Botanicalls Twitters

Botanicalls Twitters: "
In case you hadn’t heard, we’ve made Botanicalls Twitter as a do-it-yourself example for people who like to-well-do it themselves. It’s the first step in making Botanicalls available to a wider audience, and the online press has taken note. In the last 48 hours, we’ve been graced by the attention of:
Make Magazine
…and even Business Week
Botanicalls Twitter would not have happened without both brilliant code and sage advice from Limor Fried. We also appreciate the support of Phil Torrone who inspired our Twitter venture and helped to make it a success. Botanicalls is a project from Kate Hartman, Kati London, Rebecca Bray and Rob Faludi.Senhas e Segredos do Windows XP - Tem senhas de jogos 2D toques de corneta em um novo Widget."

(Via Rob Faludi's Blog.)

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