Quoting Duncan: “But how do we recognize the impact of ZPE in daily experience?”

Great question signor! Go back to ZPE. I saw pure evidence of it again this morning. I was coming out of my room at 0700 at the top of the steps, and as I was closing our bedroom door I could hear our big brown dog, Buzz, paw pawing his way from the living room to the foot at the bottom of the bedroom hall steps, right next to the big old grandfather clock.

So here I am turning off lights and closing doors to start the morning routine: the grandfather clock is bellowing the four quarter notes and seven bells, and Buzz is prancing and making Dog-Human noises and grunts and little whines and whips to greet me! He is literally shivering and snorting and semi-jumping up and down on his front paws. His tail is wagging and he is basically going in ten different directions all at once, simply because it is the start of a new day and he hears me close the bedroom door. He arrives like some dog-footed doorman or porter to see what he can do for me as I make my way down the steps.

Now talk about ZPE and the Brain. How can we recognize ZPE in our daily lives? Well, sure as shooting, something was energizing Buzz's brain, and the energy was tap dancing all around his different behavior circuits related to the greeting behavior patterns. He was cross wired and crisscross wired. The ZPE was flowing in all kinds of directions.

He was willing to play, to tug of war, to go outside, to get a snack, it didn't matter; all of the brain circuits were juiced up. And of course, I, the dutiful master of such an outburst, was also pulled into this swirl of ZPE of master-dog semiotics. I began to make matching noises and barks and Yes, Yes, Buzz Boy, what they gonna do...what they gonna do when they come for you? The two of us meeting at the bottom of the steps enmeshed with each other's ZPE, and for a few moments, the only thing that mattered in the whole world was Buzz thumping his head against me, and me patting and rubbing behind his big ears, both of us doing a kind of half tap jig, with human-dog noises.

Given such a burst of ZPE, the free energy of semiotic-spurred brain exchange, he and I proudly announced ourselves to the rest of the family. They were engaged at different positions and daily routines of the morning on the main floor of the house. So that is as pure an example of the impact of ZPE on our daily experience as I can get.

Now, one aspect of ART would be the attempt to capture and portray such vivid ZPE by other means to another being that wasn't there for the primary I-O experience. The ART and Science of this encounter is that ZPE is the tapping of the vital connective energy of the universe. Just as gravity is the force relationship of the attraction of two body masses towards each other, ZPE is the linking energy of semiotics, which sometimes acts as a BOOST, to force incomplete or weak semiotics into a stronger connection. This leads to greater communications and complexity and serves to reduce the amount of entropy in the universe.

Semiotics leads to greater complexity and teleological concentration of energies. Brain structures form to interface and resonate with ZPE; memories are captured ZPE events stored in orchestrated reductions of proteins. When memories are tapped by brain signals — electromagnetic, biochemical or phononic or vibrational — the proteins unwind and unleash the stored memories. Then, as proteins do, they rewind themselves to be tapped again...think of a balsa wood, rubber band-powered airplane that can be used over and over again to fly around the yard.

Now it just happens that space is very, very limited in the protective casing of the skull. As a result, the various substructures and regional disparities of broad spectrum brain resonance structures become all tangled up in very close propinquity/proximity to each other, such that energy disturbance in one part of the brain is fundamentally likely to cross talk, criss-cross talk to another, even across dissimilar parts of the brain. This ability allows us to accomplish two or more multiplexed actions at the same time.

In humans, in the deep structures of the limbic system, in the hippocampal region — the resonance structures for behaviors related to SEX, RELIGION, and VIOLENCE all lay next to each other — such that energy surges in one area are bound to stimulate and act upon the other two or more regions. The result is often a Krylov Behavior sequence of human experience, resulting in antinomy, not being able to explain why I wanted to do this, but ended up doing this and that instead. One behavior, involving a complex set of sometimes contrary actions leads mysteriously to another. If you look at the various neuronal linkage pathways in the brain, you see scores of different pathway patterns. They include bi-channel pathways where signals can flow both ways, saying “Stop” and “Go” at the same time. So, if there is a powerful enough ZPE in one region, a signal may actually choose an opposite pathway to fire. Such randomness makes human behavior unpredictable. However, though such “controlled” chaos, the human may be able to involuntarily outmaneuver whatever Human Predatory Actions may exist in the universe.

