

4) A very important issue is that the brain is involved in various levels of energy utilization and tends to act to conserve energy. Brain structures can be shown through various energy tagging procedures that 'truth' related neurological functions are maintained in low energy, hence outside regions of the brain, while other functions, defined as ‘confabulation or more complex orientations of information’ require a greater degree of brain function, hence more energy, and can be clearly shown on real time and captured recording of brain-behavior. The brain does not determine what is truth or falsity, but engages in progressively more energy utilization with more and more complex mental = behavioral patterns of activity, which, via hermeneutic logic analysis of such Brain Prints can be determined to be true or false, to a scientific certainty meeting legal requirements for probable cause. Such true vs. false energy differences shows up very clearly on Brain Print displays.

A functional prototype system to perform the above described capabilities was stated to be available in the 03-10 Jan 2000 issue of US News and World Report by 2005, and with accelerated funding and experimentation could be realized even earlier.





“Dear John, Overall, I have never been too excited about the Standing PSYOP instructions in the DoD and elsewhere...maybe you may want to recommend a brand new Set of Principles, using your invigorated TAAWS as an operational example for future PSYOP.

“What form of PSYOP are you...tactical, op art, theater or strategic? Poindexter is building TIA total information awareness architecture. Will you be part of that end game? The Adm sees himself at these vectors…Time vector...way in advance…Space vector influencing the R&D efforts...Scope vector...regions of the US or world...like the northeast corridor and larger...Center of Gravity vector...using perceptions and technology layers to direct open and closed loop Decision Cycles...See my Semiotic Attack pyramid. And Attack vector: Information Injection...aggressive use of CULTURALLY INDEPENDENT In(form)ation.

“John my strongest urge to you is to find ways to create and store ammunition lockers full of Culturally Independent and Culturally Dependent STEGO-Bullets...Find information sets, Semiotics that cause anyone anywhere to have some Behavioral Circuit - Reflexive Control fire off, whether it comes from music, or smell, or TV/movies....look to the world of Neuro-Science and Neuro-Facilitation = One of your TAAWS can contain the following... Is my detainee ready to commit FADAI? Was my detainee trained to commit FADAI? IF “no” to the above two questions, is this person's mental make up amenable to FADAI instruction. If “no” then you do not have a suicide terrorist on your hands. You may have something else, but it would be nice to know in the Database of TAAWS that your person in particular has this or that particular Neuro-Finding Profile.

“This is the worst case scenario...then you would like to know...Is this person a Mullah or Local or regional Commander? You can find this out also with Neuro-Questioning. So if you have someone that is not FADAI and not an Operator in Command, then you really have found out that you can relegate this one to less attention and go on to the next subject for Battlefield...or preparation of the Zone interrogation.



“If you got your trip to Israel approved, I would encourage you to meet with Dr. X. You can introduce yourself as a colleague of mine who is interested in her work in Braid Theory as applied to Human Agents.

“This is the frontline in Human Interrogation based on understanding of where information/truth verification resides in the human psyche (as an exact result of brain equations -- remember, thoughts and truth is a function of information interacting with brain structures)...this is culturally independent and precise, repeatable, and amenable to information injection/ interrogation...only after information moves from one region of the brain to another is it becoming under cultural bias and confabulation. If you have a pristine Stego-bullet and inject it into a person and you can track where it goes. It goes into a truth pathway. Seek that pathway and it will show you the truth. That pathway may be very serpentine, but it will be nonetheless the truth baseline for that person. We all need such baselines...such baselines become the starting point for Strategic PSYOP to either get there or go back there or start from there.

“Also, I can put you in contact with the right folks at NGIC in Charlottesville, VA involved in cataloging the effects of Nootropics and other neuro-effects, which will play a much greater role in future PSYOP. I guess I am encouraging you in your Thesis to talk about Strat PSYOP, the future of PSYOP, the role of information injection and mental equations, and the neuro-physiological basis for more scientific use of PSYOP, and the role of culturally independent mind agents to steer an individual or group to truth. As in Ephesians 6:12-18, to put on a helmet of truth, and to know what is good. Please know that a biochemical THIQ is very, very powerful and can make almost anyone do things that are truly unbelievable.

