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Richard Devine's "The Electronic Music Manuscript" loop and sample library available

devinemanuscript.jpgRichard Devine, who visited the studio in July 2007, has just released a loop and sample library with Sony Creative Software. The Electronic Music Manuscript includes recordings of a number of devices from the studio, including Bat Box II, the Soul Beacon, and several other radionic devices and shortwave radios. There is also a section of video shot and edited by Terry Golob of Aerostatic.

Singing plants...

Singing plants...: "

Make Pt0612
Vanessa writes in with another cool project involving plants and Arduino, made by -

The Singing Plant is an installation that lets the audience interact with a natural plant. When the plant is touched it gives feedback in the forms of sounds and light. The more people touch the it, the more enegetically it responds. The sound gains volume and the light in the room grows from dim to bright.

Peoples reactions become part of the installation. We have seen people pity the plant. We have seen people caress it. And we have seen people dance enthusiastically around it.

The purpose is not to provide answers, but to question established preceptions of the relationship between man, machine and nature.


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Twittering plants.

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