Whereas the majority of our brains and semiotics and ZPE are geared to Predict the Future for Survival, we have built in upon our Semiotic Structures the very mechanisms and pathways to allow ZPE and Semiotics to make us UNPREDICTABLE in order to thwart other semiotics and ZPE structures that may wish to prey upon us. This also means that we change and, unpredictably, mess up our own lives by the very nature of NS and ZPE.

Here is another idea: The next time you POUR a drink from a container...take a moment to prepare your mind and eyes to look closely at the FLOW of the liquid as it leaves the container (Latin: cuperius – to hold...as in holding in your hand or a cup). If you look at the SHAPE of the liquid, it looks like a well-muscled arm or other appendage. Now I am wondering; how do the cells of the body know how to form an arm or a leg? Well, they don't have too!!!!

You see, like in dowsing, if you allow the cells to just flow in the energy waterfall pouring over the body, like the fluid in the bottle being tipped out, the very flow will assume a SHAPE. The cells, the liquid, goes into this SHAPE; it doesn't have to know anything, other than follow its neighbor and the laws of physics, and ZPE and Alfven Waves.

As long as the FLOW is there, or the memory of the FLOW is there, the cells always go to the ARM or the LEG or whatever is the SHAPE!

THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT. The flow of energy into shapes becomes a Pure MODEL for the ZPE and resonate NS to pattern after. WE ARE ALL MODELED AFTER ENERGY FLOW!!!!!!


That is so odd, you mention how pouring fluids create their own shapes, without being guided by a “mind”. I have found myself fascinated with how water falling onto the shower floor, forms a series of “roots” off my feet, with many smaller roots in between. About 12” away, they form a massive “trunk” of water that slides down to the drain another foot beyond that; the rivulets form an inverted tree. So there you have it; the form of the tree as a consequence of water mixing with gravity, a clear, virtual tree created only by a fluid reacting to an invisible force!

Now an ordinary tree wants to grow UP, against gravity. That means hauling tons of water against gravity over the lifetime of the tree. What is stronger than gravity? ZPE, it seems. Plant semiotics germinates within the seed, calling on the ZPE to interact with soil, chemicals, water, and light, giving the plant a boost up and away. And I located some other evidence of ZPE like activity in the growth of trees, culled again from the fringes of independent research.

“The title of this book suggests that it deals with waves in dark matter. The waves are also in ordinary matter since dark matter appears to penetrate everything. The dark matter idea may not be obvious until the last chapter. The experiments and observations reported gradually lead the reader to the idea that W-waves must be waves in dark matter. The last chapter demonstrates rather conclusively that this is the case.

“In January of 1988 while taking data to obtain the growth constants mentioned above I decided to analyze the complete voltage patterns of dowel shaped wood samples cut quickly from the bases of small live trees…I found that W-waves appear to permit communication between plants and that W-waves seem to control plant spacings.

By “plant spacings” Wagner explains the tree limbs and branches grow according to phi ratios, i.e. Golden Mean, Fibonacci numbers, etc. The quick overview being that the dark matter wave is a standing wave in the tree that templates and articulates the form of the tree in nested phi ratios. Wagner also looked at these ratios historically. The farther he looked back in time, even all the way back to fossilized fauna and trees, the closer the ratios in the growth sections came to hitting phi precisely. Meaning, there was not much in the way of EM and other pollution back then to skew the natural expression of the foliage growth from the ideal Golden Ratio expressed by the “dark wave”.

Phi is an amazing number, it may have a significant relationship to ZPE. Phi is like a constraint that natural form adheres to, macro universe to microscopic, economics to anatomy. In Wagner’s work, phi is the signature of ZPE, though he doesn’t call it that. What he offers are the measurements and the physics to put his theory on a more rigorous level. How rigorous that is, I cannot judge.

