Two Excellent Sites Featuring Natural Sounds

Silent listening is a first class collection of clips, links, and commentary edited by Andreas Bick, a sound artist and composer from Berlin.

Peruse these and visit his personal site at I especially enjoyed his posts on ice sounds which brought back memories of living in a mill house near a large pond.

On cold, still winter nights I could hear the ice cracking from my bedroom. In those days before global warming the pond creaked and groaned throughout the winter as the "season cracks" spread from one side of the pond to the other.Those days were over six decades ago when there was no "societal white noise", TV, traffic, computers, etc., to drown out natures voice. Now, that same pond rarely freezes at all and the surviving flights of migrating geese pass overhead unheard.

Keep up the good work Herr Bick! offers the audio aficionado a virtual toybox packed full of excellent "stuff" sure to be enjoyed by the sound artist as well as the curious passer-by.  Be sure to check out the fine essays featured in the "Field Notes" documents. The first and second issues are available for download in .pdf format. This fascinating site is another "not to be missed" experience.

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