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Duncan will be interviewed tonight ( Saturday, July 17, 2010 10PM-2AM PT ) on Coast to Coast AM. The show topic is "Radionics & Healing" and will touch on The Secret Art.


Hi there

thanks for the interview you gave to Ian Punnett on coast 2 coast. Very informative. I have never heard of Radionics and I'm looking forward to learning more.

thanks again


Good morning, I missed your chat with Ian P. Is there a way for me to get copy (Video) of this interview, I'd like to have it and treasure it, I would love to have the chance to see it and listening to your wisdom and gift to to all of us !!

Yours, Luis D. Rey

Hello Luis,

Thank you for your interest. The interview was audio only. Coast to Coast AM has the program in it's entirety up on their website in RealAudio and MP3 formats. You can find it at

Your interview with Ian Punnit on C2C was extremely informative. I had never heard of radionics until tonight. Thank you for your introduction to yet another alternative healing method. Mainstream medicine should take note of your research.

Great show in C2C, introducing Radionic's Healing aspect.
Post your interview I was searching the net in various
Radionics healing devices and methods.

But for some one who is newly introduced to this field, it's
difficult to determine the right equipment and method to
use radionics.

It's would be nice, if you could make a post referring
your experiences and recommendations perhaps on this.
Noticed that some of the devices could be very expensive
for average people to afford. So low cost effective means
would be appreciated very much so.

I think millions of people who are chronically ill out there
would be helped greatly.

Dear Visitor, I am sorry to disappoint you by saying that I have no medical qualifications and no direct experience treating people with radionics in any medical fashion. In fact, I do not recommend such a course of action unless under the supervision of a licensed medical professional. My book focuses on the historical and creative aspects of radionics, but I do cover a number of people and organizations in the book that may provide some help in locating a radionics practitioner. Personally, I do not favor or endorse any one person or instrument and have no commercial relationship with anyone in this field. Some of the individuals whose work I admire and respect, are covered in The Secret Art, but there are many others, (and no doubt some are highly qualified), that I don't know anything about. I am sorry not to be of more help. Duncan Laurie

I want to share my own personal recollections of radionics from my childhood. My mother believed in alternative medicines and she had an instrument which she used under the auspices of a medical doctor. I remember her, at times, taking a bit of blood from my finger and sending it to the doctor for analysis who would then send back pages of hand-written notations which mom referred to as "rates". These were the settings for the different dials on the instrument. Both my brother and I received occasional treatments. While laying down, Mom would place a small (3x3) sheet of lead on a certain part of our body that related to an internal organ. The lead was attached by an alligator clip to a wire which connected to the instrument. The dials were set as per the dr's instruction and for about 10 minutes we would just relax and let the instrument transmit what it was set for. I think there were also vials of substances (minerals?) which were placed into the instrument if prescribed.

We also were given homeopathic remedies in conjunction with the treatments. I believe mom used this instrument until the dr (who was elderly) retired or passed away. My father told me that he believed that the radionic treatments I received when I was diagnosed with polio at about age 3 0r 4 prevented paralysis from afflicting my body. The era was the 50s and early 60's and I am now 59 and enjoy excellent health. Since both of my parents have passed on I regret that I can not ask them, (mom, in particular) for more information, but I have always remembered this as a unique aspect of my childhood. I was always reminded not to speak of the use of the instrument because it was illegal and the doctor could get in trouble, so it was to be taken very seriously.

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