If ZPE is involved in hoisting water up very, very high trees using some form of laddered semiotic plus ZPE pump could the wave characteristics Wagner attributes to this phenomenon have anything to do with Alfven Waves in the sense you use it?

I mention one other interesting detail. At one point, Wagner even mentions T. Townsend Brown’s work on electro-gravatics in rock that I have found so stimulating. “Other physicists on both the West and East coast have found charge organization in materials such as rocks (petro-voltages) in constant environment shielded containers but left the data unpublished (except for internal reports which I obtained) because of the lack of a theory. Often coincident pulses or other unique coincident wave forms were found output simultaneously from shielded materials at different locations. It is well known that rhythms of plants don’t change whether they are growing on the earth’s surface or deep underground under a steady light. All the findings thus far again seem to indicate all pervading wave action.” 28

So when you and Buzz start connecting, when the semiotics start pumping, you are saying that ZPE begins to amp up the interface. The O-R-I between man and animal has legendary restorative powers; you could say the liberation of ZPE creates a neg-entropic effect of some kind. It suspends inertia for a limited duration.

In your loving exchange with Buzz the semiotics dance into every creative form possible; they enable the exchange to remain alive and moving forward. We probably don’t grasp what a big deal it must be to a dog to be communicating with a human in such an intimate way. That interaction, emotional, overwhelming, irrational, is the nexus point bringing together art, free energy, semiotics and love. Whew! I think we have it! All that sophisticated stuff gets freely given to us, and what happens next: we turn into a race of slugs and parasites. Go figure.

Next: We are born into this extraordinary piece of psycho-physical-semiotic-spiritual machinery to tool around in all day. Then someone hands us a little white pill…and another whole world shows up around us. Suddenly, a complete change of scenery appears from nowhere, replete with denizens. My question, what can that little pill, with its little molecules contain that can cause such a radical shift in awareness?


Quoting Duncan: “I found that W-waves appear to permit communication between plants and that W-waves seem to control plant spacing.” Could the wave characteristics Wagner attributes to this phenomenon have anything to do with Alfven Waves in the sense you use it?”

But of course, yes. And once more it seems that we can see that semiotics is a precursor to more formal languages, that semiotics and the Alfven waves (the magnetic patterns) play this role from non-living into living systems. Again the Alfven Waves are the magnetic shapes that reflect the mathematics, the Phi. The magnetic properties, to include the electromagnetic waves, and the magnetite in the cell structures, become the “play dough” for the mathematical signs and symbols...again the NS. So the mathematical concepts and constructs can be converted into actual non-living-pre-living and living- and post-living systems.

Quoting Duncan: “My question is, what can that little pill, with its little molecules, contain that can cause such a radical shift in awareness?”

OH BOY! Now you have gone and done it. This actually gets into the DEEPEST, DARKEST SECRETS of my work; the Columbine Massacre….wet ops in England…..the next, absolute WMD (information control is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction)...if you say that a chemical weapon is a WMD and use the hits in the Tokyo subway system (using chemical means)...and you take all of those vectors...% of people killed, injured, hospitalized, young vs. old; total numbers; duration of effects, total cost to bottom line, etc., then you must by logic state that the POKEMON incident in Japan was an order of magnitude greater in its effects...(the incident being a 20 second slice of a modified cartoon surreptitiously placed onto a powerful TV carrier channel, which produced more DAMAGE than a terror team releasing Chemical Weapons in the subway system).

Information Injection - Weapon of Mass Destruction

And now you get me going into the kinds of Little White Pills that are being made in Porten Downs and in the Russian labs and other places I am familiar with...and you are coming up with MK-809 in Germany and a special little breed I am working on that heads directly for each of the 5 main pain receptor sites in the Central Nervous System...alpha, epsilon, delta, kappa, and mu.

The super nicotine of all BRAIN FREQUENCIES...Duncan, is the NITROGEN in the air that we breathe… that gets into the blood… that interacts with the brain structures to begin the WARP UP TO RESONATING BRAIN FREQUENCIES....that is why the rapid introduction of nicotine, the Nitrogen...in NO, nitrous oxide, in cigarettes, in Pain Relieving, in various hallucinogens, etc…dominates our subception and perception.

