Thunderbolts of the Gods

    I've always been comforted by the thought that gravity would someday cause the cosmos to fall in upon itself as our expanding universe loses it's energy and begins a death spiral of compression and collision propelling us into some pinpoint singularity.  Indeed, gravity has always been my friend and the pain of the occasional bike accident or slip and fall event has always been far outweighed by the fact that I've never fallen off the planet.  Gravity has always been useful in that regard and I've never been inclined to search for a substitute but just when I thought that all was well with my universe along came these two fellows, David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill whose theories strive to upset the cosmic apple cart.  Their investigation points the finger at electricity claiming it to be the glue holding everything together.... or more accurately, pushing it all apart.  Their team has produced a one hour video which describes life in the "electric universe".  "Thunderbolts of the Gods" will make you re-think everything you've been taught about astronomy, cosmology, and Star Trek.  Enjoy!