Back to the Moon?

If someone asked me to relate the things which most impacted my life in 1969, I'd have to submit two offerings: first, I had hair, and second Apollo 11 and the first Lunar landing by human beings. I sat in front of an old black and white teevee and watched spellbound along with the rest of the world as the event unfolded. The world would never be the same. America would go on to make five more landings ending with Apollo 17 in December of 1972. Now, three and a half decades later, my hair is gone and no further manned Lunar exploration has taken place. We had made our point and beaten the Soviets to the moon by a very narrow margin. Now it seems as if nearly everyone is interested in getting back on the Lunar bandwagon. Check this site for more information. Who will plant the next flag and perhaps lay claim to our neighbor and it's riches?