“I wish I were in your shoes so I could investigate the role of the following in training the suicide Fadai, the Egyptian pilot of TWA 800 and the training camps of Mugniyah and Al Zawahiri, look closely into the Patrice LaMumbo institute in Russian and the Middle Eastern graduates -- especially the Neuro-scientific training they underwent. We will face the continuation of these Information Injection and Golden Dream equations in our future war on Terrorism.

“John, I am going to be working more closely with the non-lethal aspect of PSYOP using Brain Injection and Dream Sequencing...you may want to read over Future War by John Alexander…I may also be able to put you in contact with John if you wish. You can see some of it on the web...

“Also, for background...type in the following on your search engine: Grill Flame and Stargate, or Scannate - bring that up to 2010 and you are where I am going. The kind of stuff you may want to research is Program Igloo White from Vietnam; you may have to go into the JMIC vaults for this. You should also re-look at what Colby did at Bien Hoa hospital in Vietnam - he may be gone now but a good source here is the Science Advisor to CENTCOM. I can feed you a bit based on my talks with Colby before he died in his canoe...(a heart attack) about Shadow (MACVSOG) within Phoenix. The future of PSYOP, as I am talking about it, grew out of this period, going way back of course to MKULTRA and the Dulles brothers at Langley under the first stop programs: Artichoke and Bluebird. The legacy for today is still the work of Persinger in the Canadian labs...with neat stuff on training people in near death experiences in New Zealand. I can fill you in on the avante garde work here…it even goes into Dubrov's work and the work at Kharkov University where KGB Spetsnaz went into flat line conditions to receive their Stego-bullet instruction sets for their dream missions. This, of course, goes to my visits to Moscow where, unfortunately, Brushlinsky was just found murdered in his apartment. He was passionate with me about his ability to use Dream Sequences to prepare for mission rehearsal. So you may want to search on Brushlinsky. This will take you into the marine mammal experiments with information injection and then back again to our programs within Air Research and Edwin May. There is really juicy stuff here and you will get a charge out of it. But beware; it can bite you very quickly. I know, it bit me too.

“You picked #6 uses of Muslim clerics as PSYOP most likely to succeed. I know this, but why...they are trained in the Brain Interrogation and preparation methods I am talking about. In 1994, the Israelis used a flight of gun ships to hit a three-car Mercedes caravan in the Beak Valley, they blew up the middle car and killed Hussein Musawi. If you look at HM in 1984, the press of Beirut, the Green Line speakeasy, the Village Voice -- they all called him the main man...and then the US took our hits...and then 10 years later the Israelis killed him. Why? They answered my three questions: Are you Fadai...are you trained in Fadai....are you the leader of this Fadai...yes, yes, yes...and they eliminated him. It took ten years, but that is the game...John - this is serious sh*t....and I ain't kidding around. These guys play for keeps and they are getting better at KRYLOV SPACE --- now they can train women to blow up in shopping centers on command. This is PSYOP, and it all comes down to the Brain Injection stuff I am talking about.


“I would even propose that for the detainees in GITMO we create a database on the 300 or so...and ask each one with a BioFusion cap on their heads -- Are you Fadai, are you trained in Fadai, are you a leader of Fadai. And this would be a very valuable data base, would it not????

“Use Ephesians and seek the truth to create your # 7 – peaceful methods, with a Brain Print to certify that they are indeed peaceful...

“John, with my BioFusion it is this simple: Are you Fadai? Are you Peaceful? Seek the truth for these answers and you will find the truth for future PSYOP. The answer is a simple yes or no. BioFusion clearly shows the answer… Good Luck Hunting Norseen



“Right now, John, I can do BioFusion with just one sensor on the bridge of the nose. But soon, like this time next year, we can do BioFusion from a distance of several to tens of feet away and further with special technical methods. I can build your PSYOP database anytime you want...

“When I was in Russia, the Ruskies had a Krylov Space that could basically take a person’s attributes and calculate a Soul Index, and then they showed me technical means to move the Soul Index around a multi-dimensional conformal board wherein Free Will would be either minimized or maximized using Reflexive Control, and at certain black hole like locations on the board, the soul would just drop in and undergo a complete role reversal; it was easy to get souls to drop off line, but not so easy to reverse the process and bring them out undamaged. My current colleagues in the Neural Linguistic Programming NLP and techniques similar to the Heaven's Gate process, indicate to me that the Human Brain is set up as three interoperating, but separate layers of coded information…we have a VAK unit in our skull, the V is Visual and we set a visual culture that becomes our vision of reality, we have an Auditory world where we talk silently to ourselves and to our demons and desires and gods, and where they can talk to us...and we have the Kinesthetic, where we feel the world culture and how the world touches us...If one is a master of VAK, then one can take a needle and semiotic thread and weave a most interesting stitch in a fellow brain...we can pattern a quilt or sew the yin on top of the yang. Yours truly, xxx”