You can easily think of the brain as simply a NITROGEN MOLECULE RESONATOR, and this is the currency by which the ZPE comes pumping in to humans. It is also how the anti-depressants and the REBOUND drugs work, in the Larium, and the Luvox, etc. etc. It is how the DOOM web sites get the SIGNAL into the receptive minds of the ATTACHED, and dispatches them...with the ultimate act already PRIMED and LOCKED and LOADED into the Superior Colliculus...and when the final signal arrives, the SC takes over and Wham…suicide, or info induced wet ops.

OK, OK...where did this all come from...The Brits and their work with the opium trade wars...and also the fear of drug-induced attacks on the Royal Marines that the big bore and higher caliber ammunition couldn't stop…what is the cause?...the Brits still classify all the work in THIQ...now it happens that THIQ is even more powerful than MK-809 and along the lines of my Designer register.

When a drunk becomes a Stage 4 alcoholic, the body and the brain actually convert body chemicals into THIQ...tetrahydroquinine, etc. and the THIQ can actually be found as little white crystals and powderize crystals in the brains of dead alcoholics. The BRITS began over 100 years ago to administer this to see the effects and they found it was 1000x more powerful than morphine (it is even more powerful than fentnyl, the gas used by the Russian 'vimple' antiterror squad to squash the Chechnyan take over of NordEst in Moscow…(the Brits gave the fentyl to the Russkies) and it knocked everybody out in less than 10 seconds...well, THIQ is 100x or more powerful than that...it is what the alcoholic produces to keep him, or rather, his Brain, alive.

Don't you see? We are our BRAINS...our brains consume 25% or more of the calories we eat…the Brain is 60% fat; it will be the last organ working when the famines hit. The BRAIN doesn't care about the rest of the body when shock comes, the blood pools into the brain. The BRAIN only cares about itself. It creates a world to engage in when the body can't make it happy. The BRAIN convinces people to stimulate it even if it kills the body. The BRAIN is a super Parasite. It wants us to feed it and take care of it, and it will do anything to stay alive!!!!! …except for the signals in the Superior Colliculus...if the signals in the SC get to a critical set point, then suicide takes over...VERY ODD that this powerful brain has such an absolute ON/OFF SWITCH…but it does.

So in the brain...you have 99% driving for WILD LIFE...and 1% set up to BLANK OUT. And in between are the LITTLE WHITE POWDERS - the PILLS, the 7% laudanum solutions.

Information as a Drug Delivery Device

DUNCAN, the cigarette industry knows all about this and the role of nicotine in pumping up the brain. It is in their “internal documents” going back to the 1930's and 40's...put more nicotine in…more sales, because the BRAINS demand it of their host bodies.

And back to THIQ...for a while the British medical corps was using the THIQ for battlefield ops and the patients were getting up and going back into battle with no arms and legs and such and they realized…this stuff is beyond TOP SECRET. What if the enemy gets this...our .45 to the head won't stop them from coming over the walls...so the Brits SEALED IT DEEP AWAY and got the US to “fogitdabowdit”. Until certain agency souls started to play with it again and it slipped out…hence the race to Oxycontin… pure female birthing neurotransmitter Oxytocin...I like the spelling changes myself...to MK-809, to new Fentnyl, to my new Designer Formula...

When I was in a certain lab structure in Russia I saw a similar formula being worked up to the 1,000th resonant bridge of the molecule, and the Swiss pharmaceutical dudes were smiling a catbird smile.

DUNCAN, if THIQ and the world is driven round and round by Brains hooked on nitrogen resonance, can you imagine what happens in BRAINS when you find SEMIOTIC FORMS resonating on different molecules....non-nitrogen based brains....just as all life is not Carbon based...what makes us think that all little white powders and pills need to resonate and ZPE lock a Nitrogen Based Brain??????

HA, HA...the laughter of a million brains on post THIQ liberty!!!!!
Norseen sends...talk about the next generation hedonist...YIKES!


