Comet Strangeness, 17P/Holmes Flyby

Here is a celestial event for all to see... You don't need a telescope or any astronomical equipment for that matter... Just look up and there it is. 17P/Holmes is without a doubt a bizarre comet whose behavior is baffling astronomers around the world. It pass us by as a dim glob of ice and suddenly on October 22, exploded into a btight yellowish ball of fuzz easily visible to the naked eye. Holmes was discovered a little over a century ago and oddly enough was in the process of another flareup at that time as well. Stranger yet is the fact that it has no visible tail and thus does not resemble anything like the comets we've seen in the past. The folks at have information on the comet which you'll find here . also has some info on it along with a sky map to aid in your search for it. So here is the bottom line..... I stepped out into the backyard and using the directions from easily found the comet despite the fact that it was fairly low in the sky and directly over the city of Newport and it's bright lights. It hangs in the northeast sky in the constellation Perseus and looks like a tiny ball of smoke. Low power binoculars will make it easier to get a good look at it's head. This comet should be visible for the next few weeks and I'll be checking on it often. Now it's your turn.... enjoy the show.