Norseen’s diabolical friend, xxx, whose email assertions claimed mastery over Krylov Space, had given the impression that human consciousness was nothing more than a set of open parameters that were easy to influence with the right tools. In the jungle, where domination insures survival, the engineering of Krylov Space has enormous potential, should it be found as effective as claimed. It implies the major components of our identity could be boiled down into mathematical language and that people we don’t know or trust would be tampering with it from a far.

Artists have their own version of Krylov Space and what to do with it. In my experience, the higher use of Krylov Space is a platform for vision, where forces beyond the ego enter the mind as internal experience to teach and guide the individual in spiritual life. Krylov Space, or whatever you want to call it, is the interface with the worlds beyond our waking consciousness. It exists so that we can enter it as a journey to learn of our true identity.

My experience of Krylov Space consists of witnessing extremely powerful imagery, coherent images of photographic clarity in the mind’s eye. Another term for this is “eidetic” imagery. To qualify as a visionary experience, eidetic imagery must have an extremely powerful emotional impact on the viewer. Such visions can be prophetic and also sequential, evolving with the viewer’s life in an interactive manner.


One summer evening in 1978, while lying in bed, eyes closed in a deeply restful state, I suddenly found myself standing on a plateau with a large funnel of flame and smoke roaring up into the air on the horizon before me. Beyond the purely visual impact of the phenomenon, there was such a feeling of incredible energy emanating from the whirlwind that I felt immense trepidation. After a few moments it was over, for the time being.

The vision remained vividly imbedded in my mind. The next day I drew it on paper. Some weeks later I carved it into a piece of glass, to which I added some tendrils emerging from the edge of the picture towards the whirlwind in the center that was an artistic embellishment signifying visionary experience.

I came to realize that the design embellishment added an element to the experience which helped me to interpret its meaning. In this case, the tendrils seemed to be grasping at the whirlwind, or perhaps shrinking away from it.

A short time later, I encountered the whirlwind again under similar conditions. This time the whirlwind was twisting like a tornado and moving toward me. The energy and power of the twister were now firmly related to feeling merged with another energetic reality in a transcendent way.


When I translated the drawing of the second experience into glass, I found myself adding converging lines from where I was standing before the whirlwind down to the base of the funnel. It looked as though many roads were all ending at the point the whirlwind exploded from the ground into the sky. Looking at what I had drawn, I realized that I was on that road; that any road I took, I was headed toward that consuming experience and it was headed toward me.

A few weeks later, a visiting friend looked at the whirlwind pictures and said in a matter of fact way, “Oh, that’s a Tourbillion.” He went on to add that besides being a word meaning “a whirlwind of fire”, it also had a connotation within magical ceremony. The manner in which I had drawn the Tourbillion also gave it the appearance of a brain stem. Jagged arrows of energy were flying off the vortex in all directions, like sparks. In fact, it had a distinctly electrical quality.

At that time I did not have any idea of the meaning of this image or what role it was signifying in my life. What I did realize was that it was numinous in nature, revelatory, and was signaling change. Of primary significance was the fact that it appeared to me “out of nowhere” so to speak. I had not at that moment connected it with any previous experience, real or in dream. Artistically, it represented a work that was authentic to my own experience, in no way derivative of outside art or imagery.

In my case, the Tourbillion became a persistent pressure on my identity and creative output that only culminated two decades later in the detonation of Pan Am 103, an experience I will return to later. During that earlier period of interaction with the Tourbillion, we continued to move closer in proximity to one another down that road. As the dynamics changed and evolved, I gained more and more information about the real meaning of the Tourbillion.

In retrospect, my artistic and numinous experience with this manifestation of subtle energy in Krylov Space affected every aspect of my identity. Professionally, I did not begin to grasp its significance to my work before studying it in a cross-disciplinary manner, a search that eventually led to Norseen and his theories. While experiences of visionary events are not uncommon in Western culture, they generally are not given much scientific scrutiny, unless they become psychotic.