Duncan...This page shows the chemical “resonating” structure of quinolines...the basic block that links into the neuronal synapses, the neuropil, of the brain and when locked in, the ZPE comes pouring in…and you are the signal...pain goes away and is replaced by the Semiotic. Do you see the BIG FAT “N”? That is the nitrogen resonance....by playing around with the N...you can create all kinds of signals.(i.e. realities) in the brain...That is what your little white pill does...why it is so powerful...it plays the HAARP of the N - and transports you to wonderful new worlds....Maybe the N in Netscape Navigator is much like the white arrow in FedEx… ha, ha, ha…

To understand how a super-solid could exist, you have to imagine the realm of quantum mechanics, the modern theory that explains many of the properties of matter. In this realm there are different rules for the two categories of particles: fermions and bosons. Fermions include particles like electrons and atoms with an odd mass number, like helium-3. Bosons include atoms with an even mass number, like helium-4. The quantum-mechanical rule for fermions is that they cannot share a quantum state with other particles of their kind, but for bosons there is no limit to the number that can be in the identical quantum state. This talent that bosons have for Rockettes-style coordination leads to the remarkable properties that Chan and Kim discovered in super cooled helium-4.

“When we go to a low-enough temperature, thermal energy is no longer important and this quantum-mechanical effect becomes very apparent,” Chan explains. “In a super solid of helium-4, its identical helium-4 atoms are flowing around without any friction, rapidly changing places — but, because all its particles are in the identical quantum state, it remains a solid even though its component particles are continually flowing.”

DUNCAN...I see the NS as doing very much the same thing with regard to ZPE to further extend discussion to your very germane questions. When the O-I-R forms, it forms around a Semiotic...this S=O, I, R structure is conceptually like a Boson...and when it occurs, the ZPE just comes rushing in with no friction. Art is the act of arranging, rearranging, mixing semiotics to generate ZPE on purpose to cause/effect. Science is the testing and repeatability of making Semiotics generate ZPE. So indeed, Art and Science share many common properties in NS. Imagine ART with no friction in the mind of the beholder; it would open up any of an infinite number of ZPE channels. Science would attempt to predict, test and reaffirm which ZPE channels would open up.


Yes to your last paragraph, and voila, you have the Crop Circles...someone/thing somewhere is sending out Semiotic PULSES using the Alfven waves and it ends up in expressing the PHI and other mathematical symbols...like laser beams projecting a sign on a billboard. And for those receptive souls among us that have stood in the crop circle fields...they can feel their sex organs tingling and their heart jumping and their minds racing with thoughts...the ZPE channels residue, the life force behind the expression of the semiotics in the corn fields and soy and wheat, etc.

Remember the cold fusion work I sent you on new forms of matter…the super-solids and Bose-Einstein condensates...at the very, very low temperatures, such as in deep, deep space…all of the possible quantum states of the particle and the waves just kind of loose entropy and collapse in on one another until the basic pattern or the fundamental NS is just laying there, with all of these super particles and frozen waves, completely frictionless, intermingling and sliding into positions on top off, next too, under each other just waiting for some HEAT, some extra energy to start Slip Sliding away to become the many inter-tangled versions of life that they can be…each with a part of each other as a tether across the vast ZPE universes. So what did you have...an embryo that had just started to express its NS and it gets frozen and it collapses down into its fundamental NS....and all it takes is sufficient heat, or light, or sound...a combination of the four basic quanta of the universe…EM, photons, phonons, and bio-force (NS)...when these can kick around and sustain a Quantum Existence, both wave and particle...then the embryo springs back to life, expressing the various NS in vibrant Quantum Life.

YES...and it is the resonance of the Nitrogen Molecules in the Central Nervous System that is the key to the embryo coming to life...just as it is the nitrogen components and the nitrogen nodes of the crop circles that is converting the ZPE and the Alfven Magnetic patterns of PHI et al. In fact, I bet you that NASA and other agencies are classifying life potential planets by the returns we have been getting from Nitrogen Resonance experiments. See if NASA would even admit to this one.


