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"Light Art controlled by living plants"

Drawing inspiration from Cleve Backster's polygraph tests with plants in The Secret Life of Plants, the Floranium is similar to an ECG (Electrocardiogram), responding to electro-chemical fluctuations in plants.

"FLORANIUM lamps are innovative life indicators that allow you to visualize activities of living plants, caused by movement, touch, changes in climate, environment and many other elements of life."

"A ground probe is inserted into the plant's soil and an electrode is connected directly to the plant's leaf using a special adhesive paste."

"The chemical reaction which takes place at this junction causes an electron flow to occur. The electron flow is measured with a very sensitive bio-signal amplifier. The amplifier is connected to a micro-controller which processes the plant's bio-signal and converts it into a colorful LED display for viewing."

Inventor Martin Heine interviewed on the Beyond 50 Radio Show.

Floranium blog and Facebook page.

Purr Generator leaving AVAM

JP Borum on the Purr Generator at AVAM

The final month to view the Purr Generator at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore is almost upon us. Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness closes on September 6th, 2010.

The Purr Generator will then make it's way to Raleigh, North Carolina where it will be on extended loan to the Gregg Museum of Art & Design on the North Carolina State University campus.

Plant Vacation in Los Angeles

Plant Vacation

If you happen to be in Los Angeles with some houseplants that would enjoy a vacation at the Hammer Museum, the good folks at Machine Project have something special for them, starting on Saturday July 31st.

You can drop off your houseplants for a month-long vacation which includes a variety of musical performances, readings, psychic healings and "no humans allowed" midnight Plant Pornography screening. You can also call into the museum and talk to the plants over a loudspeaker.

Visit Plant Vacation for further details.

Featured Author on Graham Hancook's site

Graham Hancock

Duncan is the featured author on Graham Hancock's site through the end of the July.

Coast to Coast AM interview

Duncan will be interviewed tonight ( Saturday, July 17, 2010 10PM-2AM PT ) on Coast to Coast AM. The show topic is "Radionics & Healing" and will touch on The Secret Art.