Loud Bass Line Kills British Student?

Too much of a good thing perhaps? Here's the story of a 19 year old student who while at aparty claimed that the loud bass music was having an effect on him. He collapsed and two hours later was pronounced dead, with no evidence of alcohol, drugs, or other toxic substances in his system. Is it possible that sound alone can have lethal consequences? We've all seen the demonstrations on TV of the devices developed by our friends at the Pentagon which claim to achieve crowd control using focused beams of high frequency, high energy sound. Some critics are worried that our government is attempting to "weaponize" sound, light, and even our very minds.

Low frequency signals received by our bodies in the form of light, audio, and mechanical vibration have been shown to create disturbances in our EEG waves and in the case of light, even trigger epileptic seizures as was noticed in some video games. It would seem reasonable to me that very low frequency pulses might possibly trigger interruptions or arrhythmia in the heart patterns of some individuals. In my own experiments with vibration therapy, I have accidentally produced extremely uncomfortable and stressful events in people using just a low level of audio which apparently triggered feelings of emotional and physical discomfort. I believe that there are things still to be discovered when it comes to the effects of external stimulation of our senses and that some folks may bemore susceptible to these stimuli than others, perhaps pathologically so.

The link below points to a news article published in the UK "Metro" back in December of last year which shares with us the story of Thomas Reid. We should step back for a moment and remember that our senses are ports of entry to our bodies and minds and should be treated with respect.


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