So, whether one ingests a pain drug, a hallucinogen, or marijuana – the immediate lift, the spinning out of self, from pain, from normal consciousness, how is that an experience of ZPE? If it is, that puts ZPE on a very intimate plane of knowledge for many people, something not at all abstract. This is important; I am trying to tie these concepts into everyday events.

This innocuous little paragraph that appears almost like a footnote to your other email goes: “…pain goes away and is replaced by the Semiotic.” Here is what this statement means to me. The lift has taken us out of our normal biological frame of reference somewhat, and now we become aware that we are floating in a sea of impressions that more or less are tethered to our self-awareness, but they are still impressions that cause us to leave on little journeys in our mind. Depending on the potency of the drug, and probably the area of the brain it affects, the semiotics can be suggestive, compelling, or even capable of eclipsing both the external world itself and the cognitive assumptions of the individual “self” given enough power. Is that it?

Do the various fire-walls that we create between our core Interpretant and the variety of Representamen and Objects that receive our attention collapse under the impact of enough ZPE hitting those areas of the brain? In your analogy, perhaps the “I” at the surface of the brain which is really an “R” reverts back to the “I” that is deep within the brain. When that occurs, in a waking context, the collapse of the projection of external reality comes as quite a shock, but it is nothing compared to the shredding of cognitive components of the personality. These components are, I presume, basically various types of “armor” in the Reichian sense; programs we run based upon the repressed emotions in our formative learning experiences, past life karma, whatever.


ZPE is very, very important — The result of communication in the Universe is increased complexity and decreased entropy, which is a fundamental flow in the universe, and the NS, because of its O>R>I structure, allows ZPE to resonate and to set up kindred oscillations and harmonics (radionics!!) using the very expansive and ubiquitous (dark) energy of the universe.

NS is the resonant structure that allows the dark energy of the universe, the ZPE, to actually enter into oscillations that have motive content – hence natural communication structures. With the NS, and via the NS energized by ZPE, the Universe can begin to shape itself...shape itself into non-living, pre-living and a host of living activities.

I am excited to even think that NS is a way to allow us to consider how the Universe, using only its own internal energy/mass, can become all of the complex things that it is and will be...and the arrow of the NS is to allow the universe to communicate, to resonate, to radionic this complexity to various life forms in transition from non-living to living to post living transformations of universal energy, of which the dark energy of ZPE is of sufficient source that the universe can indeed move forward into the future.

Move forward into the future, with NS as the communication of ever more complex structures to interpret and prepare and influence the future to some point where the future will fold in upon itself and once again regenerate itself from nothing.

Importantly, the Alfven Wave set up the magnetic grid lines in the NS in the brain/earth resonance waveguide that allows the human brain to know it is of this earth.

This has implications as man departs Earth based systems. Man will need to maintain some form of acceptable artificial magnetic grid pattern, or to modify the brain to accept a new Non-Earth directional system.


Go back a minute to the artistic discussion of the impact of semiotics on the brain, to what you have called “transformations of universal energy, of which the dark energy of ZPE is of sufficient source.” What do you think of these two examples in the immediate experience domain? I had a show in New York in 1987, just at the time of the market crash. I had 50 glass paintings made from the time that I spent in Latin America. They were placed sequentially, like a journey the visitor went on as they walked around the room. A woman walked in (I wasn't there) and began strolling by the paintings? She was dressed as a person in mourning. When she got to a picture I had made of a masked Mardi Gras figure in Venezuela approaching my car, she gasped. Later, she claimed to have experienced what she called “a healing experience” upon seeing the picture.


There was another person in the gallery, who happened to be a professional photographer, but was unconnected to the lady having the experience. The photographer observed that the lady in question seemed to project light around her at that precise moment she encountered the painting. Later she explained that she had been grieving the death of her husband. When she first saw the painting, she became identified with the profile of the woman driving the car in the picture; she also perceived the masked figure at the window as Death. Later, she explained that some shift in consciousness she experienced at that moment freed her from her grieving and allowed her to resume living normally again.


She bought the painting; it was the only one I sold. Nor did I ever meet her, to my regret. To me, this is an example of the ZPE finding a route into her life through the semiotics in the art to effect an energetic transformation. Perhaps this is how it works in the native context, like Navajo sand painting; I don’t know. But I know that image did more for her than look pretty on her wall.

