Mind Meld I

Long time friend Steve Nalepa brought an all-star line-up of audio and video artists for the weekend. Included were Aerostatic (Michele Darling and Terry Golob), Benton-C Bainbridge, David Last, David Lublin of Vidvox, Josh Randall, and Todd Thille. Rafeal Attias of RISD Digital Media stopped by a couple of times.

Over the course of Saturday, the assembled artists spent time working with a number of the plants and rocks hooked up to the IBVA and the Eventide Orville Harmonizer. In the evening a group jam ensued with visual artist's David Lublin, Josh Randall and Todd Thille mixing over the audio stylings of Aerostatic, David Last and Steve Nalepa.

Todd Thille's flickr set of photos from the weekend.

Josh Randall's flickr set.