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No Scam Here Folks, No Siree !

OK Folks, Suppose for just a moment that I was a spirit medium. Let's also pretend that I have a big stick reputed to have magical powers. Now imagine that I told you that I could get fully refined diesel fuel from a rock just by tapping it with my stick. How about if you were the president of a third world country and I asked you for a billion dollars for this secret which would solve your country's energy problems for a century or more.... Would you go for it? You would? Better read this.

Plants may be smarter than you think.

Wired Magazine posted this offering which Duncan sent to me. Boy, this is deja-vu all over again....This is the stuff that we've been working with for nearly a decade and finally some "legitimate" science is being done. We've dealt with the connection between sound and plants for years and have some interesting results logged. It's a difficult area to work in since so many outside influences determine the level of cooperation one can expect from a plant during the experiment process. Every now and then there is a "eureka moment" when everything seems to fall into place and we are able to duplicate some of the results obtained by other researchers in the field. It's nice to see that some well funded work may now get under way and you can rest assured that we will be watching the results with great interest.

So slide on up to the Wired site and read this fine article being sure to follow the links as well.

While we're on the subject of Brain Probing.....

Here is a nice article courtesy of the New Yorker describing the technology involved in the fMRI, a machine which monitors your brain and determines which areas respond to stimuli. This may be the next generation in "lie detection".

New Nazca Lines Discovered

Why would a culture create art which no earthbound human would ever be able to see and appreciate? Peru's Nazca lines fall into this category as their precisely crafted graphic images are visible only from high altitude or perhaps even space. This article on viewzone.com gives new insight into these images and describes newly discovered ones. This is well worth a read.

Smile, Comb your hair. You're on Google!

I think our late friend and partner in crime, John Norseen would be proud of me for digging up these tidbits of social paranoia. Truth is, they are beginning to scare the hell out of me. I guess I can take a little comfort knowing that we here in the US are not alone when it comes to snooping on the public . Norseen may yet have the last laugh!