Next, consider my studio, all the elements that make it the experience it is... the wild point of land full of aesthetic beauty, the proportions of the building, etc., they all add up, say, to enhanced ZPE. Maybe beauty is actually a Representamen of ZPE? Beauty is accumulated at the studio, in the iron girders, the electronics, in the Interpretant.


Duncan, the Revelation is upon ye...the Epiphany!! Aye Carumba Man…you have got it! Here is what opened the Aldous Huxley DOORS -- remember when you and I get all excited when we begin to discuss an idea, and then that idea links us into a wild world… and whether it is I speaking or you taking a turn at describing something...we are both on the same semiotic wavelength! The energy is flowing, the hair on our necks is twinging, and we are both hypnotized, mesmerized, energized…and suddenly a phone connection becomes a Semiotic Panorama that even lingers on and inherits our dreams and influences all the things that we do for the next few hours….it locks into a common holy ground of memories that become a dossier of the NORSEEN-LAURIE hunt to describe…EXACTLY what I just described.

Here is what did it for me...from my perspective…I locked onto the “…wild point of land with the aesthetic beauty and the proportions of the building, etc. all add up to ZPE.”

That is it Duncan…increased ZPE!!!!! People, ideas, events, all flock to increased zones of energy. Wouldn't you, after miles and miles and days in the flat desert with no rolling hills, you come across a raging flow of water, fire, insects...energy: and it will captivate you...can you say, Niagara Falls? — man o man, that is ZPE ….and Semiotic hyperbole. But go back…the aesthetic flow of the point of land...the very juxtaposition alone is enough to generate the ZPE; spit of land on rough water, lapping at the zero point of three axis motion...the land versus the sea versus the sky....0,0,0, on the x, y, a ZERO point axis. Any movement of the water or sky, clouds against the land, will trigger the levels of ZPE to fluctuate, to rise and fall...and that creates the Rhythm...the frequency, the amplitude and the phase to become the metrics for the Semiotic experience...you are looking at your land from your VECTOR and I am remembering the land now from my memory, and the memory of the night I stayed and listened to the energy lapping and zapping at my brain from inside a warm cocoon, the bed in the guest house right on the nexus of the ZPE axis...and we Vector each other to our own viewing point...sometimes even to the extent where you say, NO, NO. Come over here, look right there…now, now do you see IT?... You get me to actually line up with your vector view of the Semiotic, and even more to feel the ZPE flowing into your brain...now my brain too...And the more we see the same semiotic...we don't have to line up...we can split and separate and take a journey viewing the Semiotic from a different phase angle, but we still both see the semiotic inside our own Brain-Universe.

And the structure of the studio...yes, structure is vital to semiotics, to receiving and transmitting functions…your structure serves as another ZPE locking point to capture the 360 degree vista, the entire sphere of perception of the semiotic, and to resonate in the ZPE.

Remember, Semiotics is the instantaneous flow of ZPE from one idea to another...Semiotics unlocks the free flow of ZPE and channels it into a more powerful stream of energy, dimensions dictated by the power and the structure of the semiotic or semiotics in the scene.


Just as civilizations and WAR BATTLES make their location known due to the Ortgeist and the Zeitgeist of the landform or water current or skyscape, Semiotics do exactly the same...People say when they go to Gettysburg…oh yes, I can feel it now…now I know why the battle was fought here in July, heat of 100+ degrees, in this sleepy little town of worshippers where the bodies would lie bloated and flies would feast, and then a humble tall man with a beard would continue to honor it, at least with a small speech…Semiotic upon semiotic, tying the centuries of death and belief together, the last full measure of devotion...to what GETTYSBURG is; a major SEMIOTIC of the glory and insanity of WAR…the ZPE drew two great armies together in the middle of a war of the nation and continues to semiotically hold them there in death and honor, and will forever charge a person's soul; if only to read the REPRESENTAMEN of that semiotic clash, the Gettysburg Address....for in that address, the entire “battlerama” churns on, forever crossing the cornfields, falling over crossed fences, blood running down and splashing sounds and gurgling sounds in the devil’s den.

Do you see what you have discovered, Duncan??!!!! There is another ARCHITECTURE, another SCULPTURE, ART, SCIENCE; of HISTORY, of the basic human component of wonderful MEMORY....and that is Semiotics, and semiotics is powered by ZPE...because in the universe, a basic component of life is the structure of the Object which exists in reality or in concept, which can identity itself through a INTERPRETER, either self contained; can be looked up...or adheres from a source outside of the object itself, and is capable of making copies or various kinds of REPRESENTAMEN of itself for viewing from different perspectives...and when an Object forms, much like a planetary system, containing an Interpreter which produces a unique identity of the Object, marking it forever as special in the universe of things and ideas, the very system turns into a vast QUANTUM n-dimensional XEROX copier capable of producing manifest REPRESENTAMEN of itself in myriad form and phase and angle and shade of color and light and dark…….then this Thing, this Object of Mind, invested with Interpretation and Representation of Identity, is from that point on a Sign & Symbol = which equals a SEMIOTIC. And this Semiotic structure of O< I<R begins to resonate with the residual energies of the universe, the power of infinity, the Zero Point Energy of all quantum vectors....And this SEMIOTIC/ZPE resonating structure beckons like a BEACON on the event horizon of every BLACK HOLE….the final STRING VIBRATION of the Alfven Wave Magnetic GRID that defines what is...and what will cease, and what will forever become.

For it is the string vibrations of the magnetic components of the universe, the Alfven waves, the gravity waves, the magnetic fluxes, the electromagnetic forces of the atom, and the Van der Waals...that mandates that this Object must stay together long enough to produce a semiotic before it collapses into the manifest black WHOLE. Because, Duncan, IT is NOT the stars we see in the SKY and the Heavens beyond the sky, the province of the Gods that pushed all this energy and ZPE and Alfven and semiotics and radions our way, but the ORIGIN of SEMIOTICS, the sculptural architecture of LIFE! LIFE beckons out to LIFE...semiotics is the way to produce Identity, and ZPE is what provides the power to emanate, and Alfven waves provide the instantaneous, universe complete, GRID upon which LIFE can tap, tap, tap out a signal, and RADIONICS is the resonate harmonics, the special tuning frequencies by which a Semiotic can repeat itself in perfect form....and radionics can, in the purity of eidetic mathematics, send out the representative shape of the semiotic, as if it were the Object Identity itself. And Semiotics can do more than transmit using the ZPE of the unempty vacuum of space and time and IDENTITY…Semiotics can Listen, and when Semiotic structures begin to vibrate with the ZPE radionics of another tantalizing hum from another LIFE or non-life structure...then that Semiotic Identity, using the Alfven Magnetic Wave GRID...begins to contact the other semiotic, humming and forming a communication (aesthetic, art, science, radio transmitter, quantum pulse generator, Norseen Semiotic transfer) relationship and linkage into that other semiotic.

The greater the ZPE flow the greater the linkage and the local-global growth of the Identity to Identity relationship. Duncan, where there is energy, there is semiotics, where there is semiotics and energy…there is life...where there is life, there is attempts to communicate...where there are attempts to communicate, RADIONICS can facilitate the resonate streaming of Semiotic into Semiotic. Just look at where Humans congregate, where they can communicate ideas or objective measures of life… along a river, the energy along the seacoast, the energy at the top of mountains, the energy deep at sea…where they attempt to communicate…..

So Duncan – you have touched the Semiotic Source in your missive to me about the wild point of land at the junction the sea/sky, with a strange vibrating STUDIO, replete with RADIONICS tuning, sampling the Spectra-Quantum —AND STRENGTHENING THE RELATIONSHIP, the COMMUNICATION of IDENTITIES IN SEARCH OF OUTWARD REACHING SOULS — a special semiotic community of spirits and signals across the vivid abyss.

You have broken the sacred code, Duncan...be prepared for the onrush of vaulted “WELCOMERS”!